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A Week In News: Stones Rock Glastonbury, Pattinson Dating Elvis' Granddaughter, Bale Bails On Batman!

By Michael West | 3rd July 2013

Rip This Joint! Despite what many of the critics had anticipated, The Rolling Stones made their debut at the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday with a blistering set that scored five-star reviews across the board. Mick...

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James Gandolfini's Will Shows True Extent Of Sopranos Man's Generosity

By Michael West | 3rd July 2013

James Gandolfini, the late actor who set a new standard for television performances as Tony Soprano in HBO's The Sopranos, shared his $70 million estate between family and friends, Manhattan Surrogate's Court heard yesterday (July...

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So, Is Alec Baldwin A Homophobe? Actor's Response Helps His Defence But Contradicts His Twitter Statement

By Joe Wilde | 29th June 2013

When he hit back at a reporter that alleged his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, was Tweeting during the funeral of James Gandolfini, Alec Baldwin could have done with choosing his words a little better when he...

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Alec Baldwin Rants On Twitter About Wife's Alleged Phone Use At Gandolfini Funeral

By Elinor Cosgrave | 28th June 2013

A British tabloid claimed that Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria Baldwin tweeted during the funeral of Soprano's star James Gandolfini. When Alec Baldwin heard about the article in The Daily Mail he launched into an irate...

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A Week In News: James Gandolfini Dead, Kim And Kanye’S Baby Name, World War Z’S Box Office Success

By Michael West | 28th June 2013

Sleep Well, Tony: James Gandolfini, the actor who took dramatic television performances to a new level as Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, died this week aged 51. Gandolfini won three Emmy Awards for the long-running...

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James Gandolfini's Funeral - Who Was In Attendance?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 27th June 2013

The funeral of Soprano's star James Gandolfini was held today (27th June 2013) at St John the Divine Catholic Church in New York. A private wake was held yesterday (Wednesday 26th June) in New Jersey...

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Sopranos Creator David Chase On James Gandolfini – Tony Soprano

By Jack de Aguilar | 27th June 2013

James Gandolfini was one of the most celebrated actors of his generation. He has, in light of his tragic and unexpected death following a heart attack, been called the father of the box set culture...

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Lights Go Out On Broadway For James Gandolfini

By Michael West | 26th June 2013

Broadway will dim its lights on Wednesday (June 26, 2013) in tribute to actor James Gandolfini, the Tony award nominee who died in Italy last week aged 51. The Broadway League announced that theatre marquees...

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Date Set For James Gandolfini's Funeral In Manhattan

By Joe Wilde | 25th June 2013

James Gandolfini tragically passed away without warning on Wednesday 19 June whilst holidaying with his son in Rome, Italy. As per the New Jersey-native's family's request, the Sopranos star's body was flown back to America...

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The Body Of James Gandolfini Returns Home After The Actor Passed Away In Italy

By Victoria Pavlova | 24th June 2013

Following Sopranos actor James Gandolfini’s death and the subsequent wave of condolenses from across the entertainment world and beyond, on Sunday night his body was transported back to the U.S. from Rome, Italy, where Gandolfini...

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James Gandolfini's Body Arrives Home; Funeral Proceedings To Take Place This Week

By Joe Wilde | 24th June 2013

James Gandolfini had his remains flown back to America at the tail end of last week, with a private jet flying the late actor into Newark airport late on Sunday (June 23) night. He will...

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Why James Gandolfini Should Be Remembered As More Than The Unforgettable Tony Soprano

By Victoria Pavlova | 23rd June 2013

James Gandolfini, the actor who played the the complex, unforgettable Tony Soprano on The Sopranos – a show that many have called the best television drama of all time – had other roles as well....

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Gandolfini Reactions: James Gandolfini Is Mourned Across The Globe Following Passing

By Joe Wilde | 21st June 2013

Gandolfini reactions flood the web. The death of James Gandolfini - the man who reinvented the gangster image on television with his portrayal as Tony Soprano in The Sopranos - cause shockwaves to ripple across...

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The Final Days Of James Gandolfini Showed No Sign Of Trouble

By Victoria Pavlova | 21st June 2013

The news of Sopranos actor James Gandolfini’s death came suddenly and unexpectedly this week. They were made even more surprising by the fact that the last news of the revered actor before the announcement of...

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James Gandolfini Recives Tributes From Family And On Screen Family

By Jack de Aguilar | 21st June 2013

The news that Sopranos star James Gandolfini had died of a heart attack aged 51 seemed to transcend the usual reaction to a celebrity death. There were no quick jokes, just heartfelt tributes, none more...

