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Eric Clapton reveals details of new album Old Sock 3474676 30th January 2013

Eric Clapton is releasing his 21st studio album on March 12.

The musician has announced via his official website that the follow-up to 2010's 'Clapton' will be called 'Old Sock' and feature a collection of ten classic covers as well as two brand new songs.

The hotly-anticipated new tracks are called 'Every Little' and 'Gotta Get Over' and will accompany ten of the guitarist's all-time favourite songs which have influenced his life.

'Old Sock' will be a mash-up of genres and see Clapton tackle rock and blues, including Gary Moore's 'Still Got The Blues' and Leadbelly's 'Goodnight Irene', reggae (Peter Tosh's 'Till Your Well Runs Dry') and jazz tunes including 'All of Me' and George and Ira Gershwin's 'Love Is Here to Stay'.

Guest stars include Sir Paul McCartney, who plays bass and sings on 'All of Me', returning the favour after the 'Tears In Heaven' star provided guitar on Paul's latest album 'Kisses on the Bottom'.

Clapton's former Blind Faith band mate Steve Winwood will also play organ on 'Still Got the Blues', R&B singer Chaka Khan has been roped in to play back-up vocals on 'Get On Over', while 'Angel' features JJ Cale on guitar and lead backing vocals.

The rocker will accompany the album with a US arena tour in the coming months, finishing up on April 12 with his Crossroads Guitar Festival at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

He will take to the stage alongside artists like B.B. King, John Mayer, Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck.

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Tragic Peter Tosh Honoured In His Native Jamaica With Order Of Merit 3327567 15th October 2012

Tragic reggae star Peter Tosh was honoured in his native Jamaica on Monday (15Oct12) for his outstanding contributions to music.

Tosh was shot dead at his home in 1987, but his legacy has lived on and to mark the 25th anniversary of his murder, he was celebrated posthumously during a national awards ceremony in Kingston.

The musician's daughter Niambe picked up the posthumous Order of Merit honour on behalf of her father - four days before what would have been his 68th birthday (19Oct12).

The medal is the country's third-highest honour, according to the Associated Press.

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Peter Tosh Awarded Jamaica's Order Of Merit 3227022 7th August 2012 Reggae icon Peter Tosh is set to posthumously receive a top civilian honour in his native Jamaica.
The Get Up, Stand Up star will be awarded the Order of Merit in recognition of his contributions to music during a special ceremony in October (12).
Tosh, who co-founded The Wailers with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, was shot dead in 1987 in a botched robbery attempt at his home. He was 42.
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Marley To Be Remembered At Jamaican Museum 1698822 8th March 2010 Jamaicans will honour late reggae greats BOB MARLEY and PETER TOSH when the doors to the nation's music museum open next year (11).
Rare pieces of memorabilia will go on display at the Jamaica Music Museum, which will document and preserve artifacts from the Caribbean country's rich music history.
Items to be exhibited include the album Marley produced before he became famous - Martha Velez's Escape from Babylon - as well as a cassette tape that features Tosh performing a blues track with Rolling Stones stars Keith Richards and Sir Mick Jagger in 1977.
The country's preservationists took a hit after historic film footage and thousands of original records were stolen from a collection of archives in Kingston during a raid in January 2008.
The reels have still not been located - and government authorities are appealing for donations to help invest in the new music museum, according to the Associated Press.
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Bob Marley Recordings Missing In Jamaica 1762195 7th January 2008 Police are hunting for a collection of BOB MARLEY and PETER TOSH recordings that went missing from archives in Jamaica. Thousands of vinyl records and compact discs are suspected stolen from the former Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation headquarters. Olivia Grange, Jamaica's information minister, described the loss as a blow to the island's history. The archives also contain videos of Fidel Castro's famous visit to Jamaica in 1977 and Bob Marley's One Love Peace concert in 1978. news_wenn_old 46756 Bob Marley, Peter Tosh
Reggae Legend Wailer To Join Marleys On Tour 1890384 9th June 2006 Reggae great BUNNY WAILER has given former bandmate BOB MARLEY's kids a boost as they prepare for a summer (06) tour - he's joining them. THE WAILERS star will play alongside Marley's sons STEPHEN and ZIGGY on the upcoming Roots, Rock, Reggae Festival tour in America. The month-long tour opens in Redway, California in August (06). The 59-year-old tells he feels it's his "responsibility and duty" to tour with the Marley family. He says, "I'm the foundation of all of this stuff and I remain; someway, somehow I've been sustained to be here. And there's a new generation that's now being established musically that's coming from the Wailers' family... The legend continues." Wailer is the lone surviving member of The Wailers, formed by himself, Marley and PETER TOSH. news_wenn_old 46756 Bunny Wailer, Bob Marley, Stephen, Ziggy, Peter Tosh
Marley's Widow Disputes Bassist's Royalties Claim 1895829 29th March 2006 LATEST: BOB MARLEY did not consider bassist ASTON 'FAMILY MAN' BARRETT a member of his band THE WAILERS, the reggae legend's widow RITA told London's High Court yesterday (28MAR06). Guitarist Barrett, who played with Marley's backing band from 1969 until the latter's death in 1981, is suing Universal-Island Records and UMG Recordings for $60 million (GBP35 million) in unpaid royalties. Barrett - who has reportedly fathered 52 children - claims he and his late brother CARLTON had a partnership agreement with Marley, which included copyright in six songs and royalties from contracts between 1974 and 1975. In court on Tuesday, Rita told MR JUSTICE LAWSON that BUNNY LIVINGSTON and PETER TOSH were the original members of the group and they had written songs alongside Marley. Rita said, "(Aston and Carlton were never) part of that process. "Pete and Bunny were the members of the Wailers. Aston and Carly came in after, long after." Barrett's lawyer pointed out the credits of Marley's CATCH A FIRE and BURNIN' albums, which includes the Barretts alongside Marley, Livingston and Tosh. In response, Rita said, "The Barretts did not have the same role as Pete and Bunny, and by that stage Bob was clearly the leader of the group." In his defence, Barrett claims he and his brother helped Marley develop his unique sound, to which Rita responded, "My husband was very much involved in making that sound. It was not just Aston and Carly, Bob had part of the responsibility." The trial continues. news_wenn_old 46756 Bob Marley, Aston 'family Man' Barrett, The Wailers, Rita, Mar, Gbp, Carlton, Mr Justice Lawson, Bunny Livingston, Peter Tosh, Catch A Fire, Burnin
Tosh Set For Honour 1944551 7th May 2004 <p>Reggae legend PETER TOSH is to be honoured at the fourth annual CALABASH INTERNATIONAL LITERACY FESTIVAL in Kingston, Jamaica, later this month (MAY04).</p> <p> The late singer and writer's honour will fall on what would have been his 60th birthday weekend (28-30MAY04).</p> <p> As part of the celebrations, reggae stars like IBO COOPER and STEPHEN GOLDING will perform his hit songs.</p> <p> Tosh was killed in a robbery at his Kingston home in 1987. </p> <b>07/05/2004 19:24</b> news_wenn_old 58706 Peter Tosh, Calabash, International Literacy Festival, May, A, Ibo Cooper, Stephen, Golding