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Fonda Vows Not To Reunite With Turner

3rd April 2009

JANE FONDA has vowed never to reignite her love affair with ex-husband TED TURNER, even though she still has "feelings" for the media mogul. The two have remained friendly since their 2001 divorce, with Turner even...

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The Things They Say 11749

31st March 2009

"Before curtain it's vocal warm-ups, stretches, listen to (BRUCE) SPRINGSTEEN's BORN TO RUN for five minutes and then - focus." Actor COLIN HANKS on his rituals before taking the stage in Broadway show 33 VARIATIONS,...

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Lohan & Fonda Pay Tribute To Richardson

19th March 2009

LINDSAY LOHAN and JANE FONDA have led the tributes for tragic actress NATASHA RICHARDSON, who died after suffering serious head injuries in a skiing accident. The Maid in Manhattan star, who was married to actor Liam...

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Lopez & Fonda Caught Up In Monster-in-law Lawsuit

12th March 2009

JENNIFER LOPEZ and JANE FONDA have found themselves entangled in a lawsuit over their 2005 film MONSTER-IN-LAW amid allegations of copyright infringement. Sheri Gilbert of North Carolina claims the film was similar to a script she...

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Fonda's Broadway Return Met With Mixed Reviews

10th March 2009

JANE FONDA's return to Broadway has divided New York's theatre critics - who have described her performance as a terminally ill academic in 33 VARIATIONS as both "elegant" and "strained". The Oscar-winner, 71, took to the...

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Flu Drugs Helped Hanks Ace Broadway Audition

9th March 2009

Actor COLIN HANKS is stunned he landed a role on Broadway alongside movie great JANE FONDA, because he was so drugged up on flu medication during the audition, he couldn't stand up. The 31-year-old son of...

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Fonda Startled By 'Matronly' Photos

2nd March 2009

Veteran actress JANE FONDA was taken aback by the publicity photos for her upcoming run in Broadway show 33 VARIATIONS - because the undoctored shots made her look old. The 71-year-old star will perform her first...

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The Things They Say 11411

24th February 2009

"I did something I've never done before - I Twittered from my bed. I Twittered the Oscars. People really enjoyed the fact that, having won two Oscars, I'm at home Twittering... I liked the show...

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Fonda's Show Picketed By Vietnam Veterans

24th February 2009

Actress JANE FONDA's first Broadway performance in 45 years was marred after it was picketed by Vietnam War veterans. The 71-year-old stars in new play 33 Variations, after a four decade-long hiatus from the stage. But...

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Fonda Slams 'Ageist' Critics

16th February 2009

Veteran actress JANE FONDA has slammed critics who criticise her as too old to act - branding their remarks "ageist". The 71-year-old returned to Broadway this month (Feb09) to star in new play 33 Variations after...

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Fonda's Blogging Career

16th February 2009

Veteran actress JANE FONDA is beginning a new career at the age of 71 - as a celebrity blogger. The Academy Award winner began writing online in January (09) to help cope with her father's death...

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Fonda's Anti-war Film Gets Dvd Release

12th February 2009

JANE FONDA's controversial documentary opposing the Vietnam War is to be released on DVD - 37 years after it was pulled from cinemas and withdrawn from circulation. The actress emerged as a prominent political activist in...

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Fonda Laments Madoff Scandal

6th February 2009

Veteran actress JANE FONDA has lashed out at the recent Wall Street scandal which saw many of her friends lose their life savings. Former NASDAQ chairman Bernard Madoff was arrested on 8 December (08) on charges...

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Ledger Was Set To Play Fonda's Activist Ex

18th January 2009

HEATH LEDGER was in talks to play JANE FONDA's ex-husband, activist TOM HAYDEN, in a movie about the Chicago 7 when he died from an accidental drug overdose last year (22Jan08). The late star's longtime...

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Fascinating Fact 6661

16th January 2009

JANE FONDA will be joined onstage by TOM HANKS' actor son COLIN when she kicks off her Broadway comeback in play 33 Variations in February (09)....