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Steve Carell On Anchorman 2 And James Galdolfini's Passing

By Jack de Aguilar | 20th June 2013

Since Anchorman 2 was confirmed, then delayed, then re-confirmed, then given an official trailer not so long ago, every time one of the cast members gives an interview, attention inevitably turns to the sequel of...

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Remembering A Gentle Giant – James Gandolfini’S Best Moments In Film An Tv

By Jack de Aguilar | 20th June 2013

James Gandolfini’s sudden death was met with shock and surprise from both his fans and the acting community – many of whom were intertwined. From TV to film, his performances – usually as a ‘hard...

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The Modest Life Of James Gandolfini; Tv Icon And "New Jersey Treasure"

By Joe Wilde | 20th June 2013

The passing of James Gandolfini, the man who brought Tony Soprano to life on the massively successful HBO series The Sopranos, has sent shockwaves across the online community and elsewhere as fans of the actor...

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James Gandolfini Dead Aged 51 – Sopranos Actor Reportedly Passes Away In Italy

By Jack de Aguilar | 20th June 2013

The acting world sighs a breath of sadness and condolence today, as one of its greats, James Gandolfini, has reportedly passed away in Italy. He was aged 51. The cause of death was a heart...

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It’S Yet Another Honour For The Sopranos – Writer’S Guild Considers It The Best Ever

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th June 2013

The greatest TV show of all time has another prestigious accolade to boast of, as The Writers Guild of America considers it the best written show of all time.It tops a list that contains...

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The Sopranos Named Best Written Tv Show Ever: Do You Agree?

By Michael West | 3rd June 2013

Last night (2nd June), the Writers Guild of America (the WGA) unveiled its list of the 101 best written television shows in history voted for by members, who are split into east (WGAE) and western...

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Incredible Burt Wonderstone Premiered At The Opening Of Sxsw This Week

By Victoria Pavlova | 9th March 2013

One good thing to come out of SXSW this year (well, depending who you ask, of course), was The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The Don Scardino-directed flick tells the story of a couple of childhood...

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Steve Carrell, Jim Carrey And Alan Arkin's New Trailer For The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

By Lorna Greville  | 21st December 2012

Steve Carell is probably still funny to 14 year olds, and that's great. He's still got a market and he's still making plenty of movies, and plenty of money from them, so good on him....

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Hot Tickets! This Weekend’S Us Movie Releases, Killing Them Softly, The Collection, Universal Soldier, Craptastic (Addicted To Fame)

By Hayley Avron | 30th November 2012

The highlight of this week’s movie releases is, unarguable. This is the time of year that many major releases come smothered in a blanket of ‘will it / won’t it’ chatter, with regards to Oscar...

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Review Roundup: Killing Them Softly Underwhelms

By Lorna Greville  | 29th November 2012

Based on the 1974 novel 'Cogan's Trade', Killing Them Softly stars Brad Pitt, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta. The movie is also a reunion between Brad Pitt and Andrew Dominik has both written...

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Is The Academy Set To Ignore Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly?

By Michael West | 28th November 2012

The full release of Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly has quietly crept up, six months after it premiered to strong reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. The crime-drama reunited The Assassination of Jesse James director...

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Brad Pitt On Why The Drug War Is "An Ultimate Failure"

By Michael West | 27th November 2012

Brad Pitt is on the promotional trail for his crime-thriller Killing Them Softly - a movie accused of being left-wing propaganda - and has been discussing his own views on the state of America. MTV...

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Pictures: Brad Pitt Lets Ladies Take The Limelight At Killing Them Softly Premiere

By Michael West | 27th November 2012

Back in Black: Brad Pitt Attends the Premiere of the Long Awaited 'Killing Them Softly'Brad Pitt arrived at a low-key premiere for his upcoming movie Killing Them Softly at the SVA Theater in New York...

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Hurt Locker Director Kathryn Bigelow Releases Trailer For Latest Movie Zero Dark Thirty

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th October 2012

The new trailer for Osama bin Laden takedown movie Zero Dark Thirty, directed by Kathryn Bigelow came out yesterday (October, 11 2012).The movie, from Hurt Locker creator Kathryn Bigelow, follows the decade-long hunt for the...

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David Chase Returns With 'Not Fade Away': Can It Better The Sopranos?

By Michael West | 9th October 2012

Of course, comparing David Chase's big screen offering 'Not Fade Away' with his magnum opus 'The Sopranos' would be futile, though many will be unable to sit through the saga of mobsters and violence in...

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