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Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem Denounce Israel In Open Letter

29th July 2014

Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem are among a host of Spanish stars who have penned an open letter denouncing Israel over the Middle East conflict.The acting couple and director Pedro Almodovar were joined...

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Penelope Cruz Enjoys Swimming With Sharks

21st May 2014

Penelope Cruz loves swimming with sharks.The 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' actress - who has children Leo, three, and Luna, 11 months, with husband Javier Bardem - enjoys watching the sea creatures when she goes scuba diving,...

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Penelope Cruz Plans To Move Behind The Camera

16th May 2014

Penelope Cruz plans to take a step back from acting.The 40-year-old star - who is currently producing 'Ma Ma'- wants to do more work behind the camera where she'll be focussing on making a movie...

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Sean Penn Ready To Propose?

14th April 2014

Sean Penn is reportedly planning to propose to Charlize Theron.Friends close to the couple, who began dating at the end of last year and flew to Hawaii to celebrate New Year's Eve together in December,...

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PenéLope Cruz To Play Bond Girl?

14th April 2014

Penélope Cruz could be set to star in the next James Bond film.The 39-year-old actress is reportedly in the running to play the spy's lover in the upcoming next instalment, which will be a follow...

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Fascinating Fact: 4150221

11th April 2014

Actress Charlize Theron has been confirmed to star in boyfriend Sean Penn's upcoming movie The Last Face alongside Javier Bardem. Penn will direct the film, which will centre on two doctors (Theron and Bardem)...

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These Celebrity DoppelgäNgers Prove The Existence Of A Celebrity Factory

By Sophie Miskiw | 9th April 2014

We’re starting to suspect that there’s only a handful of famous people, but that they each just have a few different aliases. We’ve never been able to put our finger on it until recently, but...

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Chiwetel Ejiofor To Play James Bond Villain In 'Bond 24'?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 6th April 2014

Chiwetel Ejiofor is being considered for a part in the upcoming James Bond movie as the villain. The 12 Years A Slave actor is not in official talks with the studios behind the 2015 film...

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Leighton Meester Marries Adam Brody: 10 Couples Who Kept Their Wedding Secret

By Stephanie Chase | 19th February 2014

We were all a bit surprised with the news that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody had tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony over the weekend, but this isn't the first time a celebrity...

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Joe Wright Searches For Peter Pan

10th February 2014

Warner Bros. are holding a casting call for 'Pan'.Director Joe Wright is searching for an aspiring male actor aged 11-13, who is no taller than 5ft 4inches, for the leading role of Peter Pan in...

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Garret Hedlund To Play Hook In 'Pan'

23rd January 2014

Garret Hedlund has been offered the part of Captain Hook in 'PAN'.The 'Inside Llewyn Davis' actor is set to play the evil pirate in the latest re-working of J.M. Barrie's children's classic Peter Pan, after...

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Javier Bardem In Talks To Portray Hernan Cortes

8th January 2014

Actor Javier Bardem is in talks to portray Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes on the big screen in a film project that has been shelved for over 45 years.Former blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo came up with...

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Steven Spielberg To Helm Montezuma?

7th January 2014

Steven Spielberg is reportedly lining up historical tale 'Montezuma' as his next film.The filmmaker has joined forces with actor Javier Bardem and writer Steven Zaillian to bring Dalton Trumbo's 50-year-old screenplay to life on the...

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Hugh Jackman Wanted As Peter Pan's Blackbeard

19th December 2013

Actor Hugh Jackman has been approached to play pirate villain Blackbeard in a new Peter Pan film after Javier Bardem passed on the role.The Skyfall star was in negotiations earlier this year (13) to join...

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Hugh Jackman To Play Blackbeard In Pan

19th December 2013

Hugh Jackman is in talks for a role as Blackbeard in 'Pan'.'The Wolverine' actor is reportedly being positioned as the villainous pirate in Warner Bros.' upcoming adaptation of children's classic 'Peter Pan', which will be...

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Penelope Cruz Enjoys Breastfeeding

17th December 2013

Penelope Cruz finds breastfeeding ''addictive''.The 'Twice Born' actress - who has children Leo, two, and Luna, six months, with husband Javier Bardem - nursed her eldest child beyond his first birthday and intends to do...

