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Lea Michele Stunned After Beating Jane Lynch To People's Choice Award

12th January 2012

Lea Michele 's star is ever-rising and the proof of that came at the 38th annual People's Choice Awards as the actress walked off with the gong for Best Comedy Actress beating out older names...

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Tv Stars Design Dog Bowls For Charity

14th December 2011

Celebrity animal lovers Betty White, Jane Lynch and Paula Abdul are among the stars who have designed dog bowls for charity.The trio, along with other famous faces including Ellen DeGeneres, Jessica Simpson and Twilight star...

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The Things They Tweet 2110

22nd November 2011

"My sweet kitty Greta took her leave from us. We loved her so. Kiss your own kitties and pups right now." Glee star Jane Lynch is mourning the loss of her tabby cat, Greta.

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Jane Lynch Meets Childhood Crush Ron Howard

15th November 2011

A tearful Jane Lynch met her childhood crush Ron Howard for the very first time on U.S. TV on Monday (14Nov11).The gay Glee star has often discussed her longtime affection for Howard, who played innocent...

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Jane Lynch: 'I Feel Bad For Ratner'

14th November 2011

Gay Glee star Jane Lynch has thrown her support behind embattled moviemaker Brett Ratner after he stepped down as the producer of the Oscars last week (ends11Nov11) following a homophobic slur scandal.Ratner's resignation came four...

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Lynch Honours Harris At Gay Rights Gala

13th November 2011

Actress Jane Lynch presented Neil Patrick Harris and his partner with a top prize at a gay rights gala in Los Angeles on Saturday (12Nov11).Lynch, who has worked with Harris on her hit series Glee,...

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The Things They Say 23292

28th October 2011

"The name of the skit was The Liaison and we had to change the name of it... because they couldn't pronounce 'liaison'." Glee star Jane Lynch found the cast of Jersey Shore lost for words...

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Sofia Vergara Touts 'Super Affordable' Clothing Line

17th October 2011

Sofia Vergara, the Columbian actress named 'Best Dressed' celebrity at the recent Emmy Awards, has designed her own range of clothing for Kmart, claiming the line can make women look "a million dollars". The 'Modern...

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Jane Lynch Reveals Pain She Felt Over Her Sexuality

14th October 2011

Jane Lynch's "heart sank" when she realised she was a lesbian.The 51-year-old actress - who married psychologist Lara Embry last year - always felt uncomfortable as a teenager and was horrified when she made sense...

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Jane Lynch Came Out To Parents In A Letter

7th October 2011

Jane Lynch told her parents she was gay in a letter.The 'Glee' actress was aware she was a lesbian from an early age but couldn't bring herself to tell her mother and father until she...

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Happy Days Star Asked Lynch To Help Him Land More Tv Singing Time

5th October 2011

Happy Days star Anson Williams once tried to recruit a young Jane Lynch to help him get more singing time on the show.The Glee star once wrote to the actor, who played wise-cracking crooner Potsie...

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Jane Lynch Rode Her Bike Around Topless

4th October 2011

Lesbian Glee star Jane Lynch gave neighbourhood boys a thrill while she was growing up in Dolton, Illinois - she would ride her bike topless.The actress grew up wanting to be one of the boys...

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Matthew Morrison Likes Being Naked

24th September 2011

Matthew Morrison loves to walk around naked.The 32-year-old actor - who is best known for playing teacher Will Schuester in 'Glee' - relaxes in his home without wearing clothes, but admits it can be tricky...

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Jane Lynch: I Was 'Terrible' Like Sue

22nd September 2011

Jane Lynch used to be a "terrible" person.The 51-year-old actress admits she used to be a lot like her 'Glee' character, menacing cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, but thinks she is much "nicer" these days.She said:...

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Jane Lynch Kept Gay Secret From Her Parents For A Decade

22nd September 2011

Gay Glee star Jane Lynch kept her "affair" with a college teacher a secret from her parents for a decade.The actress realised she was gay while she was growing up in Illinois and swore to...

