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Luke Evans And Elisabeth Moss Join High-rise

25th June 2014

Luke Evans and Elisabeth Moss have joined the cast of 'High-Rise'.'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' actor and the 'Mad Men' star have both signed on to join Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller and Jeremy Irons...

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Relax, Mindy Kaling! A Look At The Four Shows Fox Has Renewed

By Sophie Miskiw | 11th March 2014

Fox network has announced that four of it’s current shows will be renewed for another season. The Following, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project and New Girl are Fox's Chosen Four, so let’s take a closer...

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The Things They Say: 3579714

28th March 2013

"Some alchemy happens between 'action' and 'cut', where apparently I look really f-ing evil." British actor James Purefoy on what makes him the perfect Tv and movie villain.

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James Purefoy Used Movie Sword To Chase Off Thief

28th March 2013

Actor James Purefoy chased off a would-be thief outside his London home by grabbing a sword from his movie collection and brandishing it on his doorstep.The Resident Evil star has an impressive cache of weapons...

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The Following Renewed For Second Season

4th March 2013

'The Following' has been renewed for a second season.The serial killer drama - which stars Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy - has been picked up by Fox thanks to its high ratings for season one.Fox...

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Kissing Kevin Bacon: The Following Co-star James Purefoy Tells All

By Joe Wilde | 20th February 2013

Kevin Bacon's The Following is currently one of the hottest shows on TV right now, with audiences lapping up to gorefest that is the new Fox thriller. In a recent interview with Vulture, Bacon's co-star...

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James Purefoy Loves Playing Tv Serial Killer

23rd January 2013

British actor James Purefoy is thrilled to be playing a ruthless serial killer in new U.S. drama The Following - because the project offers him a little peace after becoming a dad last year (12).The...

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Kevin Bacon Gets Off To A Promising Start In 'The Following'

23rd January 2013

Kevin Bacon's new TV show 'The Following' premiered to stellar ratings.The 54-year-old actor's serial killer drama reached 10.4 million viewers on Monday evening (21.01.13) in the US, making it the most-watched episode of any scripted...

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Is 'The Following' Too Violent? Kevin Bacon Doesn't Think So

By Michael West | 21st January 2013

Kevin Bacon has been forced to echo the remarks of Fox chief Kevin Reilly by insisting his new show The Following does not glorify violence. The new series - which premieres in the U.S. tonight...

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James Purefoy Snubbed The Saint Remake

16th January 2013

British actor James Purefoy has turned down the chance to take on Sir Roger Moore's supercool role in a remake of The Saint.The Resident Evil star was approached to take the lead in a reboot...

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Sky To Air 'Sherlock' Reboot 'Elementary' In The UK

3rd July 2012

Never mind 'pop will eat itself;' television seems to be doing a good job of it, too. Today, The Guardian announced that Sky have bought the UK rights to the US TV show Elementary, starring...

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The Things They Say 15481

18th February 2010

"What clothes I had on would freeze to my body and they'd have to pour a kettle of hot water over me to defrost me." British actor JAMES PUREFOY on shooting new movie SOLOMON KANE...

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Purefoy's Agony Over Solomon Kane Role

16th February 2010

British actor JAMES PUREFOY regrets employing a former Special Forces expert to get him into shape for action movie SOLOMON KANE - because the personal trainer made him exercise for 12 hours a day.The Resident...

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The Things They Say 15444

16th February 2010

"The plastic surgeon did the most incredible job - there's no scar at all." British movie hunk JAMES PUREFOY downplays the injury to his forehead he received when a fight scene on upcoming movie SOLOMON...

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Purefoy Collects Movie Swords

18th September 2009

British movie star JAMES PUREFOY loves signing up for swordfighting epics - because it's a cheap way of updating his impressive blade collection.The Resident Evil star always insists on keeping the swords his characters have...

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Purefoy Needed Stitches For Swordfighting Wound On Movie Set

16th September 2009

British movie hunk JAMES PUREFOY almost lost his head on the set of new action movie SOLOMON KANE when director MICHAEL BASSETT decided to use real blades for battle scenes.The Resident Evil star needed stitches...

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Purefoy Stabbed On Movie Set

28th July 2009

British actor JAMES PUREFOY has opened up about a movie set accident which nearly cost him his life - he was stabbed in the head during a fight scene.The 45 year old was filming action...

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James Purefoy To Play Simon Templar In The Saint Remake

10th March 2008

British actor James Purefoy is being lined up to play international man of mystery Simon Templar in a remake of The Saint, it has been confirmed.Purefoy, who played Mark Antony in the joint BBC/HBO drama...

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The Things They Say 3783

15th January 2007

"I don't think he wants to see his dad do that. There are some scenes I've shown him, but I keep my hand hovering over the pause button. I know what's coming." Actor JAMES PUREFOY...

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Purefoy Insists Penis Wasn't Enhanced

13th January 2007

British actor JAMES PUREFOY has laughed off reports his manhood was digitally enhanced for a full frontal nude scene in gritty TV series ROME. The VANITY FAIR star, who plays Roman leader MARK ANTONY in...

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The Things They Say 3755

11th January 2007

"I'm not saying I'm good-looking, but I think I know now... that I probably do fit into a stereotype of what people perceive to be good-looking - and it's not particularly useful." VANITY FAIR star...

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Purefoy Loves His Craggy 'Field' Face

9th January 2007

Dashing British actor JAMES PUREFOY refuses to sign up for plastic surgery to keep his leading man looks intact - because he wants to appear rugged and craggy as he ages. The VANITY FAIR star,...

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Purefoy Refuses To Get Naked For Rome Directors

8th January 2007

Movie star JAMES PUREFOY has upset directors of gritty TV drama ROME by refusing to bare all for scenes in the second series of the show. The dashing VANITY FAIR star, who plays MARK ANTONY...

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The Things They Say 3722

8th January 2007

"That was a bit of a debacle. I don't really want to talk about it. We all promised that it was best left that we had creative differences. Sadly, some people since have broken that...

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Purefoy In Touch With Heterosexual Side

15th December 2006

British actor JAMES PUREFOY refuses to rule out having sex with another man, even though he is heterosexual. The ROME actor was educated at an all-boys English private school, and his experiences there opened his...

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Purefoy: 'I Lost Bond Role At Interview'

19th June 2006

British actor JAMES PUREFOY realised he had blown his chance at landing the coveted role of superspy JAMES BOND when he rambled on about what he'd change to improve the 007 franchise during an interview....

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Purefoy Took Paycheque After Quitting Vendetta

24th February 2006

British heart-throb JAMES PUREFOY is still enjoying the financial benefits of terrorist thriller V FOR VENDETTA, despite quitting the movie halfway through filming. The VANITY FAIR star, 41, left the title role of V...

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Purefoy Abandoned Vendetta Because Of Mask

23rd February 2006

British actor JAMES PUREFOY walked out in his role in V FOR VENDETTA after struggling to wear a mask for the entire film. The A KNIGHT'S TALE star, 41, became so frustrated at having...

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Fellowes Tips Owen As Next 007

24th August 2005

GOSFORD PARK writer JULIAN FELLOWES predicts British actor CLIVE OWEN will succeed PIERCE BROSNAN to become the next JAMES BOND. The OSCAR-winning writer thinks VANITY FAIR actor JAMES PUREFOY would be closer to...

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Owen Shoots For His Own Potential Franchise

14th June 2005

British actor CLIVE OWEN has landed his own potential action franchise, after months of speculation over whether he'll be the new JAMES BOND. While Owen has recently been replaced as a favourite to take...

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