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Mila Kunis On Ashton Kutcher Rumors: A Friend Is A Friend

26th April 2012

Mila Kunis has finally broken her silence on rumors that she and Ashton Kutcher are romantically involved. Extra's Ben Lyons caught up with the actress at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas, where she responded to...

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James Franco Addresses Public Persona In Francophrenia

18th April 2012

James Franco is using 'Francophrenia' as a way to comment on his public persona. The 'Planet of the Apes' actor co-directs and stars in the film - full title 'Francophrenia (or, Don't Kill Me, I...

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Zooey Deschanel Joins About Time?

28th March 2012

Zooey Deschanel is close to signing up to star in 'About Time'. The 'New Girl' actress is in final negotiations to join the cast of the low-budget comedy, being directed by Richard Curtis.The film tells...

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Jonah Hill Desperate To Sleep

20th March 2012

Jonah Hill plans to sleep for three weeks.The '21 Jump Street' actor is dreaming of a break but has several projects in the pipeline, so intends to use any free time he has in between...

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James Franco Gears Up For Another Soap

16th March 2012

Actor James Franco has signed up to star in another TV soap, following his stint on General Hospital.The Milk star is joining the cast of Hollywood Heights, about a shy girl who is transformed into...

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James Franco Shot Thriller During General Hospital Stint

13th March 2012

James Franco has made an experimental film with footage shot on the set of daytime soap General Hospital.The actor teamed up with moviemaker Ian Olds to film Francophrenia while he was playing a serial killer...

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Nicole Kidman Returning To Stage?

9th March 2012

Nicole Kidman is to return to the stage.The 44-year-old actress is in early negotiations to take the leading role in Terence Rattigan's 'After the Dance' - about a man who leaves his wife for a...

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Steve-o Makes Plea To Ban Experimenting On Chimps

8th March 2012

Steve-O has written a letter pleading for experimenting on chimpanzees to be banned. The 'Jackass' star - whose real name is Stephen Glover - has sent a note to Democratic Party Senator Barbara Boxer begging...

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Tribeca: James Franco's General Hospital Movie Is Star Attraction

7th March 2012

The Tribeca Film Festival 2012 announced half of its line-up on Tuesday (March 6, 2012) with Oscar-nominated actor James Franco confirmed to screen his behind-the-scenes General Hospital feature film 'Francophrenia'. The movie will have its...

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Jonah Hill Dyed His Hair To Look Like Eminem

7th March 2012

Jonah Hill dyed his hair in high school to look like Eminem.The 'Moneyball' actor was such a fan of the rapper - real name Marshall Mathers - that he lightened his brown hair in a...

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James Franco 'Psychological Thriller' Heads To Tribeca Film Festival

6th March 2012

A film by James Franco will be among those shown at the forthcoming Tribeca Film Festival in New York, with a recent festival announcement announcing the first 46 of its planned 90 films to be...

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Will Billy Crystal's Blackface Force Oscars 2013 To Think Different?

28th February 2012

A report by the Los Angeles released shortly before the 84th Academy Awards showed that the majority of Oscar voters were mainly white, old and male. The story was an eye-opener for cinema fans, and...

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Jonah Hill And James Franco To Star In True Story

28th February 2012

Jonah Hill and James Franco are teaming up for 'True Story'. The 'Superbad' star and the '127 Hours' actor will appear in the movie adaptation of Michael Finkel's memoir which will see Jonah play the...

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Critics Oscars Amount To Tedium Tv

27th February 2012

Film critics wasted no time banging out reviews of Sunday night's Oscars, with several of them posting their assessments of the affair within minutes after the ceremonies concluded. Indeed, Daily Variety 's Brian Lowry posted...

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Leo's 'F' Bomb Prompted Billy Crystal To Consider Oscars Return

24th February 2012

Billy Crystal knew the time was right for him to return as the host of the Oscars when Anne Hathaway and James Franco failed to comment on Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo's swear word...

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Amanda Seyfried's Lovelace Perceptions

21st February 2012

Amanda Seyfried thinks 'Lovelace' will ''turn the tables'' on what people think of Linda Lovelace.The 'Mamma Mia!' actress plays the lead protagonist in the forthcoming biopic - which also stars James Franco and Sarah Jessica...

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Zach Braff In Awe Of Oz

5th February 2012

Zach Braff was shocked by the scale of 'Oz: The Great and Powerful'. The 36-year-old actor stars in the Disney prequel to the 'Wizard of Oz' with a stellar cast including James Franco, Michelle Williams,...

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Vanessa Hudgens Reveals That Action Movies Keep Her Trim

3rd February 2012

Vanessa Hudgens has revealed that working on her latest movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has been a brilliant cardio workout for her. The High School Musical star arrived at the movie's premiere in Los...

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Sharon Stone Joins Erotic Thriller Attachment

3rd February 2012

Sharon Stone is set to star erotic thriller 'Attachment'. The 'Basic Instinct' actress will star as a married woman who has a one-night stand with a student in the movie, which is being directed by...

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David Beckham Named 'Sexiest Man On The Planet'

31st January 2012

David Beckham has been crowned "The Sexiest Man on the Planet 2012". The soccer superstar has been awarded the title in heat magazine's inaugural 101 Hottest Hunks in the World list 2012.David - who raises...

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James Franco's New College Show Upsets Students

27th January 2012

James Franco has upset students at the University of Southern California (Usc) with his new Internet reality show, which features the wild side of college life in Los Angeles.The 127 Hours star, who studied at...

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Chloe Sevigny Joins Lovelace

26th January 2012

Chloe Sevigny has signed up to star in 'Lovelace'. The 'Party Monster' actress will play a feminist journalist tasked with finding out the real story behind the porn actress Linda Lovelace - who starred in...

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Daniel Radcliffe To Play Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg

24th January 2012

Daniel Radcliffe has landed the role of beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the forthcoming independent movie 'Kill Your Darlings', according to the Hollywood Reporter. The former Harry Potter star will move onto the project after...

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Ricky Gervais Keeps It Tame At Golden Globes: A Look Back At The Most Controversial Awards Hosts

16th January 2012

Last night, it would appear that Ricky Gervais redeemed himself as a suitable host for the Golden Globes. After the furore surrounding his controversial routine last year, he had evidently opted to tone things down...

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James Franco To Play Robert Mapplethorpe

13th January 2012

James Franco has been cast as celebrated and controversial photographer and artist Robert Mapplethorpe in a new biopic.It's not the first time the 127 Hours actor has signed up to play a famous homosexual on...

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Andy Serkis Thanks James Franco For Oscars Backing

11th January 2012

Actor Andy Serkis has publicly thanked James Franco for championing him as a Best Actor Oscar nominee, branding his support "extraordinarily bold".Serkis shot to fame when he was transformed into the creepy Gollum in the...

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Lindsay Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor In Biopic?

10th January 2012

The actress and singer Lindsay Lohan is in negotiations with moviemakers to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a forthcoming biopic entitled "Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story." According to a Reuters report, the...

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Oscars Trailer 2012: The Search Is On For Host Billy Crystal

6th January 2012

A trailer for the Academy Awards 2012 hit the web this week, featuring numerous celebrities undertaking a cinematic style adventure in search of host Billy Crystal, who returns to the Oscars for the ninth time....

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James Franco To Publish Debut Novel

4th January 2012

Actor James Franco is set to release his first novel - and the plot is based on his life in Hollywood.The star juggled his hectic big screen career with classes at America's prestigious Yale University,...

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