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The Things They Say 22901

21st September 2011

"I'm an Irish storyteller deep down inside and I love listening to stories and they're all heroes' journeys in Aa - people say, 'I started out this way, it got really, really bad... and then...

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Jane Lynch: 'I Wasn't A Nice Person'

21st September 2011

Actress Jane Lynch didn't have to dig too deep to find her mean-spirited Glee character Sue Sylvester - she used to be just like that.Now forever upbeat and happy, Lynch reveals past insecurities that were...

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Jane Lynch Gives 'Agitation' To 'Calm' Wife

20th September 2011

Jane Lynch believes she has added "agitation" to her wife's life.The 'Glee' star met Lara Embry at the National Center for Lesbian Rights gala dinner in San Francisco in 2009 and the actress admits within...

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Sarah Hyland Apologises To 'Strange' Lea Michele

19th September 2011

Sarah Hyland, the American actress whose hit comedy 'Modern Family' scooped five awards during Sunday evening's Emmy's, has apologised for branding Lea Michele's red carpet routine "very strange". Hyland made the comments while appearing on...

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Jane Lynch To Portray Right-wing Candidate On Glee

19th September 2011

Jane Lynch, who hosted Sunday night's Emmy awards -- and received mostly positive notices -- is likely to find herself in a political windstorm as her character on Fox's Glee , the PE teacher Sue...

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Sofia Vergara Dazzles In Vera Wang At Emmys

19th September 2011

Sofia Vergara wowed the crowd with her stunning dress at the Emmy Awards last night (18.09.11).The 'Modern Family' actress - who stars alongside Ariel Winter and Jesse Tyler Ferguson in the show - dazzled on...

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Jane Lynch Hits Out At 'Poor Little' Ricky Gervais

19th September 2011

Jane Lynch, the American Hollywood star, has received a series of positive reviews for her hosting of Sunday evening's Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Between a number of lavish costume changes, Lynch delivered a series...

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Modern Family And Downton Win Big At Emmys

19th September 2011

'Modern Family' and 'Downton Abbey' were the big winners at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards last night (18.09.11).The comedy series and the British period drama both took home four accolades from the prestigious ceremony at...

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Fascinating Fact 12091

19th September 2011

Primetime Emmy Awards presenter Jane Lynch was backed by a star-studded chorus group, known as the EmmyTones, throughout the three-hour ceremony. The group comprised of Chuck star Zachary Levi, How I Met Your Mother's Cobie...

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Jane Lynch Regrets Affair With Friend's Lover

16th September 2011

Jane Lynch's biggest regret is having an affair with her friend's lover. The 'Glee' actress - who is now happily married to psychologist Lara Embry - still feels guilty about the illicit relationship because she...

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The Things They Say 22816

13th September 2011

"He's one of the nicest guys and a true leader on that set. He's going through his stuff now, but there's a really solid, wonderful person in there, and I love him very much." Jane...

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Jane Lynch To Sing At Emmy Awards

12th September 2011

Jane Lynch will sing at the forthcoming Emmy Awards. The 'Glee' actress - who has recorded versions of Madonna's 'Vogue' and Olivia Newton John's 'Let's Get Physical' on the musical TV show - has confirmed...

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Ashton Kutcher To Present The Emmys

9th September 2011

Ashton Kutcher is set to present at the Emmys. The actor - who has replaced Charlie Sheen as the star of 'Two and a Half Men' - will give out an award along with Julianna...

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Jane Lynch: 'Tussauds Unveiling Felt Like A Wake'

2nd September 2011

Glee star Jane Lynch was filled with mixed emotions when she came face-to-face with her waxwork at Madame Tussauds last year (10) - because the whole unveiling ceremony reminded her of a funeral.The actress was...

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Jane Lynch Pretended To Have 'Raging Crush' On Ron Howard

1st September 2011

Actress Jane Lynch developed a "raging crush" on actor/director Ron Howard as a young girl to hide the fact that she was gay.The Glee star insists she discovered she was attracted to other females when...

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