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Woods Remembers Brother And 9/11 Anniversary

12th September 2006

JAMES WOODS appeared on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO on Monday (11SEP06) to reminisce about the loss of his brother, MICHAEL, who recently died, and to discuss his connection to the 9/11 terror attacks....

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Douglas, Willis And Kidman Unite Against Terrorism

17th August 2006

Hollywood stars MICHAEL DOUGLAS, BRUCE WILLIS, SIR RIDLEY SCOTT and NICOLE KIDMAN have united in the fight against terrorism, after taking out a full-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times condemning violent extremists. The foursome's...

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Woods Dumps 20-Year-old Girlfriend

15th August 2006

Veteran actor JAMES WOODS has dumped his 20-year-old girlfriend, ASHLEY MADISON, after the stress from the May-December relationship sent him to the emergency room. The 59-year-old star was distraught after his brother MICHAEL died unexpectedly...

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Shark Halted After Woods' Brother Dies

28th July 2006

Shooting on JAMES WOODS new TV series SHARK has been halted after the sudden death of the actor's younger brother MICHAEL JEFFREY WOODS. Woods' immediately flew out to the family home in Rhode Island after...

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Woods Hopes New Tv Attorney Will Inspire Lawmakers

19th July 2006

Movie star JAMES WOODS hopes his new US TV drama SHARK encourages the nation's District Attorneys to take greater risks to bring felons to justice - because he's tired of seeing the guilty walk free....

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Mafia Memories Inspire Woods' New Tv Attorney

19th July 2006

JAMES WOODS is using his childhood memories of Mafia negotiations to inform his new hardball TV attorney character SEBASTIAN STARK. The revered movie star will portray the charismatic legal eagle fighting to bring Los Angeles'...

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Woods Given All Clear After Suffering Chest Pains

3rd May 2006

GHOSTS OF MISSISSIPPI star JAMES WOODS is resting, after undergoing a successful angiogram following chest pain concerns. The test was performed on Monday (01MAY06) and no blockages were found. According to his spokesman RON HOFFMAN,...

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Pitt And Sandler Slam Vanity Fair Piece

28th April 2006

LATEST: Actors BRAD PITT and ADAM SANDLER are slamming VANITY FAIR magazine's expose on Hollywood detective ANTHONY PELLICANO, insisting allegations of their involvement in the scandal are untrue. The actors, along with Paramount studio head...

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Jackson Linked With Pellicano Case

28th April 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON hired jailed private investigation ANTHONY PELLICANO during his child abuse case, according to Vanity Fair magazine. Pellicano is currently awaiting trial on charges he illegally wiretapped the phones of a number of stars...

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Sean Young Causes Pandemonium After Crashing Party

8th March 2006

Controversial actress SEAN YOUNG caused pandemonium when she crashed the Vanity Fair Oscar party by sneaking past security during the excitement of JENNIFER ANISTON'S arrival. Young, 46, followed closely behind Aniston after she arrived at...

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Woods Falls For Golf Pal's Little Girl

2nd March 2006

Movie star JAMES WOODS has a new young lover, who he first met when she was in elementary school. The twice-married actor's current girlfriend is 19-year-old ASHLEY MYRICK - the daughter of Woods' longtime golf...

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James Woods Stunned By Motor Neurone Disease Sufferers

1st February 2006

Movie star JAMES WOODS insists he'll never complain about his woes after meeting motor neurone disease sufferers as part of his preparation for a harrowing role in an upcoming episode of ER. The actor...

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James Woods Joins Er Cast

17th November 2005

JAMES WOODS is the latest movie star to check into hit medical drama ER. The Oscar-nominated actor will play a doctor suffering from debilitating neuromuscular disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). As his illness...

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Fascinating Fact 265

27th September 2005

JAMES WOODS, CAMRYN MANHEIM and newlywed comic KEVIN NEALON are set to compete for the first $1 million (GBP555,500) prize in TV celebrity poker history when they pit their card game skills against one another...