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Fonda Names The Date For Broadway Return

5th December 2008

JANE FONDA will return to the Broadway stage for a 15-week run in MOISES KAUFMAN's 33 VARIATIONS in February (09). It will mark her first performance on the New York stage in 46 years -...

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Nicholson And Fonda Join California Hall Of Fame

3rd December 2008

Hollywood stars JACK NICHOLSON and JANE FONDA are to be inducted into the California Hall of Fame. The acting pair are joined on the list of 2008 inductees by musicians Dave Brubeck and Quincy Jones,...

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Turner's Tears For Fonda

12th November 2008

Actress JANE FONDA upset former husband TED TURNER so much when she left him, he sat on their bedroom floor and wept. The media mogul comes clean about the couple's 2001 divorce in his new...

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Turner And Fonda Open Up About Divorce

10th November 2008

Actress JANE FONDA and former husband TED TURNER have opened up about their tumultuous marriage the media mogul's new memoir. In his autobiography, Call Me Ted, the pair both come clean about the events that...

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Fonda Returns To Broadway After 46 Years

4th November 2008

JANE FONDA will return to Broadway for the first time in 46 years when she takes on a starring role in MOISES KAUFMAN's 33 VARIATIONS. The movie great will play a modern-day musicologist attempting to...

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Fonda Celebrated 70th Birthday With Deep Sea Dive

19th October 2008

JANE FONDA rang in her 70s with an 85-foot (25.9-metre) deep sea dive off the Turks and Caicos Islands. The movie veteran admits the dive made up for the fact she once failed to conquer...

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Fonda Struggling To Find Film Work

18th October 2008

Movie veteran JANE FONDA can't find work because she refuses to play "dour" roles. The 70-year-old actress thought the parts would come flooding in after she played Jennifer Lopez's mother-in-law in the comedy Monster-In-Law -...

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Sarandon's Admiration For Fonda's Activism

17th October 2008

Actress SUSAN SARANDON credits JANE FONDA with inspiring her to become a political activist. Sarandon is an active supporter of progressive and left-liberal political causes and has taken part in a number of protests including...

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Fonda Receives Award -- But She's Not Gushing Over Honor

16th October 2008

Lifetime achievement awards apparently do not hold the cachet that they once did. On Saturday, German TV personality Marcel Reich-Ranicki stepped to the microphone at the German Television Awards where he was to receive an...

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Parton Reunites With Fonda + Tomlin For 9 To 5 Stage Debut

22nd September 2008

Country legend DOLLY PARTON was joined by her NINE TO FIVE co-stars JANE FONDA and LILY TOMLIN at the opening night of her stage musical adaptation of the hit movie. The show opened at Los...

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Fonda Making Time For Love

24th June 2008

JANE FONDA has laughed off rumours she has ditched boyfriend LYNDEN GILLIS, insisting she plans to spend even more time at the New York home they share. The 70-year-old Barbarella star prompted speculation she had...

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The Things They Say 8665

23rd June 2008

"I suspected WARREN BEATTY was gay because he was so cute and had so many unusual, intellectual friends. Well, how wrong can you be." Actress JANE FONDA wasn't too sure about the DICK TRACY actor's...

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Fonda's Boyfriend Denies Split Claims

2nd April 2008

JANE FONDA's boyfriend LYNDEN GILLIS has hit back at tabloid claims he has been dumped because he failed to support the actress through the death of her half-sister. The National Enquirer alleges Fonda, 70, ended...

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The Things They Say 7227

18th February 2008

"I just don't think c**t is a controversial word. I find it frighteningly sad that there was an outrage... that JANE FONDA said it... It is just a word." BROOKE SHIELDS defends Fonda after she...

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Fonda Apologises For Swearing On Tv

16th February 2008

LATEST: JANE FONDA has apologised for turning the air blue when she uttered the explicit 'c' word on U.S. breakfast show TODAY. The Oscar winner joined Eve Ensler on the show's sofa on Thursday (14Feb08)...

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