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Obama Campaign Collects Donation From Dead Scheider

23rd April 2008

JAWS actor ROY SCHEIDER has continued to pay his monthly donation of $50 (GBP25) to U.S. presidential candidate BARACK OBAMA's election campaign - despite dying in February this year (08). The star passed away on...

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Spielberg Donates Cash To Late Jaws Star's Fund

30th March 2008

STEVEN SPIELBERG has donated $50,000 (GBP25,000) to a fund established in his JAWS star ROY SCHEIDER's name. The moviemaker has handed over the cash to the Stella Adler Studios in New York, where the late...

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Roy Scheider Dies

11th February 2008

JAWS star ROY SCHEIDER has died. He was 75. The actor was best known for playing police chief Martin Brody in Steven Spielberg's famous 1975 shark thriller and its sequel three years later. Scheider also...

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Roy Scheider Dies

11th February 2008

JAWS star ROY SCHEIDER has died at the age of 75. The actor was best known for playing police chief Martin Brody in Steven Spielberg's famous 1975 shark thriller and its sequel three years later....

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Peyton Place Star Dead At 89

15th September 2007

Former PEYTON PLACE star PERCY RODRIGUES died of kidney failure at his home in California on 6 September (07). He was 89. The African-American actor broke through racial barriers when he portrayed a neurosurgeon on...

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The Things They Say 5036

1st July 2007

"I've caught mahimahi, and last summer I reeled in a 40-pound wahoo, like RICHARD DREYFUSS in JAWS." CATHERINE ZETA-JONES on her love for deep-sea fishing....

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Fascinating Fact 2838

12th February 2007

Movie bosses are planning a fourth JAWS sequel - 20 years after JAWS IV: THE REVENGE failed to bite at the box office. JAWS: RISING is planned to be released directly onto DVD....

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De Niro Tops 'Shameless' List

22nd January 2007

ROBERT DE NIRO has been named and shamed in a US magazine after topping a new poll to find the 25 Most Shameless Paycheck Grabbing Roles In History. The revered actor's odd role in critically-panned...

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Jaws Fin Fetches $22,400

18th December 2006

The original shark fin prop used in the original JAWS movie has fetched $22,400 (GBP11,500) on auction website eBay. The iconic dorsal fin terrified cinemas audiences in 1975 and helped STEVEN SPIELBERG conquer Hollywood. The...

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Grammy Awards Goof On Two Nominations

11th December 2006

Representatives from the Grammy Awards were left red-faced on Saturday (09DEC06) after realising they had made errors regarding two nominees. Movie composer JOHN WILLIAMS earned four Grammy nominations, not five, as organisers originally announced this...

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Sin City Fight Tops Movie 'Ass-kickings' Poll

16th November 2006

BRUCE WILLIS' battering of NICK STAHL's evil YELLOW BASTARD character in SIN CITY has topped a new poll of the Best Movie Ass-Kickings of All Time. The gruesome spat beat PAXTON's fight with THE DUTCH...

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Jaws Tuba Player Dies

27th October 2006

The tuba player famous for creating the JAWS shark theme died in a Los Angeles hospital last week (ends20OCT06). TOMMY JOHNSON was 71 when he passed away at UCLA Medical Center on 16 October (06)....

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Woman Uses Spielberg Name For Fashion Show Access

18th October 2006

A woman claiming to be STEVEN SPIELBERG's niece has been using the legendary director's name to try and gain access to events at Los Angeles Fashion Week. The lady, calling herself Emily Spielberg, has been...

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The Exorcist Tops Scary Film Poll

17th October 2006

Horror classic THE EXORCIST has been named the Scariest Movie Ever Made in a new magazine poll. The 1973 film beat ROSEMARY'S BABY and THE SHINING in the Stuff survey, which appears in the American...

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Neil Simon Set For Kennedy Center Honour

30th August 2006

American playwright/screenwriter NEIL SIMON is to be honoured with the Mark Twain Prize at New York City's Kennedy Center annual award ceremony. THE ODD COUPLE writer will be celebrated at the prestigious ceremony on 15...

