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Ofcom Condemns Clarkson And Top Gear Over Racial Slur

By Ed Biggs | 28th July 2014

The BBC has come under fire after it was ruled that Jeremy Clarkson “deliberately” used racist terminology during ‘Top Gear’’s Burma special.Broadcast in March this year, the presenter along with his co-hosts Richard Hammond and...

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Gary Barlow Joins Chris Evans For Cross Country Charity Trip In Pink Rolls Royce

By Hayley Avron | 18th April 2013

Gary Barlow and Chris Evans make an unlikely driving team as they travel up and down the country in a pink Rolls Royce in a bid to raise £1 million for Breast Cancer Care. They...

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Jeremy Clarkson Set For Huge Windfall In Top Gear Deal

By Michael West | 28th September 2012

Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have signed a new deal, ensuring Top Gear’s future for the next three years. The deal is likely to involve a huge windfall for Clarkson...

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