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Fonda Out To Reverse Hollywood Surgery Trend

30th March 2006

Actress JANE FONDA is on a one-woman crusade to reverse Hollywood's plastic surgery trend. The movie veteran, who admits to a one-time boob job, is sick of seeing unnatural-looking women on the streets of Tinseltown...

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Fonda Honour Blocked Over Vietnam

17th March 2006

A move to honour actress JANE FONDA for her charity work in the United States has been blocked, because of her opposition to the 1970s war in Vietnam. The KLUTE icon, who was dubbed "Hanoi...

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Fonda Had Threesome?

2nd March 2006

Oscar-winning actress JANE FONDA video-taped a three-in-a-bed romp with her ex-husband TED TURNER and an unnamed brunette, according to an explosive new book. Author ALLAN MACDONELL, former editor of Hustler magazine, alleges the tape shows...

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Fonda Defends Monster-in-law

28th February 2006

Movie veteran JANE FONDA has hit back at criticism for starring in lightweight romantic comedy MONSTER-IN-LAW, insisting she just wanted to have fun. And the double Oscar-winner, who hadn't acted in a movie since...

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Fascinating Fact 1089

27th February 2006

Movie veteran and peace activist JANE FONDA will join rockers including MICHAEL STIPE and STEVE EARLE at next month's (MAR06) Bring 'Em Home Now anti-war concert in New York City, timed to coincide with the...

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Ted Turner Retires

27th February 2006

CNN founder and media mogul TED TURNER has decided to step down from his role on the board at Time Warner. The 67-year-old, who founded the Cable News Network in 1980 and merged his...

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Carrey Seduced By Leoni

20th January 2006

JIM CARREY was seduced into starring in the remake of FUN WITH DICK AND JANE by his feisty co-star TEA LEONI. The rubber-faced star confesses he hates remakes, but was convinced when told he...

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Fonda Fronts New Anti-violence Campaign

4th January 2006

JANE FONDA is fronting a new TV campaign to stamp out violence against women. The movie legend appears in a US public service announcement for an upcoming celebration of women's rights, V-DAY. She...

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Leoni's Interview Confusion

23rd December 2005

Actress TEA LEONI had a troubling moment while promoting her new movie FUN WITH DICK AND JANE in Europe, when she thought her interviewer asked her about co-star JIM CARREY's manhood. Leoni and Carrey...

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Leoni Sought Fonda's Permission To Remake Her Film

7th December 2005

TEA LEONI would have walked away from starring in the remake of FUN WITH DICK + JANE if her heroine, JANE FONDA, had disapproved of her taking the role she made famous in the 1970s....

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Fonda Battles Through The Pain

28th October 2005

JANE FONDA is battling through the pain as she recovers from a hip-replacement surgery on her book-signing tour of America. The actress was spotted hobbling around on a cane at the Governor and First...

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Fonda Sought Dad Henry's Advice For Oscar Speech

8th October 2005

JANE FONDA was considering using her 1972 Oscar acceptance speech as a platform to slam America's ongoing participation in the Vietnam War, until her late father PETER persuaded her it wouldn't be a good idea....

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Pains Force Jane Fonda To Miss Premiere

3rd October 2005

Veteran actress JANE FONDA has been forced to back out of plans to attend her own documentary's premiere in France, after checking into hospital with hip and back problems. Flying from her native America...

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Jane Fonda Finds Out Dad Peter Loved Her After All

29th September 2005

Actress JANE FONDA was astonished to discover her late actor father HENRY FONDA declared his love for her on national television, because he never told her in person. The KLUTE star and her emotionally-detached...

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Costner And Gibson Gear Up For Jr Ewing Battle

28th September 2005

KEVIN COSTNER, TOMMY LEE JONES and MEL GIBSON have now joined the list of names scrambling to play JR EWING in an upcoming movie version of classic TV show DALLAS. While the producer insists...

