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Heavy Rockers Newsted Scrap All Live Shows For February And March

21st February 2014

Rocker Jason Newsted and his eponymous band have pulled out of Australia's touring Soundwave festival and cancelled all live gigs until the end of March (14).The former Metallica bassist broke the news to Newsted fans...

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Megadeth Dismiss Jason Newsted Feud Rumours

7th February 2014

Megadeth have dismissed rumours suggesting the band was responsible for having fellow rocker Jason Newsted booted from the bill of a music festival in Australia.Dave Mustaine's group is due to perform at the touring Soundwave...

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Rocker Jason Newsted's Wife Helped Him Beat Addiction Issues

22nd August 2013

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has credited his wife with helping him through his addiction to painkillers, which left him battling crippling depression.The rocker started popping pills to numb the pain in his shoulders following...

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Jason Newsted Axes Shows After Falling Ill

22nd July 2013

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and his solo band have been forced to cancel a handful of upcoming shows after the star was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.The 50 year old and his group Newsted were...

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Alice In Chains Pleased With 'Ugly' Golden God

18th June 2013

Alice in Chains were pleased with their ''ugly'' Icon award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods.The grunge band were ecstatic to win the title at the award ceremony in London last night (17.06.13) shouting ''we're...

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Jason Newsted: 'I Saved Metallica'

3rd June 2013

Jason Newsted believes he ''saved'' Metallica.The bass player joined the 'Enter Sandman' group in 1986 to replace Cliff Burton - who had died in a road accident - and left in 2001 after relationships between...

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Jason Newsted Falls Off Stage During Gig

23rd May 2013

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted is recovering after he was knocked offstage by an overzealous fan during a gig in New York on Tuesday (21May13).The 50 year old was performing a rendition of Whiplash at...

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Jason Newsted Opens Up About Painkiller Addiction

13th January 2013

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted became addicted to painkillers as he recovered from a crippling shoulder injury which threatened to end his music career.The rocker was injured in a freak accident in 2006 when he...

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Ex-metallica Man's 'Squillion' Dollar Reunion

28th December 2012

Jason Newsted would only re-join Metallica for a ''squillion dollars''.The bass player was added to the 'Enter Sandman' group in 1986 to replace Cliff Burton - who had died in a road accident - and...

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Jason Newsted Marries

26th November 2012

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted is a married man after exchanging vows with his longtime girlfriend.The rocker wed Nicole Leigh Smith last month (Oct12), according to music website The new bride gushes, "(Jason...

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Newsted Reunites With Metallica At 30th Anniversary Party

7th December 2011

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted reunited with the band at a bizarre 30th anniversary celebration in San Francisco, California on Monday night (05Dec11).The marathon six-hour celebration featured tribute performances, game shows and taped celebrity messages,...

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Metallica Reunite With Jason Newsted

6th December 2011

Metallica reunited with former bassist Jason Newsted at the first of their 30th anniversary shows last night (05.12.11).The rockers played an intimate gig at the Fillmore in San Francisco and the 1,200 fans who packed...

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Ramones Star Almost Became Metallica Bassist

4th October 2011

Former Ramones star Christopher Ward has revealed he twice turned down the chance to replace bassist Jason Newsted in Metallica.The rocker, aka C.J Ramone, admits he was honoured to be asked but family issues forced...

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Newsted Will Join Metallica For Hall Of Fame Honour

25th March 2009

Former METALLICA bass player JASON NEWSTED will rejoin the group for one night only when the rockers are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio next month (Apr09). Guitarist Kirk Hammett has...

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Hetfield Reaches Out To Former Bandmate Newsted

4th November 2008

METALLICA frontman JAMES HETFIELD wants to end his rift with the band's former bassist JASON NEWSTED, and has invited his former pal to rejoin the group if they are inducted into the Rock and Roll...

