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Metallica Headline Download

10th June 2012

Metallica closed the second day of Download festival last night (09.06.12).The iconic 'Master of Puppets' group played a two-hour set which incorporated a performance of their entire iconic self titled album - known to fans...

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Metallica Have Plenty Of Riffs For Next Album

1st June 2012

Metallica have ''846 riffs'' ready for their next album. The ''Enter Sandman' group have been in the studio looking to record the follow up to 2008's 'Death Magnetic' album, and frontman James Hetfield was surprised...

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Metallica Want To Headline Glastonbury

23rd April 2012

Metallica want to headline Glastonbury. The 'Enter Sandman' heavy metal group would love to headline the British festival - one of the biggest in Europe - but have never been invited by organisers Michael and...

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Metallica Working On 3d Film

9th January 2012

Metallica are working on a 3D concert film. The 'Enter Sandman' heavy metal band are in the "very early stages of production" for the self-financed movie, expected to be released in summer next year. The...

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Angry James Hetfield Lashes Out At Paparazzi

28th December 2011

Metallica frontman James Hetfield hit out at members of the paparazzi in Uruguay over Christmas (11), allegedly hurling stones at the snappers after they failed to leave his vacationing family alone.The rocker was taking a...

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Metallica Release Beyond Magnetic

13th December 2011

Metallica have released a new EP, 'Beyond Magnetic', in celebration of their 30th anniversary. The 'Enter Sandman' heavy metal band celebrated their landmark birthday with four shows in their hometown, San Francisco, last week, where...

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Metallica Reunite With Jason Newsted

6th December 2011

Metallica reunited with former bassist Jason Newsted at the first of their 30th anniversary shows last night (05.12.11).The rockers played an intimate gig at the Fillmore in San Francisco and the 1,200 fans who packed...

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Rihanna Samples Metallica On 'Talk That Talk'

10th November 2011

Rihanna has sampled Metallica on her new album 'Talk That Talk'. The 'Cheers (Drink to That)' hitmaker has sampled some of the guitar riffs from the heavy rockers' 'Wherever I May Roam' track on 'Red...

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Alice Cooper Wants Chicken Tribute

29th October 2011

Alice Cooper wants to erect a statue to the unknown chicken which kick started his career. The singer and his theatrical shock rock band hit the headlines in 1969 when their audience at a show...

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Metallica Reduced To Tears By Lou Reed

26th August 2011

Metallica were reduced to tears by Lou Reed during the recording of 'Lulu'.The legendary New York musician teamed with the Californian heavy metal group for the collaborative album, and guitarist Kirk Hammett admitted he started...

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James Hetfield And Hammett In Tears Over Reed Song

24th August 2011

Metallica rockers James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett broke down in tears when they first heard an emotional track Lou Reed penned for their joint album.The Enter Sandman hitmakers teamed up with the former Velvet Underground...

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Megadeth's Mustaine Puts Forward Metal Supergroup Idea

11th August 2011

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is reaching out to Metallica's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich with a view to forming the ultimate heavy rock supergroup.Mustaine reveals he's already spoken to the duo about the idea and...

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Metallica Unveil 30th Anniversary Shows

28th July 2011

Metallica will play four shows to celebrate their 30th anniversary.The 'Enter Sandman ' rockers are set to play a quartet of shows for fan club members only on December 5, 7, 9, and 10 at...

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James Hetfield Fence Dispute Leads To New Trail

19th July 2011

Metallica frontman James Hetfield has resolved a longrunning dispute with Californian authorities over his decision to block off a hiking trail which cuts through his land.The Enter Sandman rocker erected a metal fence on his...

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Metallica And The Big 4 Open Soniphere

9th July 2011

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax appeared on stage together in England last night (08.07.11). The 'Big 4' of heavy metal joined forces at the Sonisphere festival in Knebworth, Southern England, to play a cover of...

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Metallica Record Album With Lou Reed

16th June 2011

Metallica have recorded an album with Lou Reed. The unlikely pairing of the metal band and the avant-garde former Velvet Underground frontman has resulted in a ten track disc which Lou describes as "a marriage...

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James Hetfield Honoured At His High School

30th May 2011

Metallica star James Hetfield has been inducted into the Hall Of Fame at his former high school in California.The guitarist/vocalist was handed the honour by officials at Downey High School on Friday (27May11) - and...

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Metallica Overwhelmed By New Album Material

4th May 2011

Metallica have "two and a half years" of material to sift through before they make their next album.Lars Ulrich - the heavy metal band's drummer - explained songwriter and vocalist James Hetfield has created more...

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Metallica Close 'The Big 4'

24th April 2011

Metallica wowed fans this weekend with a historic uniting of the most significant bands in heavy metal. Metallica took the main headline slot at the 'Big 4' festival, which was held at the Empire Polo...

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Metallica Become Family Friendly

7th December 2010

Metallica singer James Hetfield has made his band's live shows "more family-friendly" since becoming a father. The heavy metal singer has toned down his language when the group play live for the sake of his...

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Metallica Really Got Kinks Track

8th November 2010

Metallica claim The Kinks' track 'You Really Got Me' "chose them" when asked to cover one of the band's tracks.The heavy metal band were approached by the 60s group's frontman, Ray Davies, to record a...

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The Things They Say 18151

26th September 2010

"I've got nothing against GUNS N' ROSES. I mean, Axl's doing what he wants to do at this point. I don't know if there's much guns or roses in any of that, but it's Axl,...

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James Hetfield Respects Axl

23rd September 2010

Metallica singer James Hetfield admitted he now has a "kind of respect" for Axl Rose. Tensions between the two singers ran high when Metallica and Axl's band, Guns N' Roses, toured the US together in...

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The Things They Say 16683

27th May 2010

"I don't need drink or drugs. That's straight-edge life. Obviously I'm not straight edge - a true, hardcore straight-edge has never had any of it in his or her whole life. But I'm a reborn...

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Fascinating Fact 9289

13th May 2010

A portion of the sales from every copy of METALLICA star JAMES HETFIELD's upcoming unauthorised biography, The Wolf At Metallica's Door, will be donated to charity Cancer Research - to honour the rocker's parents, who...

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Hetfield Robbed In Russia?

27th April 2010

METALLICA star JAMES HETFIELD fears his signature was forged in a Russian restaurant scam after realising he'd been charged double for a band meal in Moscow over the weekend.The heavy rocker and his bandmates were...

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Metallica Drummer's Sock Demands

21st April 2010

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich doesn't even put his own socks on. The US heavy metal drummer is so demanding, he even likes to have a member of road crew put his socks on for him,...

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The Things They Say 15251

1st February 2010

"My goal is to play on every continent so I'm trying to set up a gig in Antarctica... We've already played a show in the North Sea, above the Arctic Circle." METALLICA star JAMES HETFIELD...

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Hetfield Donates Estate Land To Conservation

16th December 2009

METALLICA frontman JAMES HETFIELD has donated a massive area of his Marin County, California estate to conservation groups.The Marin Independent Journal newspaper reports the move effectively forbids anyone from building on or developing over 300...

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Mustaine: 'Hetfield Kicked My Dog'

15th October 2009

The long-running feud between former METALLICA bandmates DAVE MUSTAINE and JAMES HETFIELD has taken a new twist - the Megadeth star has alleged he was kicked out of the band for fighting with the frontman...

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