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Margulies Boycotts Jaws

19th August 2006

Actress JULIANNA MARGULIES refuses to watch shark thriller JAWS because it would keep her out of the sea. The former ER star admits she's often left scarred by the films she sees and she enjoys...

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Rourke Pays For Pet To Travel

7th July 2006

Hollywood star MICKEY ROURKE spent $5,400 (GBP3,000) to transport his favourite dog from New York City to England where he filmed new movie STORMBREAKER. The SIN CITY star missed his precious pet LOKI so much,...

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Spielberg's Bond Dreams Dashed By Cubby

12th June 2006

Movie mogul STEVEN SPIELBERG created action man INDIANA JONES after twice being snubbed as a JAMES BOND film director by super producer CUBBY BROCCOLI. The JAWS director reveals he had two meetings with Broccoli about...

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The Things They Say 2228

12th June 2006

"I couldn't imagine that anything would rescue, not only myself but the three cast members, and it would be the last time anything mechanical was ever put in the water." Movie mogul STEVEN SPIELBERG felt...

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The Things They Say 2118

30th May 2006

"I have shark nightmares because I had a babysitter who let me watch JAWS when I was entirely too young. That movie scarred me for life." WALK THE LINE star GINNIFER GOODWIN.

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English Patient And Clockwork Orange Among Top Adaptations

19th April 2006

Desert romance THE ENGLISH PATIENT, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and gay cowboy epic BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN have been included in a shortlist of the best 50 books to make it to the big screen. The list, compiled...

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Jaws Author Dies

13th February 2006

JAWS author PETER BENCHLEY died in his Princeton, New Jersey home on Saturday night (11FEB06). He was 65. The writer, whose 1974 best-selling novel was adapted into STEVEN SPIELBERG's movie blockbusters, died from idiopathic...

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Jaws Number One Horror Flick

29th October 2005

STEVEN SPIELBERG's classic shark horror JAWS has been voted the scariest film ever. The 1975 movie still manages to terrify viewers three decades later. Sequel JAWS 2 came in at number five in...

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Goodfellas Named Greatest Movie Of All Time

24th October 2005

Director MARTIN SCORSESE's classic mafia drama GOODFELLAS has been voted the greatest movie of all time in a poll of experts by British magazine Total Film. The 1990 movie, which stars ROBERT DE NIRO,...

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Star Wars Soundtrack Voted Greatest In History

3rd October 2005

British composer JOHN WILLIAMS has been honoured for his STAR WARS soundtrack, which has topped a survey of the greatest movie music of all time. The sci-fi saga beat off competition from classic movie...

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Gone With The Wind Tops Poll

6th September 2005

Movie classic GONE WITH THE WIND has topped a survey of the most successful films at the US box office, according to figures adjusted for inflation. The 1939 American civil war romance, starring CLARK...

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Gervais Eyes Up Spielberg And Springsteen As Extras

14th July 2005

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS wants Hollywood director STEVEN SPIELBERG and veteran rocker BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN to make cameo appearances in the second series of his new UK TV show EXTRAS. THE OFFICE star Gervais has...

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Spielberg Pleased With Jaws Shocker

28th April 2005

JAWS movie maker STEVEN SPIELBERG was thrilled the horror movie scared millions of people out of swimming - it was exactly what he hoped to achieve. The 1975 blockbuster shocked audiences and emptied beaches...

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Eva's Hudson River Fears

13th February 2005

Sexy actress EVA MENDES hated shooting scenes in New York's Hudson River for her new film HITCH because she was sure she would pick up a nasty disease from the murky waters. The 2...

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De Niro's Taxi Driver Line Tops Poll

22nd October 2004

ROBERT DE NIRO's threatening "You talkin' to me?" taunt in TAXI DRIVER has been crowned the most memorable line in movie history. The quote from the gritty 1976 MARTIN SCORSESE film - starring De...

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