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Foxx: 'Singing Is The Key To Romance

9th February 2007

Actor JAMIE FOXX is delighted he is blessed with musical talent, because it's a surefire way to a woman's heart. The singer/actor is renowned for his ladies man reputation, and the lothario owes it all...

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Foxx Dismisses Two Face Rumours

7th February 2007

JAMIE FOXX has rubbished reports he will play HARVEY 'TWO FACE' DENT in the next BATMAN movie. The RAY Oscar winner insists he has never been approached about the villainous role alongside CHRISTIAN BALE's BATMAN...

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Smokey Robinson Slams Dreamgirls

5th February 2007

Music legend SMOKEY ROBINSON has slammed the makers of the film DREAMGIRLS for disparaging the reputation of Motown founder BARRY GORDY. The film is inspired by the story of THE SUPREMES, who were created by...

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Foxx Based Dreamgirls Character Real-life Execs

25th January 2007

Singer/actor JAMIE FOXX didn't need to carry out much research to play the manipulative music boss in DREAMGIRLS - he based his performance on real-life record company executives he knows. Foxx admits his run-ins with...

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Foxx Wanted Fantasia For Dreamgirls Role

24th January 2007

AMERICAN IDOL winner FANTASIA BARRINO desperately tried to win the role of EFFIE WHITE in DREAMGIRLS and even had co-star JAMIE FOXX backing her, before eventually losing out to JENNIFER HUDSON. Foxx, who plays record...

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Foxx Launches Radio Channel

23rd January 2007

Oscar winner-turned-hitmaker JAMIE FOXX is returning to his comedy roots and launching his own urban comedy, entertainment and lifestyle channel on Sirius Satellite Radio in the US. The DREAMGIRLS star will serve as an executive...

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Stars Ditch Globe Bashes To Party With Prince

17th January 2007

Celebrity couples TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES, JENNIFER LOPEZ and MARC ANTHONY and DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER joined POSH SPICE VICTORIA BECKHAM at the glitzy party PRINCE threw after the Golden Globe Awards on...

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Roberts, Foxx + Kidman Nail Oscar Interviews

12th January 2007

JULIA ROBERTS, JAMIE FOXX and NICOLE KIDMAN are set to show off their interviewing skills after landing TV chats with their Oscar-winning heroes. The three Oscar winners were invited to pick their favourite Academy Award...

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Dreamgirls Leads Naacp Nominations

10th January 2007

Movie musical DREAMGIRLS looks set to steal the major accolades at the 38th NAACP Image Awards after landing seven nominations yesterday (09JAN07). The movie was among the Outstanding Motion Picture nominees, while the Dreamgirls soundtrack...

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Foxx Follows Williams And Tests Stand-up Jokes On Set

28th December 2006

JAMIE FOXX has tested out his stand-up comedy routine on movie extras ever since he saw ROBIN WILLIAMS do so when shooting the 1992 film TOYS. The Oscar winner believes the diverse mix of people...

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Halle Berry Turns To Singing

22nd December 2006

Halle Berry has become the latest Hollywood actress to turn her hand to a new career: singing.Berry, who has impressed moviegoers with both her stunning looks and acting ability in films such as Die Another...

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Movie Reviews: Dreamgirls

21st December 2006

Even though it will be running in a fraction of the theaters of other major releases during the Christmas week, analysts are predicting that Dreamgirls will wind up among the top three films. The musical,...

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Dreamgirls Breaks Records At Black Reel Nominations

19th December 2006

Movie musical DREAMGIRLS has set a new record at the Foundation for the Advancement of African-Americans in Film (FAAAF) Black Reel Awards by becoming the first film to land more than 10 nominations in the...

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Foxx Celebrates Birthday In Style

18th December 2006

JAMIE FOXX had a surprise serenade from THE BLACK EYES PEAS star FERGIE on Thursday (14DEC06) as he enjoyed a boozy birthday bash in Las Vegas. The Oscar winner, who turned 39 the day before...

