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Jane Levy Files For Divorce From Her Secret Marriage

By Joe Wilde | 7th May 2013

Suburgatory and Evil Dead actress Jane Levy has filed for divorce form her husband Jaime Freitas after 7 months together, TMZ have reported. The news of the divorce, and the marriage for that matter, may...

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Evil Dead Remake Reviews – Can The 1981 Cult-hit Horror Be Improved?

By Jack de Aguilar | 18th April 2013

Evil Dead remains one of the most-loved franchises in horror film history. Written and directed by Sam Raimi, and starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, the 1981 version is well and truly a cult classic, so...

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Be Silenced, Purists! Evil Dead Remake Is Delightfully Gory

By Hayley Avron | 7th January 2013

A full length ‘red-band’ trailer for the new Evil Dead remake has hit YouTube and purists, be silenced. For this one is delightfully violent and gory. A must for any horror or gore fan, whether...

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Sam Raimi Goes In Hard With Evil Dead Remake Trailer

By Hayley Avron | 5th January 2013

Sam Raimi and his production team have gone in hard with the trailer for the Evil Dead remake.Branded for mature audiences only, there are moments in this teaser that are so gory, they leave you...

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