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Warner Bros. Confirm Pan Release Date

14th December 2013

Warner Bros. have confirmed a release date for 'PAN'.The latest adaptation of the children's classic, will reportedly be helmed by director Joe Wright and is set to hit the big-screen in 3D on June...

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Penelope Cruz Is An 'Expert' At Hiding Fears

11th December 2013

Penelope Cruz has ''become an expert at hiding'' her fears.The 39-year-old actress often feels threatened by ''crazy'' things, which trigger anxiety and agitation, but she's been suffering with phobias for so long she's learnt how...

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Cate Blanchett Made Penelope Cruz Cry

7th December 2013

Penélope Cruz thinks Cate Blanchett is ''unbelievably gifted.''The 39-year-old Oscar-winning actress is a huge fan of the 'Blue Jasmine' star, 44, and burst into tears while watching the new movie.The 'To Rome With Love' star...

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Oscar Isaac Replaces Javier Bardem In A Most Violent Year

4th December 2013

Oscar Isaac has replaced Javier Bardem in 'A Most Violent Year'.The 'Inside Llewyn Davis' actor has signed up to star alongside Oscar-nominated starlet Jessica Chastain in the new period drama directed by J.C. Chandor, according...

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Oscar Isaac To Replace Javier Bardem In A Most Violent Year

3rd December 2013

Actor Oscar Isaac is set to replace Javier Bardem in A Most Violent Year after the Spanish star reportedly fell out with director J.C. Chandor.The Skyfall star was cast alongside Jessica Chastain in the film...

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Penelope Cruz Reveals Diet Secrets

30th November 2013

Penelope Cruz credits breastfeeding for helping her to slim down after two pregnancies.The 39-year-old Oscar-winning actress gave birth to her second child, Luna, in July, and also has a two-year-old son, Leonardo, with her husband,...

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Javier Bardem Offered Blackbeard Role

19th November 2013

Actor Javier Bardem has been offered the chance to portray pirate villain Blackbeard in a new Peter Pan film.The Spanish star went bad for No Country for Old Men and James Bond movie Skyfall, and...

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Javier Bardem To Star In Peter Pan?

18th November 2013

Javier Bardem is set to play the villain in 'Peter Pan'.The 44-year-old actor is in talks to take on the role of pirate leader Captain Blackbeard in the story, based on J.M Barrie's tales of...

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Reasons To Ignore The Critics And See 'The Counsellor' Tonight

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th November 2013

At least let us explain ourselves. The world has turned against The Counsellor lately; negative reviews have flown in to the tune of a 34% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and people are ready to write...

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'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' Finally Topples 'Gravity' From The Top Of The Us Box Office

By Joe Wilde | 28th October 2013

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa is this weeks number one movie at the box office, ousting the mega-successful Gravity from the top spot after a three week stay. The Johnny Knoxville-starring prank fest more than doubled...

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'Jackass Present: Bad Grandpa' Looks Like The Early Favourite To Top Weekend Box Office

By Joe Wilde | 26th October 2013

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa is predicted to earn close to $30 million at the box office in it's opening weekend, according to Deadline, making it the most likely candidate to finish at the top of...

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How Could Cormac Mccarthy's 'The Counselor' Possibly Have Failed?

By Michael West | 25th October 2013

If we cast back our minds some six months, The Counselor was tipped for Oscar glory. The bookmakers are prone to making false judgement calls when it comes to awards' season. Last year, the pairing...

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Despite A Great Cast, 'The Counselor' Gets Lost In A Crazed Mess Of A Script

By Joe Wilde | 24th October 2013

The Counselor is the latest film from No Country for Old Men writer Cormac McCarthy, making his screenwriting debut alongside director Ridley Scott, with a film that explores the complexities of hustling, and the fact...

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Michael Fassbender Flattered By Sexiest Movie Star Poll

5th October 2013

Michael Fassbender is flattered to have been named the eight sexiest male movie star worldwide.The actor was honoured to have made the top ten in a recent Empire Online poll of the 100 Sexiest Movie...

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