J.B. Gill blames his wife's pregnancy cravings when he wants snacks.

The former JLS singer and his new wife Chloe Tangney are expecting their first child together and the 'Beat Again' hitmaker admits to blaming his spouse when he made a large order of calorific treats on their honeymoon the the Seychelles recently.

Speaking to new! magazine, J.B. joked: On our honeymoon we booked an all-inclusive package so we could order whatever we wanted.

''One day, I called them up and ordered chocolate bars for myself and blamed it on Chloe's cravings. I was like, ''Bring everything up - Snickers, KitKats...''

So far, dancer Chloe is having a good pregnancy and hasn't suffered anu morning sickness.

J.B. said: ''We've been really lucky. She's not had any sickness and she has been able to work.''

The singer-turned-farmer recently admitted he was shaking with nerves at his wedding, which took place in May.

He said: ''When I saw the first bridesmaid, I was like, 'Wow'. I was shaking and I didn't know how to stop. Then Chloe's sister Sian Louise came in and she was really emotional. I thought, 'I'm going to lose it'.

''By now, I was desperate to see Chloe. I'd missed her. Then, when I saw her coming down the aisle with her dad, I felt calmer. They weren't in meltdown, they just looked really happy and that helped me to hold I together. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was perfect.''