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Fascinating Fact: 4275733

7th July 2014

R&B star Chris Brown and singer/actor Jamie Foxx stunned diners at Malibu, California's popular sushi restaurant Nobu on Saturday night (05Jul14) by teaming up for an impromptu show. The pair grabbed the microphone and performed...

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'Horrible Bosses 2' Trailer: The Scheming Trio Are Back For Number Two (Poop Jokes Included)

By Lauren James | 2nd July 2014

The trailer has been released for the upcoming comedy sequel, Horrible Bosses 2, giving us our first glimpse of the follow-up to the successful and hilarious 2011 movie. Number two (yes, there are poop jokes...

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Jamie Foxx Scares His Daughter's Boyfriends

20th June 2014

Jamie Foxx ''scares the hell'' out of his daughter's boyfriends.'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' actor, whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop, has two daughters - Corinne, 20, and six-year-old Annalise - and he's confessed he...

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Fascinating Fact: 4248654

18th June 2014

Actor/singer Jamie Foxx was honoured with the Common Good award by officials at the Big Brothers Big Sisters organisation in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday (17Jun14) in recognition of his ongoing support for the youth mentoring...

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Susan Sarandon Praises Celebrity Ping Pong Players

31st May 2014

Jamie Foxx and Prince are both good ping pong players. The 'Purple Rain' singer and the 'Ray' actor are both secret stars of the tabletop bat and ball game, according to Susan Sarandon, who is...

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Quentin Tarantino Wants Film In London

23rd May 2014

Quentin Tarantino wants to shoot a film in London.The 51-year-old filmmaker ''loves'' England's capital and would be keen to work on a project in the city. He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I love London...

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Quvenzhané Wallis For Armani Junior

23rd May 2014

Quvenzhané Wallis stars in Armani Junior's new campaign.The 10-year-old Oscar-nominated actress impressed designer Giorgio Armani with her breakout performance in 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' so much that he signed her up to front the...

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With 55%, 'The Amazing Spider-man 2' Is The Worst Spidey Movie Yet

By Michael West | 8th May 2014

You would have been forgiven for assuming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had been a monumental success. It's everywhere. Posters, trailers, merchandise. Sony have gone big with the sequel to Marc Webb's 2012 movie and with...

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Mptf's Night Before The Oscars Pulling Out Of Partnership With Beverly Hills Hotel

By Victoria Pavlova | 7th May 2014

In recent years, besides the glamour, celebrities and red carpet fashion at the Oscars, the show’s ethics have also been put into the spotlight. This year, The Night Before The Oscars, the biggest charity event...

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Jamie Foxx Keen To Portray Mike Tyson In Film Biopic

2nd May 2014

Actor Jamie Foxx is eager to portray boxer Mike Tyson on the big screen.The Django Unchained star has been perfecting his impersonation of the former heavyweight champion for several years, but he is hoping to...

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Box Office Review: "The Amazing Spider-man 2" Headed For An Adequate $100 Million Debut

By Victoria Pavlova | 2nd May 2014

Despite heavy promotion, The Amazing-Spider Man 2’s box office outlook going into the weekend isn’t too impressive. The film opens in 4000 theaters this weekend, and while the film has a good enough chance of...

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Jamie Foxx Gets 'Starstruck' Around Halle Berry

17th April 2014

Jamie Foxx gets ''starstruck'' around Halle Berry.The 46-year-old actor is good friends with the 'Extant' beauty, who planted an intense kiss on him at an awards ceremony in 2009, but admits he loses his composure...

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'The Amazing Spider-man 2' - Not Perfect, But Really, Really Fun

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th April 2014

Superhero movies have been striving towards the almost unobtainable goal set by The Dark Knight trilogy when it redefined the genre. But, inner turmoil and moral questions aside, there is room for a playful superhero,...

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Jamie Foxx's Daughter Is A Spider-man Fan

17th April 2014

Jamie Foxx's daughter wants to see Spider-Man ''kick his butt''. The 46-year-old actor stars as Max Dillon also known as Electro in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' and insists his four-year-old Annalise is looking forward to...

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Jamie Foxx: Being 'Fly' Is Costly

16th April 2014

Jamie Foxx says being ''fly'' is too expensive.'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' star has had a varied career since rising to fame over twenty years ago, and although he's a multi-millionaire he confesses living up to...

