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James Franco Had Eye For Art

7th October 2013

James Franco was obsessed with art in high school.The 'Spring Breakers' star was so passionate about painting he would spend countless hours creating artwork and credits his hobby with giving him the drive to pursue...

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James Franco Doesn't Sleep

5th October 2013

James Franco doesn't need sleep.The multi-talented star is so invested in his various projects such as acting, directing, teaching film classes and his various art exhibitions, he has very little time to rest, but his...

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Willem Dafoe: Spider-man Reboot Is 'Cynical'

4th October 2013

Willem Dafoe has branded 'The Amazing Spider-Man' ''cynical''.The actor played Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, in Sony's original 'Spider-Man' trilogy directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, and while he hasn't seen the...

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Lizzy Caplan Lands Role In The Interview

2nd October 2013

Lizzy Caplan will star in 'The Interview'.The 'Bachelorette' actress has been cast as the female lead opposite Seth Rogen and James Franco in the upcoming spy thriller spoof. Franco plays a handsome talk show host...

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Jason Statham & James Franco Face Off In Explosive 'Homefront' Trailer [Still + Trailer]

By Joe Wilde | 1st October 2013

Homefront is a tense action thriller that wants to poke holes in the typical story of a rural town's collective hostility towards a new family. Based on the Chuck Logan novel of the same name,...

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Fascinating Fact: 3886514

30th September 2013

Bono, James Franco, Ben Stiller and Aziz Ansari were among the famous faces who made cameo appearances in Arcade Fire's U.S. Tv special, Here Comes The Night, this weekend (28-29Sep13). The 30-minute show featured footage...

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James Franco Mocks Gay Rumours - By Kissing A Man

19th September 2013

James Franco has mocked constant speculation about his sexuality by smooching a man in a series of set-up paparazzi-style snaps.The Milk actor has been hounded by gay rumours since he shot to fame, and regularly...

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Sarah Silverman Hurt By Age Jokes At James Franco Roast

16th September 2013

Comedienne Sarah Silverman was shocked and hurt when her age became a target for jokes onstage at James Franco's Tv roast.Silverman, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Bill Hader were among the famous faces who took...

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James Franco Backs Ben Affleck As Batman

15th September 2013

Spider-Man actor James Franco has become the latest star to speak out in support of Ben Affleck following his casting as Batman, insisting fans should give the Oscar-winner a chance.Affleck will portray the Caped Crusader...

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Why Paul Haggis Wants 'Third Person' To Irritate People With Its "Russian Doll" Structure

By Lauren James | 13th September 2013

Third Person has premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, challenging audiences with its interwoven storyline and unanswered questions. Paul Haggis directed the romantic drama which employs a star-studded cast and some glamorous locations.Paul Haggis:...

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James Franco Hints At Spring Breakers Prequel

11th September 2013

James Franco has hinted at a prequel to 'Spring Breakers'.The actor played drug-dealing rapper Alien in director Harmony Korine's teen crime movie, which also starred Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, and he has...

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Apology Letter By A Young James Franco Surfaces Online

11th September 2013

A heartfelt letter a young James Franco wrote to apologise for throwing eggs at his neighbour's home has surfaced online, 21 years after the incident.The 127 Hours star was 14 when he was caught behaving...

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James Franco: 'I Wish I Was Gay'

10th September 2013

James Franco wishes he was gay.The 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' actor is completely unfazed by rumours about his sexuality and even joked he wishes he liked men.Referring to his recent comedy roast and the...

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James Franco Wants An Oscar For 'Spring Breakers'. No, Really.

By Lauren James | 4th September 2013

There have been plenty of creative tactics played by movies launching Oscar campaigns to sway voters, including persuasive attempts by The Fighter and The Kings Speech, but one actor has decided to make his bid...

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James Franco's Pals Bash Anne Hathaway

4th September 2013

James Franco's best friends still blame Anne Hathaway for his disastrous performance at the 2011 Oscars.The 30-year-old 'Les Miserables' actress was the butt of numerous jokes made by Seth Rogen, Jeffrey Ross, Nick Kroll, Jonah...