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Be Cool Spoof Raises A Laugh

8th March 2005

Marketing bosses at film studio MGM are hoping to boost the fortunes of JOHN TRAVOLTA's new movie BE COOL by releasing a parody of trade magazine DAILY VARIETY, featuring stories about the characters in the...

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James Woods Spotted 9/11 Hijack Suspects Months Before Attacks

3rd February 2005

Movie star JAMES WOODS identified two of the hijack suspects who steered planes into the World Trade Center on September 11 (01) as the potential terrorists he spotted on a flight months before the tragedy....

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Woods Fears Movie Rant Went Too Far

26th January 2005

Movie star JAMES WOODS fears he'll be arrested if his new movie PRETTY PERSUASION is a success at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL - for inciting racial hatred. The actor had to deliver a...

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50 Cent Wants Woods To Play His Movie Twin

17th January 2005

Rapper 50 CENT is planning on making a gangster movie with famous villain JAMES WOODS. The IN DA CLUB hitmaker, who will make his big screen debut in JIM SHERIDAN's LOCKED AND LOADED, insists...

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James Woods Beat Death

17th January 2005

Movie star JAMES WOODS has a new outlook on life after discovering he was 10 days from death in 2004. The actor, 57, was told by many doctors his chest pains were nothing to...

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Woods Urges Stars To Drive Across America

12th January 2005

Actor JAMES WOODS is urging his fellow Hollywood celebrities to get to know their fans - by driving across America. The 57-year-old screen star enjoys regular road trips across the US, and he believes...

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Woods Announces Online Poker Tournament

12th January 2005

Hollywood actor JAMES WOODS is hosting a special online poker tournament to aid the victims of the devastating tsunami tragedy. Woods is a spokesman for the website HOLLYWOOD POKER, and has decided to host...

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Parton Refuses To Confirm Or Deny Actor Rumours

6th January 2005

DOLLY PARTON only confesses to bad behaviour if she is caught in the act - and avoids responding to reports of her sexual encounters with male co-stars. The country singer and actress has long...

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James Woods' Close Brush With Death

4th December 2004

Actor JAMES WOODS underwent emergency heart surgery last month (NOV04) - and then learned he'd have died in less than two weeks if he didn't have the operation. Woods, 57, had a stent inserted...

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Axl Rose Plays Dj On Grand Theft Auto Videogame

27th October 2004

Reclusive rocker AXL ROSE features as DJ TOMMY 'THE NIGHTMARE' SMITH on one of eight in-game radio stations players can listen to on new GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS videogame. PUBLIC ENEMY founder...

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Jackson Brands Woods A Golf Cheat

20th February 2004

SAMUEL L JACKSON has branded fellow actor JAMES WOODS a cheat when it comes to playing golf. The SHAFT star admits he's no fan of Woods' methods of attempting to win the game....

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James Woods Dubs Beverly Hills 'Wild Kingdom'

20th July 2003

Actor JAMES WOODS claims California's upscale Beverly Hills neighbourhood is a "wild kingdom" - after one of his dogs was killed by a coyote just liked SHARON OSBOURNE's. Sharon's rocker husband OZZY OSBOURNE recently...

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Emmy Nominations Announced

17th July 2003

The nomination's for this year's EMMY AWARDS have been announced - with black comedy/drama SIX FEET UNDER leading the race with 16 nominations. It is hotly followed by political drama THE WEST WING, which...

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Woods Moves Into A Hotel

10th July 2003

JAMES WOODS has become Hollywood's latest homeless star - he's been living in a $600 (GBP375)-a-night hotel in Beverly Hills, California for the past year. The movie star joins a list of stars who...

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De Niro Honoured In Hollywood

15th June 2003

Hollywood turned unto DE NIRO TOWN on Thursday night (12JUN03) when the AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE honoured ROBERT DE NIRO. Pals like JAMES WOODS, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, JULIETTE LEWIS, HARVEY KEITEL and BILLY CRYSTAL turned out...

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Sean Young Wants To Kill James Woods

12th June 2003

SEAN YOUNG is keen to work with JAMES WOODS again - as long as she can kill him in a movie. Actor Woods alleged Young harassed him after the pair starred in 1988 movie...

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