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It's A Hard Knock Life This Christmas With 'Annie' - [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th April 2014

The youngest ever Oscar nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis – with a touch of autotune thrown in for good measure - plays the iconic and titular role of Annie in Columbia Pictures’ upcoming modernisation of the classic,...

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A Week In Movies: Spider-man Hits London, Aniston Films In La, Trailers Arrive For Shaun And Earth To Echo, And A Short Film Teases Martin's Trek Home

By Rich Cline | 14th April 2014

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan and director Marc Webb were all in London to walk the red carpet at the world premiere of The Amazing Spider-man 2 on Thursday. The film opens...

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The Things They Say: 4151741

11th April 2014

"When I was working on it I watched a lot of Clint Eastwood films to get his voice and I know it sounds weird, but I also used Alec Baldwin's voice. He is a great...

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Matthew Tolmach: Spider-man A 'Crown Jewel'

11th April 2014

Matthew Tolmach thinks Spider-Man is the 'crown jewel' of all superheroes.The film producer, who along with Avi Arad and director Mark Webb, has rejuvenated the story of Peter Parker, who after being bitten by a...

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The Reviews Are In: "The Amazing Spider-man" Franchise Finds Its Footing With Sequel

By Victoria Pavlova | 9th April 2014

The Amazing-Spider Man 2 is out in the UK on April 16, more than two weeks ahead of its US premiere. However, thanks to the magic of press screenings, the reviews for it have already...

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Jamie Foxx Wants To Reconcile With Biological Parents

8th April 2014

Actor Jamie Foxx is attempting to reconcile with his biological parents who abandoned him more than four decades ago.Foxx, born Eric Marlon Bishop, was left in the care of his mother's foster parents when he...

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Drew Goddard To Take On 'The Sinister Six'...Behind The Camera

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th April 2014

Drew Goddard - The Cabin in the Woods co-writer and director - won’t be taking on The Sinister Six in the same way Spider-Man would, but he will be stepping behind the camera to helm...

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Jamie Foxx Is 'Petrified' Of Spiders

7th April 2014

Jamie Foxx was the perfect choice to play Spider-Man's arch-foe in the superhero's new movie because he really hates the eight-legged insects.The Oscar winner was turned off creepy crawlies as he watched his favourite childhood...

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The Things They Say: 4140462

4th April 2014

"What do you guys do? Do you all stay in separate rooms? I've been wanting to know this for a while..." Jamie Foxx pokes fun at his The Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-stars and real-life couple...

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A Week In Movies: Noah Continues Its Roll-out, Rio 2 Has A Tropical Premiere, Macbeth Films In England, Three Sci-fi Trailers Arrive At Once

By Rich Cline | 28th March 2014

As Darren Aronofsky's ambitious retelling of the biblical tale of Noah opens in America this weekend, Russell Crowe continues his world tour, premiering the film in cities on every continent. This Saturday alone he'll attend...

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'Amazing Spider-man 2' Screens At Cinemacon - Enter, The Green Goblin

By Michael West | 27th March 2014

30 minutes of 3-D footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 screened at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Wednesday night (March 26, 2014). Cut into multiple segments, the movie was previewed in front of a packed...

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Kanye West Has 'Insane' Wedding Guestlist

27th March 2014

Kanye West has an ''insane'' guestlist for his wedding to Kim Kardashian.The rapper asked the brunette beauty to be his wife in front of all her loved ones at AT&T Park in San Francisco on...

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The Things They Say: 4125805

26th March 2014

"I ain't dating nobody right now, but I am single deluxe." Jamie Foxx dismisses rumours suggesting he is dating Tom Cruise's ex-wife Katie Holmes.

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Stars Turn Out For Gabrielle Union's Engagement Party

18th March 2014

Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx, pop star Kelly Rowland and comedian Kevin Hart were among the guests who turned out for Gabrielle Union's engagement party over the weekend (15-16Mar14).The actress accepted a proposal from her basketball...

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'The Amazing Spider-man 4' Won't Be Directed By Marc Webb

By Lauren James | 17th March 2014

Marc Webb has announced that he won't direct the fourth instalment in his Amazing Spider-Man reboot. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may have not even been released yet but the American filmmaker wanted his fans to...

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