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Pitt Named Best Dressed Man

15th December 2006

BRAD PITT has beaten JAMIE FOXX in a new poll to find Hollywood's most elegant man. The TROY star has been named the Best Dressed Man in a new list drawn up by US news...

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Foxx Struggled To Get Through Dreamgirls Scene

14th December 2006

Singer/actor JAMIE FOXX was barely able to keep his composure while filming an emotional scene with DREAMGIRLS co-star JENNIFER HUDSON, because he was so moved by her singing. The RAY star had to keep reminding...

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Jamie Requests Jackson As Birthday Gift

13th December 2006

Singer/actor JAMIE FOXX is celebrating his 39th birthday today (13DEC06) and has only one birthday wish - to go on a date with JANET JACKSON. The UNPREDICTABLE singer was recently nominated for three Grammy Awards,...

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Holliday Feels Forgotten During Dreamgirls Debut

13th December 2006

Original DREAMGIRLS star JENNIFER HOLLIDAY is devastated by the treatment she has received from the people behind the big screen version of the musical, insisting she has been snubbed. The highly-anticipated $75 million (GBP38...

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Wilson Conflicted By Dreamgirls Success

13th December 2006

THE SUPREMES star MARY WILSON loves the big screen version of DREAMGIRLS, which was inspired by her own group, but feels the film should have given the soul trio more credit. Wilson recently attended a...

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Fascinating Fact 2580

12th December 2006

JAMIE FOXX is turning his success into a family business - his sister DIERDRA DIXON is a master wig mistress who finds and designs the Oscar winners hairpieces for movies like RAY and DREAMGIRLS....

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Foxx Takes Dreamgirls Magic To Fans On Post-christmas Tour

7th December 2006

JAMIE FOXX has found a novel way to promote his new movie DREAMGIRLS - he's going out on his first major concert tour with SNOOP DOGG and AMERICAN IDOL star FANTASIA BARRINO. The Oscar winner...

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Foxx Mocks Winfrey's Female Friendship

5th December 2006

JAMIE FOXX left OPRAH WINFREY squirming when he mocked the TV star's relationship with her friend GAYLE KING at a tribute to WILL SMITH on Sunday (03DEC06). The Oscar winner played on rumours suggesting Winfrey...

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50 Cent Challenges Jackson On Rappers In Movies Stance

27th November 2006

50 CENT urged HOME OF THE BRAVE co-star SAMUEL L JACKSON to reconsider his stance on working with untrained rappers after pointing out Oscar winner JAMIE FOXX has built a music career on the back...

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Murphy: 'Divorce Inspired Me In Dreamgirls

22nd November 2006

EDDIE MURPHY insists his messy divorce from ex-wife NICOLE provided him with the emotional intensity to stun his DREAMGIRLS co-stars with his performance as JAMES 'THUNDER' EARLY. The TRADING PLACES funnyman has been praised by...

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Foxx Sees Biological Mum For First Time In Years At Amas

22nd November 2006

JAMIE FOXX had a double surprise at last night's (21NOV06) 34th Annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles when he picked up an award and saw his biological mother for the first time in several...

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Foxx Threatens Racist Richards

22nd November 2006

Enraged JAMIE FOXX has threatened to physically harm former SEINFELD star MICHAEL RICHARDS if the pair ever meet after the comedian stunned America with a racist rant during a recent stand-up show. Richards has publicly...

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Black Eyed Peas Rule The American Music Awards

22nd November 2006

BLACK EYED PEAS were the big winners at the 34th annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles last night (21NOV06), converting all three of their nominations into gongs. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, KELLY CLARKSON, MARY...

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Knowles Hails Dreamgirls Director For Oscar

21st November 2006

Singer/actress BEYONCE KNOWLES has hailed her DREAMGIRLS director BILL CONDON as a contender for the 2007 Academy Awards. The former DESTINY'S CHILD star credits Condon for giving her her first "real acting role" after supporting...

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Foxx Undergoes Surgery For Gland Problem

16th November 2006

Oscar winner JAMIE FOXX is recovering after a regular check-up prompted him to go under the knife to have a gland removed from his neck. The RAY star was told a parathyroid gland wasn't functioning...

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