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James Walsh's 'Pressured' Album

21st September 2012

James Walsh felt ''pressured'' when writing solo album 'Lullaby' The Starsailor singer worked on a record inspired by the screenplay for new movie 'Lullaby' by author Chuck Palahniuk - writer of 'Fight Club' -...

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Guillemots Always Eat Their Rider

24th July 2012

Guillemots always eat their backstage rider. The 'Get Over It' band - made up of Fyfe Dangerfield, MC Lord Magrao, Aristazabal Hawkes and Greig Stewart - like to indulge in a few snacks before they...

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Diana Vickers Denies Being 'Dropped' By Label

3rd July 2011

Diana Vickers has recently split with label RCA, but has claimed that it was amicable and for reasons ".based purely on a creative level." Diana Vickers, who shot to fame after appearing on The X...

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Presley Returned To Haunt Cook

22nd May 2006

The woman who cooked up ELVIS PRESLEY's famous peanut and jelly toasted sandwiches had problems severing ties with The King after he died in 1977 - he came back to haunt her. MARY JENKINS LANGSTON...

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Starsailor: 'We're Not Born Entertainers'

27th October 2003

Indie musicians STARSAILOR vowed to make their concerts entertaining after watching too many boring bands. The SILENCE IS EASY hitmakers insist they're not natural showmen - but the challenge made frontman JAMES WALSH determined...

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Starsailor Sacked 'Strange' Spector

2nd September 2003

British band STARSAILOR sacked eccentric pop producer PHIL SPECTOR because he was too strange. The rockers tempted former BEATLES producer Spector out of retirement to work on their new album SILENCE IS EASY, just...

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James Walsh: Not Sure If Spector Guilty

27th August 2003

STARSAILOR rocker JAMES WALSH has spoken about working with PHIL SPECTOR - but says he has no idea if the legendary producer is guilty of murder or not. The ALCOHOLIC hitmaker - who worked...

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Starsailor: We Never Thought Spector Was Dangerous

25th June 2003

British band STARSAILOR have spoken for the first time about the experience of being the last band to work with PHIL SPECTOR before his shocking arrest. Lead singer JAMES WALSH admits that, while the...

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