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Voivod Wait For Injured Newsted

30th January 2007

Heavy rockers VOIVOD are so thrilled to land former METALLICA star JASON NEWSTED as a guest on their new album, they've shelved release plans to allow the bassist to recover after hurting his arm in...

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Black Crowes Star Steps In For Newsted In Supergroup

3rd November 2006

LATEST: Former BLACK CROWES star JOHNNY COLT will stand in for injured bassist JASON NEWSTED when rock supergroup ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA tours next year (07) Former METALLICA star Newsted was forced to step down from...

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Metallica Star Pulls Out Of Supergroup

24th October 2006

Former METALLICA star JASON NEWSTED has been forced to pull out supergroup ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA two months before their first show after suffering a major shoulder injury The rocker reportedly tore his left bicep...

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Name Change For Tommy Lee's Supergroup

21st September 2006

LATEST: TOMMY LEE's new supergroup have been forced to change its name after resolving a trademark dispute with another band. California act SUPERNOVA sued the group after learning Lee, JASON NEWSTED and GILBY CLARKE planned...

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Supernova Hopefuls Win Big On Tv Finale

14th September 2006

The finalists in US TV talent search ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA were both big winners last night (13SEP06) - spiky-haired LUKAS ROSSI will front TOMMY LEE's new supergroup, while rocker GILBY CLARKE has promised to produce...

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Navarro To Support Tommy Lee's Supergroup

13th September 2006

DAVE NAVARRO's new band THE PANIC CHANNEL will support TOMMY LEE's supergroup SUPERNOVA when they tour America at the end of 2006. Navarro is currently co-hosting TV reality hit ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA, in which Lee...

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Rock Band Granted Injunction In Battle With Supernova Show

13th September 2006

A Californian rock band yesterday (12SEP06) won a preliminary injunction against producer MARK BURNETT and US TV network CBS, who have been told they must stop using the group's name SUPERNOVA for a band being...

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Lee Tests Contestants Partying Skills

31st August 2006

Rocker TOMMY LEE wanted to test the partying endurance of the contestants on his reality competition ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA so he flew them to Las Vegas, Nevada for a wild weekend. The MOTLEY CRUE rocker...

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Navarro Slams Supernova Leak Rumours

30th August 2006

LATEST: Rocker DAVE NAVARRO has blasted veteran Hollywood columnist JANET CHARLTON for supposedly leaking the winner of his reality show ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA on her website, insisting she "doesn't have a clue as to what...

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Top Secret Supernova Winner Leaked?

29th August 2006

Veteran Hollywood gossip columnist JANET CHARLTON insists she knows who has won reality talent competition ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA, and has revealed the winner's name on her website. Although the show is live and the winner won't...

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Navarro Separates Himself From Contestants

23rd August 2006

DAVE NAVARRO has toughened up for the latest installment of his reality talent competition ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA after allegations he was too nice to contestants during the show's first season. The series follows the search...

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Supernova Sue Reality Show

14th August 2006

LATEST: Rock band SUPERNOVA has filed a preliminary injunction against producer MARK BURNETT and US network CBS, demanding that they stop using the name Supernova for a group being formed on reality TV show ROCK...

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Navarro And Electra Split

18th July 2006

Former JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist DAVE NAVARRO and his wife CARMEN ELECTRA have separated. The couple have been married since November 2003 and starred in the MTV reality series TIL DEATH DO US PART: CARMEN +...

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Icelandic Rocker Competes To Be In Lee's Supergroup

6th July 2006

Icelandic rock star MAGNI ASGEIRSSON is so desperate to become a big name in America he's joined a reality TV contest to win the chance to front TOMMY LEE's new supergroup SUPERNOVA. Asgeirsson, 28, has...

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Lee Wants Manson-type To Front Supergroup

26th May 2006

Rocker TOMMY LEE is looking for the next MARILYN MANSON to front his new supergroup SUPERNOVA. The drummer has teamed up with former GUNS N'ROSES star GILBY CLARKE and ex-METALLICA bassist JASON NEWSTED, and the...

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