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Cocker Tells Stories

25th August 2006

PULP star JARVIS COCKER has launched a bookish club on his MySpace blog page, The COMMON PEOPLE singer has recorded a series of short story readings, available as a podcast. Fans can also check...

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Jarvis Cocker Becomes Just Jarvis

12th July 2006

PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER is dropping his last name for his forthcoming solo release - so he can be held in the same esteem as MADONNA, J.LO and PRINCE. The singer thinks he's famous enough...

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The Things They Say 2418

10th July 2006

"It's a profoundly correct intellectual analysis." SIR BOB GELDOF reviews JARVIS COCKER's controversial new track C**TS ARE RULING THE WORLD.

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Cocker Releases Live 8 Rant

5th July 2006

British pop star JARVIS COCKER is releasing his first solo work online - a revealing new track inspired by last year's Live 8 concerts. The former PULP singer's song C**TS ARE STILL RUNNING THE WORLD...

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Bono, Sting + Cave Find Buried Treasure For Pirate Album

21st June 2006

BONO, STING and NICK CAVE are among the stars who have reworked classic pirate tunes and sea chanteys for a new album inspired by JOHNNY DEPP's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies. The big names join...

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Stars Help Gainsbourg Prepare First Album In 20 Years

6th June 2006

A host of stars including PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER and AIR are helping CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG record her first album in two decades. Gainsbourg, the daughter of legendary French singer SERGE GAINSBOURG and actress JANE BIRKIN,...

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Sinatra's Starry Accolade

12th May 2006

1960s pop sensation NANCY SINATRA has had her musical achievements recognised with a star on Hollywood Boulevard's famous Walk of Fame. The stellar accolade comes after four decades singing, beginning with her debut hit THESE...

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The Things They Say 1971

5th May 2006

"I didn't want it to be a moany record. I haven't set myself an agenda apart from: 'Don't moan, and make the songs as short as possible." PULP star JARVIS COCKER aims for an upbeat...

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Cocker Almost Quit Music

5th May 2006

PULP star JARVIS COCKER decided to retire from the music industry before changing his mind to record a solo album. Cocker, 42, indulged in a period of intense songwriting, in a bid to prove to...

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Cocker's Cursing Campaign

12th April 2006

PULP singer JARVIS COCKER is championing swearing in song lyrics because he believes, when done correctly, turning the air blue is "big and clever". Cocker, 42, is convinced cursing is sign of an intelligent mind,...

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Jarvis Banned After Flatulent Jackson Protest

5th February 2006

British rocker JARVIS COCKER is furious he has been banned from the upcoming Brit awards, after he stormed the stage and flashed his buttocks at MICHAEL JACKSON at the 1996 ceremony. The PULP singer,...

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Homme And Dalle Join The Man From Unkle

1st February 2006

Rock couple JOSH HOMME and BRODY DALLE will join British dance music star JAMES LAVELLE on his third UNKLE project. THE CULT star IAN ASTBURY has also recorded vocals for three tracks on the...

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Cocker Hails Monkeys

30th January 2006

PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER is hailing British rock phenomenon the ARCTIC MONKEYS as the saviours of the music industry - for proving talent can outweigh hype and promotion. The rockers' album WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY...

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Cocker's Potter Battle

22nd October 2005

JARVIS COCKER has locked horns with HARRY POTTER creator JK ROWLING over songs he composed for upcoming movie HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. The British singer appears in the movie with RADIOHEAD...

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Harry Potter Band Row

4th October 2005

A Canadian folk band are involved in a fierce legal battle with HARRY POTTER movie makers Warner Bros, because a group with the same name appears in the next wizard fantasy film. Threepiece THE...

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Pulp/radiohead Supergroup Forms For Harry Potter

31st August 2005

PULP's JARVIS COCKER and RADIOHEAD stars PHIL SELWAY and JONNY GREENWOOD will feature in the upcoming HARRY POTTER movie THE GOBLET OF FIRE - as magical band WEIRD SISTERS. The group was originally to...

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Music Festival To Honour London Terror Victims

13th July 2005

Former MADNESS star SUGGS and punk singer/songwriter BILLY BRAGG will pay tribute to the victims of last Thursday's (07JUL05) terrorist attacks in London by performing at a free music festival in the city on Saturday...

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Cocker Vows To Bring Back Pulp

16th March 2005

PULP star JARVIS COCKER has assured impatient fans the band are merely "hibernating" and will return, silencing reports they had split for good. The charismatic COMMON PEOPLE singer's outfit were a major force in...

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Jamelia Threatens To 'Do A Cocker'

9th February 2005

Pop beauty JAMELIA has threatened to bare her backside in the style of former PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER, if she triumphs in all her nominations at tonight's BRIT AWARDS. The SUPERSTAR singer, 23, is...

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Franz Ferdinand Pull Out Of Potter Film

18th November 2004

Scottish rockers FRANZ FERDINAND have pulled out of a cameo appearance in the next HARRY POTTER film - amid rumours of tension within the band. The four-piece were asked to appear as a gang...

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Peel Shaped Music Scene Says Cocker

27th October 2004

Former PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER has paid tribute to late British DJ JOHN PEEL, praising his pivotal role in shaping music over the past 40 years. The COMMON PEOPLE singer cites the BBC RADIO...

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Cocker To Play Potter Music

21st October 2004

Former PULP star JARVIS COCKER will lend his musical magic to the latest HARRY POTTER movie - he's signed up to score the soundtrack. The charismatic singer - famous for flashing his backside at...

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Morrissey And The Strokes Fight Fascism In London

31st May 2004

Rockers MORRISSEY and THE STROKES are among the big names who've signed an anti-fascist petition in London - in a bid to keep extremist party the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY (BNP) out of office. Musicians...

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Sinatra Sings The Stars' Songs

26th May 2004

NANCY SINATRA is turning her new album, TO NANCY WITH LOVE, into a star-studded affair after recording songs penned by MORRISSEY, BONO and PULP's JARVIS COCKER. The THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKIN' icon...

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Jarvis Cocker: I Love Being A Dj

25th May 2004

Music hero JARVIS COCKER is glad he turned his back on being a singer - as he has fallen in love with the art of DJing. The former PULP frontman - who is married...

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Jarvis Cocker: 'I'm Giving Up Music'

25th May 2004

Former PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER is ditching his singing career - as he prefers his new role as a husband and father. The COMMON PEOPLE hitmaker, 40, has relocated to Paris, France with his...

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Bono Gives Nancy Sinatra Song Intended For Her Father

16th March 2004

U2 frontman BONO has given NANCY SINATRA a song written especially for her father FRANK SINATRA, after the legendary crooner died before being able to record it. The Irish rocker has contributed TWO SHOTS...

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Jarvis Cocker Snaps Up Bargain Shoes

24th October 2003

Ex-PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER is staying true to his thrift-chic roots by snapping up second-hand shoes for his new baby. The COMMON PEOPLE singer bought a load of old children's footwear while out cruising...

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Jarvis Cocker In Low-speed Crash

13th July 2003

PULP singer JARVIS COCKER was questioned by traffic cops following a low-speed car crash near his home in Sheffield, North England. DISCO 2000 singer Jarvis was attempting a U-turn manoeuvre when he decided to...

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Cocker's Bizarre Alter-ego Speaks

11th June 2003

Former PULP star JARVIS COCKER has granted his first interview in the guise of his bizarre new skeletal alter-ego DARREN SPOONER - claiming "music is the message". Cocker played the first gig with his...

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