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Hargitay Dashes From Chat Show To Be With Ailing Father

11th August 2006

New mum MARISKA HARGITAY was forced to pull the plug on her appearance on US chat show THE TONIGHT SHOW earlier this week (09AUG06) after learning her father had fallen ill. Tonight Show host JAY...

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Duncan Embarrassed By Gay Movie Role

7th August 2006

Hulking Hollywood star MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN was left redfaced on late night TV in America on Friday (04AUG06) when his gay past came back to haunt him. Promoting new racing comedy TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD...

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Mccartney Hints At Expensive Settlement

3rd August 2006

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has hinted that his divorce with estranged wife HEATHER MILLS could involve a huge settlement of up to $250 million (GBP138,800 million). British newspaper editor PIERS MORGAN, who originally introduced the pair...

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The Things They Say 2560

29th July 2006

"Isn't it ironic? All this time we thought he was 'N SYNC and turns out he's a BACKSTREET BOY." Comedian JAY LENO jokes about LANCE BASS going public about the fact that he is gay.

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Leno Sits In For Ebert

28th July 2006

TONIGHT SHOW host JAY LENO will be the first replacement co-host on the TV series EBERT + ROEPER as film critic ROGER EBERT recovers from cancer surgery. Leno's episode will air on 5 August...

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Nbc Enters The Enemy Camp

28th June 2006

Taking a kind of if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em stance, NBC, which like all of the other networks, has battled the YouTube video website over users posting segments of its shows online, said today (Tuesday) that it plans to...

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The Things They Say 2199

8th June 2006

"ANNA NICOLE SMITH is pregnant. Who's the lucky grandfather?" Comic JAY LENO mocks the former model's penchant for considerably older men....

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The Things They Say 2077

24th May 2006

"I like the way you're handling yourself...I like the investigative reporting." VINCE VAUGHN, when asked by talk show host JAY LENO if JENNIFER ANISTON's nude scene in THE BREAK-UP was the first time he'd seen...

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Fascinating Fact 1351

9th April 2006

Movie veteran PAUL NEWMAN showed off his speed skills on Thursday (06APR06) when he beat US chat show host JAY LENO in a go-kart race around the NBC studios in Burbank, Los Angeles. The race...

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Fascinating Fact 1348

8th April 2006

PAUL NEWMAN got his first taste of his Newman's Own dog food on chat show host JAY LENO's programme on Thursday night (06APR06) when he gobbled down fork fulls of the organic pet chow as...

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Leno Wins Court Appeal Over Photo Joke

27th March 2006

American talk show host JAY LENO has won a New York state appeals court ruling that a lower court should have dismissed a lawsuit brought against him by a woman he ridiculed live on-air. CLAIRE...

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Leno Apologises For Shooting Joke

15th March 2006

US comic JAY LENO has been forced to apologise for a joke he told on his THE TONIGHT SHOW. The comedian compared US Vice President DICK CHENEY's recent hunting accident - where he shot a...

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Crowe Expecting Baby Boy

12th March 2006

RUSSELL CROWE and his wife DANIELLE SPENCER are expecting a baby boy. The GLADIATOR star confirmed his actress spouse was expecting their second child in January (06), when he shared the news with 500 fans...

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New Year Baby Joy For Melendez

3rd January 2006

TONIGHT SHOW announcer JOHN MELENDEZ had a double celebration this New Year after welcoming the birth of his third child. OSCAR DAVID MELENDEZ arrived just after midnight on Sunday (01JAN06) to the hit TV...

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Carrey Strips Stranger To Feel Festive

20th December 2005

JIM CARREY rendered a guest partially nude during an interview with fellow comedian DAVID LETTERMAN last night (19DEC05, when he stole a red sweater off a stranger in order to feel more "festive". The Canadian...

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Sick Aniston Pulls Out Of Tv Show Appearance

17th December 2005

JENNIFER ANISTON was forced to cancel her appearance on America's THE TONIGHT SHOW last night (16DEC05) after she was hit by a severe cold. The actress started losing her voice at the premiere of...

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Clooney Protects Himself From Leno

9th December 2005

GEORGE CLOONEY went to great lengths to protect himself when he learned JAY LENO was fighting a cold, by arriving on the comedian's talk show wearing a surgical mask and gloves. The former ER...

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Degeneres Goes Back In Time To Celebrate 25 Years

30th November 2005

Comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES fought back the tears of pride on her daily US chat show this morning (30NOV05) as she celebrated the 25th anniversary of her first performance as a stand-up comic. The funny...

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Busey Plays Agony Uncle

7th October 2005

Hollywood actor GARY BUSEY embraced a new role as agony uncle on Wednesday night (05OCT05), when he dished out advice to viewers on JAY LENO's late-night chat show. Due to the absence of a...

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Theron Gets Her Own Maclaine-style Tribute

5th October 2005

CHARLIZE THERON got somebody to return the bottom-kissing honour she recently paid to SHIRLEY MacLAINE, when comedian DANE COOK placed his willing lips on her buttocks last night (04OCT05). Theron paid homage to MacLaine...

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Mcconaughey's Training Past

3rd October 2005

SAHARA star MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY's acting skills haven't always been used for movies - he once used his talents to help train airport employees. McConaughey shot a training film years before finding success in Hollywood,...

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Leno Offers Reward For Glamour Shot Of Alba

28th September 2005

US TV star JAY LENO has put a bounty out on a family portrait of actress JESSICA ALBA after learning the sexy star was once a fat nine-year-old. Leno, the host of THE TONIGHT...

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Schwarzenegger And Thornton Join Celebrity Bike Guests

28th September 2005

California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and BILLY BOB THORNTON made surprise appearances on pal JAY LENO's THE TONIGHT SHOW on Monday (26SEP05) - just to add their signatures to a charity Harley Davidson. Funnyman Leno...

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Wild Boyz Stars Stick Leeches In Their Pants

19th September 2005

Pranksters CHRIS PONTIUS and STEVE-O caused a stir on JAY LENO's chat show on Friday night (16SEP05), when they stripped down to their underwear and covered themselves with bloodsucking leeches. As soon as they...

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Mccarthy Gives Lucky Man A Kiss For Charity

17th September 2005

Blonde beauty JENNY McCARTHY showed off her charitable side on Thursday night (15SEP05), when she auctioned off a kiss to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. The sexy pin-up, who filed for divorce from her...

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Kutcher And Electra Ambush Daly

15th September 2005

ASHTON KUTCHER and CARMEN ELECTRA proved troublesome for US TV personality CARSON DALY last night (14SEP05), when they both attempted to take over his chat show. Moments into Daly's opening monologue, PUNK'D prankster Kutcher...

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Affleck Makes Surprise Appearance To Sign Bike

9th September 2005

BEN AFFLECK made his first public appearance since marrying JENNIFER GARNER last night (08SEP05) when he stepped out on pal JAY LENO's late night TV chat show to sign a motorbike. The yellow Harley...

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Phoenix Surprises Witherspoon

8th September 2005

JOAQUIN PHOENIX gave actress REESE WITHERSPOON a pleasant surprise last night (07SEP05), when he showed up unannounced during her interview with comedian JAY LENO. The screen stars play late country legends JOHNNY CASH and...

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