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Turner Blasts Reports He's Joining Fonda's Peace Tour

12th August 2005

Media mogul TED TURNER has slammed reports he's joining ex-wife JANE FONDA on her peace tour, which aims to lobby American President GEORGE W BUSH to pull US troops out of Iraq. The KLUTE...

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Fonda's Son To Accompany Her On Peace Tour

28th July 2005

LATEST: JANE FONDA has asked her son TROY GARITY to accompany her on her tour, aimed at urging American President GEORGE W BUSH to pull US troops out of Iraq. The actress, who was...

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Fitness Queen Simpson Launches Treadmill Line

27th July 2005

Pop star-turned-actress JESSICA SIMPSON is fast becoming the new JANE FONDA after signing up to launch a treadmill range. The singer spent six days a week getting her body into the perfect shape for...

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9 To 5 Girls Keen For A Sequel

26th July 2005

LATEST: The girls of cult comedy 9 TO 5 are set to return to the big screen after spending years talking about a sequel to the 1980 hit. JANE FONDA, DOLLY PARTON and LILY...

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Fonda Plans Peace Tour

25th July 2005

Movie star and peace activist JANE FONDA is set to get political again in a bid to urge American President GEORGE W BUSH to pull US troops out of Iraq. The actress, who was...

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Fonda Struck By 'Child' Director Luketic

22nd July 2005

Screen veteran JANE FONDA was shocked at how young her MONSTER-IN-LAW director ROBERT LUKETIC was when she first met him - and was incredulous "a child" could be capable of directing a movie. The...

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Fonda: 'I Created Video Culture'

12th July 2005

Fitness guru JANE FONDA insists she started the worldwide craze for videos and DVDs, after the popularity of her famous exercise series. The 67-year-old, who launched her fat-burning phenomenon in 1982, credits herself for...

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Fonda's Son Scarred By Irish Conflict Memories

2nd July 2005

JANE FONDA's actor son TROY GARITY grew up terrified of his gaelic roots following a harrowing family holiday to Belfast, where he witnessed the terrors of the Irish conflict at close hand. Garity claims...

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Fonda's Son Working On Los Angeles Gang Wars Film

29th June 2005

JANE FONDA's son TROY GARITY is making a documentary about a Los Angeles gang ceasefire he helped initiate a decade ago. The actor/activist is determined to complete his film, which he has been making...

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Fonda Fell In Love With Redford

15th June 2005

JANE FONDA fell in love with co-star ROBERT REDFORD when they made three movies together in the 1960s and 1970s - even though she was married at the time. The pair made THE CHASE,...

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Fonda Tells Young Women To Love Themselves

9th June 2005

OSCAR-winning actress JANE FONDA has urged young women to love themselves for who they are, because she grew up constantly striving to be perfect. The KLUTE star, one of the most lusted after women...

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Lohan's Ankle Injury May Have Cost Her Mission: Impossible 3

8th June 2005

A sprained ankle looks to have ended LINDSAY LOHAN's chances of landing a leading role opposite TOM CRUISE in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3. The MEAN GIRLS star, who was approached to fill SCARLETT JOHANSSON's shoes...

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Fonda: 'I Hate Botox'

7th June 2005

JANE FONDA is sick of the cosmetic surgery culture in Hollywood and prefers to visit Britain because people look more real there. Although the veteran KLUTE actress admits being "nipped and tucked" herself, she...

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Fonda: 'My Fitness Routines Don't Cause Osteo-arthritis'

6th June 2005

JANE FONDA has hit out at accusations her notorious fitness routines caused her osteo-arthritis. The BARBARELLA star, 67, reinvented herself as a fitness guru in the 1980s with a hit series of aerobics and...

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Fonda And Mcnamara Kiss And Make-up

6th June 2005

JANE FONDA has kissed and made up with former US Defence Secretary ROBERT McNAMARA - 33 years after she offended the American government by posing with North Vietnamese soldiers at the height of the Vietnam...

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