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Jay Kay Slams Tv Car Race

26th August 2003

JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY has lashed out at a British TV car race he lost to supermodel JODIE KIDD, claiming it was unfair. The high-pitched SPACE COWBOY singer has slammed the BBC's TOP GEAR...

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Jamiroquai Eye American Breakthrough

22nd August 2003

British funk outfit JAMIROQUAI have decided to record their next album in America in a bid to crack the lucrative US music market. The British COSMIC GIRL hitmakers are about to start work on...

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S Club Hunk Vows To Win Jamiroquai Duet

31st July 2003

Former S CLUB singer BRADLEY McINTOSH is so determined to duet with JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY that he is flying out to stay with the star until he says agrees to the partnership. The...

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Jay Kay Seeks Sunny Inspiration

23rd July 2003

JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY is abandoning Britain for the Caribbean, so he can shake off a bad case of writer's block. The COSMIC GIRL hitmaker has been trying to write songs for the group's...

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Jay Kay Hints At Big Name Duet

3rd July 2003

JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY is planning a sensational duet with "a sexy Australian singer". The COSMIC GIRL hitmaker took the opportunity to reveal his plans to reporters at the London premiere of CHARLIE'S ANGELS...

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Jay Kay Too Short To Driver

23rd April 2003

JAMIROQUAI lead singer JAY KAY has had to modify his latest luxury car - because he was too short to reach the pedals. The diminutive hat-wearing singer shelled out $600,000 ($400,000) for the FERRARI...

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Jay Kay Motors Up

15th April 2003

Singer JAY KAY of British funk band JAMIROQUAI has forked out $665,000 (GBP425,000) on a new luxury motor - the 14th of his extensive car collection. The VIRTUAL INSANITY star picked up a FERRARI...

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Denise Van Outen. I Want Jamiroquai To Be Happy

8th April 2003

The ex-girlfriend of JAMIROQUAI frontman JAY KAY has assured him there are no bad feelings on her part - even though the pair experienced a troubled relationship. British stage...

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Denise Van Outen. Jamiroquai Put His Dogs First

8th April 2003

Sexy singer and actress DENISE VAN OUTEN has lashed out at ex-boyfriend JAY KAY for putting his dogs before her. The blonde beauty, who is set to star in the London West...

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Cocaine To Blame For Jay Kay Split

25th March 2003

British stage star DENISE VAN OUTEN ended her romance with JAMIROQUAI singer JAY KAY because of his cocaine habit. The pair were expected to tie the knot before splitting in 2001. But blonde...

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