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Topless Curtis Promotes Ageing Beautifully

22nd March 2008

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has posed topless on the cover of a U.S. magazine in a bid to persuade older women they can remain beautiful if they take care of themselves. The Trading Places star,...

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Curtis Named New Face Of Digestive Health

4th March 2008

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has teamed up with the makers of Activia yogurt for a new advertising campaign - and insists she is happy to be "the ice breaker" for open discussions on digestive health....

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Shields Turns Children's Author

13th February 2008

Actress BROOKE SHIELDS is following in the footsteps of stars like JAMIE LEE CURTIS and MADONNA by writing her first children's book. The Blue Lagoon star's experiences as a mum-of-two inspired her to pen Welcome...

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Hollywood Stars Voice Charity Videogame

29th November 2007

A host of Hollywood stars have lent their voices to a new downloadable charity videogame.THE TUTTLES MADCAP MISADVENTURES: STARLIGHT CHARITY CHALLENGES, features WILLIAM SHATNER, ASHLEY TISDALE, BOB SAGET and JAMIE LEE CURTIS.Three-quarters of the proceeds...

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The Things They Say 6147

13th November 2007

"There are so many actresses now with that waxy forehead... It's bizarre to me. People looks like freaks." JAMIE LEE CURTIS on her dislike for plastic surgery and Botox injections.

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The Things They Say 6009

31st October 2007

"It was about facing your demons. My character's soul was taken from her, but even if you die you can get your soul back." JAMIE LEE CURTIS on her horror film HALLOWEEN H20.

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Curtis Blames Californians For Wildfire Disaster

24th October 2007

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has slammed the residents of southern California, blaming them for the wildfire disaster. The Trading Places star is not among those directly affected by the tragedy, which has cost 1,430 families...

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Martin Writes Children's Book

23rd October 2007

Funnyman STEVE MARTIN is following in the footsteps of stars including MADONNA and JAMIE LEE CURTIS - he's written his own children's book. The veteran comedian, who has no kids of his own, has teamed...

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Curtis' 'Sexiest Striptease In History'

18th October 2007

JAMIE LEE CURTIS' strip tease in 1994's TRUE LIES has been voted the sexiest in movie history. Kim Basinger's "trememdous sex appeal" in 91/2 Weeks gained the second spot, while Salma Hayek came third for...

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The Things They Say 5203

18th July 2007

"One of the best things about being famous is making our parents so proud. They swap press cuttings about us and my dad even got to chat up JAMIE LEE CURTIS." KASABIAN frontman TOM MEIGHAN...

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Curtis Hits Out At Lack Of Hilton Parenting

12th June 2007

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has blamed the lack of parenting provided to PARIS HILTON for the "painful" court room scenes where she called out for her mother. Hilton cried out, "It's not right! Mom!" as...

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Curtis' Guilt About Body Focus

8th June 2007

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS feels guilty that she allowed her body to be the main focus of her career in the 1980s. The 48-year-old's curvaceous physique dominated movies including Trading Places and Perfect, and Curtis...

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Jamie Lee Is A Model Mum

12th April 2007

JAMIE LEE CURTIS is the mother other mums love because their kids are so well behaved when they visit her home. The Plenty star admits she has a little trick to make sure her son's...

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Rash Ruins Jamie Lee's Vacation

12th April 2007

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS was left with a nasty rash after taking a rare vacation in Zihuatanejo, Mexico recently when sand found its way into her genitals. The bronzed Freaky Friday star admits her trip...

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The Things They Say 4059

16th February 2007

"Our fathers are very talented Jewish, druggie womanisers." CARRIE FISHER can understand why people mistake her for JAMIE LEE CURTIS....

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Lohan Pulls Out Of Bening Film

2nd February 2007

LINDSAY LOHAN has pulled out of a new movie she was scheduled to shoot with ANNETTE BENING, so she can take some time to relax after her current rehab stint. The actress checked into Los...

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New Halloween Actress Was Involved In Real-life Thriller

29th January 2007

Newcomer SCOUT TAYLOR-COMPTON is set to revive JAMIE LEE CURTIS' scream queen LAURIE STRODE in ROB ZOMBIE's new HALLOWEEN horror movie. The rocker/director is remaking the original Halloween film and passed over favourites like AGNES...

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Curtis Fighting For Life After Christmas Health Crisis

11th January 2007

Hollywood legend TONY CURTIS is lucky to be alive after battling a deadly illness over Christmas (06), which left him hooked up to a ventilator. The SOME LIKE IT HOT star, 81, secretly checked in...

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Stars Who Invent Unveiled On New Search Facility

9th January 2007

MICHAEL JACKSON, EDDIE VAN HALEN and MARLON BRANDO were yesterday (08JAN07) revealed to have all patented inventions, after a new online search facility launched. Internet users can now look on website Google to see the...

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Halloween Returns To Cinemas

25th October 2006

Classic 1978 horror movie HALLOWEEN will return to cinemas this Halloween (31OCT06), complete with a 20 minute documentary that includes interviews with original cast members JAMIE LEE CURTIS, who features in the short documentary,...

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Curtis In Touch With Feminine Side

9th October 2006

Veteran actor TONY CURTIS is completely in touch with his feminine side, and insists he personally picked his dresses on the set of 1959 movie classic SOME LIKE IT HOT. Curtis, the 81-year-old father of...

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Curtis Blasts Society's 'Sick' Weight Obsession

8th October 2006

JAMIE LEE CURTIS has slammed society's obsession with keeping thin at the expense of remaining healthy, labelling it "sick". The 47-year-old actress is also disgusted by plastic surgery, despite having undergone liposuction and Botox injections...

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Jamie Lee Curtis Announces End To Acting

7th October 2006

Hollywood actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has no intention of making any more movies, and will instead concentrate on her picture book career. The A FISH CALLED WANDA star recently published her seventh children's book, IS...

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Fascinating Fact 2213

5th October 2006


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The Things They Say 2964

21st September 2006

"Jamie's having a tough time now. She can't play the ingenue anymore and that must be tough for her." TONY CURTIS on daughter JAMIE LEE CURTIS' acting career struggles.

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Fascinating Fact 2095

13th September 2006

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has published her seventh picture book IS THERE REALLY A HUMAN RACE?.

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Adam Ant's Suicide Sadness

12th September 2006

Veteran British pop star ADAM ANT was so miserable after his record label dropped him in 1985, he came close to killing himself. The singer, real name STUART LESLIE GODDARD, was plagued with mental illness...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Madonna

22nd August 2006

MADONNA is the talk of fashion and lifestyle magazine InStyle - stars like MARCIA CROSS, SALMA HAYEK and EVA MENDES have paid tribute to the MATERIAL GIRL through a string of anecdotes. InStyle editors asked...

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Palin To Reunite With Gilliam

14th August 2006

British actor MICHAEL PALIN will make his first film in a decade when he starts work on new movie WATER MUSIC with MONTY PYTHON pal TERRY GILLIAM. The 63-year-old last appeared on the big screen...

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Curtis Chooses Turquoise Therapy Over Surgery

10th July 2006

Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has turned her back on plastic surgery and now uses her own quirky 'turquoise' method of looking and feeling good. The movie star, who famously posed in her underwear to show...

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