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Scott Haze Became Real-life Cave Man For Child Of God

2nd September 2013

Actor Scott Haze almost drove himself crazy spending three long months sleeping in caves in the chilly mountains of Tennessee in preparation for his role as a violent killer in James Franco's new movie Child...

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'Gravity', Starring George Clooney & Sandra Bullock, Premieres At Venice Film Festival

By Elinor Cosgrave | 29th August 2013

Gravity opened the 70th Venice Film Festival yesterday (28th August). The film's two actors, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, were there on the red carpet to see their efforts at the prestigious festival.Sandra Bullock and...

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James Franco Endures Roasting From Hollywood Pals

26th August 2013

Funnymen Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Bill Hader led the bawdy tributes to their pal James Franco as the actor was 'roasted' in California on Sunday night (25Aug13).The 127 Hours star was the butt of...

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'James Franco Presents...' His Own Art Show On Tv

By Lauren James | 22nd August 2013

James Franco-philes will be excited to learn that the actor has a new television show planned that will give fresh insight into the artistic interests of the Spider-Man actor. The arts-themed cable network Ovation will...

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James Franco To Front New Art Programme About The Work Of... James Franco

By Joe Wilde | 22nd August 2013

James Franco is a talented guy, there's little evidence to say otherwise frankly, and when you have so much talent bottled up inside you there has to be a place to unload it all right?...

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James Franco To Host His Own Tv Show

22nd August 2013

James Franco is set to host his own TV show.The 'This Is The End' star ''will document his provocative explorations of the world of art'' in the new series titled 'James Franco Presents', which he...

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James Franco To Host Weekly Art Show

21st August 2013

Actor James Franco is set to host and executive produce a Tv show focusing on the art world.The Spider-Man star announced he will be fronting the new series for U.S. arts cable network Ovation Tv...

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Chameleon James Franco Turns To Television With Ovation's '...Presents'

By Michael West | 21st August 2013

Arguably the busiest star in Hollywood, James Franco doesn't necessarily concern himself one type of medium. He does movies, he writes book, he teaches, and now he does television. The prolific actor is to star...

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James Franco: Spring Breakers 'Wasn't Hard'

12th August 2013

James Franco says starring in 'Spring Breakers' ''wasn't hard at all''. The 35-year-old actor played Alien, a rapper and gangster, in the comedy drama movie alongside Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson and he...

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James Franco's Mule 'Breakdown'

11th August 2013

James Franco once nearly suffered a ''breakdown'' from working with mules. The 35-year-old actor got ''stressed out'' working with the animals on one movie because they weren't doing what the crew told them to...

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James Franco: Work Comes First

10th August 2013

James Franco would rather shoot movies than go on holiday. The 'Spring Breakers' star prefers to be in front of a camera filming scenes for a motion picture than lying on a beach soaking up...

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Is Linda Lovelace's Complex Story Simply Unfilmable?

By Michael West | 7th August 2013

Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's biopic of porn actress Linda Lovelace has been in development for some time. It's no secret that before Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard came along, Kate Hudson was offered the...

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Fascinating Fact: 3795718

3rd August 2013

Seth Rogen will serve as master of ceremonies when his This Is The End and Pineapple Express co-star James Franco is picked on at this summer's (13) Comedy Central Roast. Following in the footsteps of...

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Seth Rogen 'Roast Master' For Franco Roast

2nd August 2013

Seth Rogen will be the ''Roast Master'' for James Franco's comedy roast.The '27 Hours' actor will be the subject of a Comedy Central tribute to be filmed this month and his close friend and frequent...

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Forgotten Men Terry Gilliam, Jonathan Glazer Set For Venice Film Festival

By Michael West | 26th July 2013

The Venice Film Festival 2013 boasts one of the most intriguing movie line-ups of the year, with two fallen heroes of cinema coming in from the cold and testing out new material after underwhelming efforts...

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