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Maggie Gyllenhaal & James Franco Missed Out On The Iceman Leads

30th April 2013

Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco were initially in place to take on leading roles in Ariel Vromen's new real-life gangster movie The Iceman, but pregnancy and family tragedy got in the way.The roles eventually went...

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James Franco To Direct Garden Of Last Days

29th April 2013

James Franco is set to direct and star in 'Garden of Last Days'.The 'Oz the Great and Powerful' actor has signed on to helm the big screen adaptation of Andre Dubus III's best-selling book of...

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A Week In Movies: Iron Man 3 Goes Global, Thor: The Dark World Trailer Strikes And Emma Roberts Stuns In Blue

By Staff Writer | 26th April 2013

The big news in cinemas globally is the release of Iron Man 3, which doesn't open in the USA until next week. But audiences around the world are already watching Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth...

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James Franco In Talks For Gertrude Bell Biopic

26th April 2013

James Franco is in talks to star in 'Queen of the Desert'.The 'Oz the Great and Powerful' actor may replace Jude Law in Werner Herzog's biopic on the life of Gertrude Bell after the 'Anna...

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James Franco And Kate Hudson Star In Good People

23rd April 2013

James Franco and Kate Hudson will star in 'Good People'.The 'Oz the Great and Powerful' actor and 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' actress will lead the cast for the forthcoming thriller, which is based on Marcus Sakey's...

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James Franco Releases Trailer For His Gucci Documentary

By Joe Wilde | 23rd April 2013

James Franco has turned producer for his latest project, titled The Director, and this isn't just any new project either as the Oscar-nominated actor is overseeing a new documentary about life behind the scenes at...

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James Franco Gucci Documentary: The Director Has A Trailer [Video]

By Jack de Aguilar | 22nd April 2013

James Franco can do it all. He’s an actor (an Oscar nominated one), he’s got loads of degrees, and he’s studying for a Ph.D In English from Yale. Add documentary filmmaker and producer to that,...

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Gucci Documentary Unveils Previously Unseen Moments

22nd April 2013

Gucci's documentary 'The Director' unveils moments which have ''never before been allowed'' to be filmed.The fashion house's full-length feature, which premiered at the Tibeca Film Festival on Sunday (21.04.13), follows creative director Frida Giannini behind...

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James Franco Pokes Fun At Oscars Hosting Disaster

15th April 2013

James Franco poked fun at himself and his Oscars hosting debacle as he opened the MTV Movie Awards with host Rebel Wilson on Sunday night (14Apr13).The Oz: The Great & powerful actor pretended he had...

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Judge Throws Out Professor's Lawsuit Against James Franco

11th April 2013

A lawsuit filed against James Franco by a disgruntled university professor has been thrown out of court.Former New York University lecturer Jose Angel Santana filed a defamation lawsuit against the Spider-Man star in September (12),...

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Jim Carrey To Star In Ricky Stankicky

10th April 2013

Jim Carrey is to star in 'Ricky Stanicky'. The comic actor will re-team with his 'Bruce Almighty' writer and 'Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls' writer-and-director Steve Oedekerk in the ensemble comedy.The picture - which is...

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James Franco: Serious Image Is 'Draining'

6th April 2013

James Franco thinks being serious is ''draining''.The 34-year-old actor - who is also an accomplished author, artist and university lecturer - admits trying to impress the public is tiring and he has now decided to...

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A Week In Movies: Max Irons And Jake Abel Talk The Host While Percy Jackson, 2 Guns And We Steal Secrets Trailers Hit The Web

By Staff Writer | 5th April 2013

It's a relatively quiet week for the movies, with no major releases this week as everyone braces for the true launch of the summer blockbuster season with Tom Cruise sci-fi action Oblivion on 12th April,...

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Rihanna Smacks Cera In Raunchy Comedy 'This Is The End' (Trailer)

By Michael West | 5th April 2013

Rihanna smacks Cera - yes, Michael Cera - in Seth Rogen's raunchy new comedy 'This Is The End' and it's a real good smack. A new red band trailer for the movie was released earlier...

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James Franco's Rapper Research

5th April 2013

James Franco met a rapper called Dangeruss for his 'Spring Breakers' role.The 34-year-old actor plays 'gangsta' wordsmith Alien in Harmony Korine's latest film, which follows four college girls who get caught up with a gang...

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James Franco Sneakily Read Playboy As A Kid

4th April 2013

James Franco use to sneakily read Playboy magazine when he was younger.The 34-year-old actor plays the publication's founder Hugh Hefner in upcoming biopic 'Lovelace' - which stars Amanda Seyfried as the titular porn star character...

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Seth Rogen Gets Everyone Excited With 'Pineapple Express 2' Trailer (Video)

By Michael West | 2nd April 2013

Seth Rogen and his pals James Franco and Danny McBride had everyone fooled over the weekend with a new trailer for 'Pineapple Express 2' - a sort of fake viral marketing campaigning for new film...

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Vanessa Hudgens Was Up For Ashley Benson Kiss

1st April 2013

Vanessa Hudgens was up for kissing Ashley Benson in 'Spring Breakers'.The 24-year-old actress appears opposite the 'Pretty Little Liars' star in Harmony Korine's crime thriller and admitted she preferred locking lips with her rather than...

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Letterman Banned Guest Harmony Korine For Stealing From Meryl Streep

By Michael West | 27th March 2013

David Letterman banned guest Harmony Korine from the Late Show after he found the Spring Breakers director rifling through the purse of Meryl Streep. Letterman told the story on Monday (March 25, 2013) when prompted...

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James Franco Turned Down Lindsay Lohan

27th March 2013

James Franco turned down sex with Lindsay Lohan because she had ''issues''.The 'Spring Breakers' actor met the troubled actress - who is due to begin her sixth stint in rehab in May - through mutual...

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James Franco Made Sex Tape With Marla Sokoloff

26th March 2013

James Franco has revealed the sex tape he made as a teenager was with actress Marla Sokoloff.The Spider-Man star has previously admitted making a saucy bedroom film when he was a young man, and he...

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James Franco Spurned Lindsay Lohan's Advances

26th March 2013

James Franco rejected Lindsay Lohan's romantic advances because he was concerned about the "troubled" actress and feared she was "having issues".The actor opened up about his friendship with the Mean Girls star during a new...

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Tilda Swinton Goes On Display In New York

26th March 2013

Tilda Swinton is sleeping in a glass box in a new exhibition.The 'Moonrise Kingdom' actress surprised visitors at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City with her impromptu art installation, which is...

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The Things They Say: 3575801

26th March 2013

"We haven't talked in a while... (but) Anne and I made up... Let's just get that on the record. It was a really hard time after the Oscars. She wasn't mad at me, I don't...

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James Franco Visits Tilda Swinton In Box

25th March 2013

James Franco watched Tilda Swinton sleeping in a glass box.The 'Oz the Great and Powerful' star was among the intrigued onlookers who caught the Oscar-winning actress' bizarre impromptu exhibition - a revival of her...

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Spring Breakers Wide Release - Is This One Worth Seeing?

By Victoria Pavlova | 24th March 2013

Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers is a big deal this… well, this spring break.And ok, it may be mostly because of the semi-naked girls gracing the landscape throughout the whole flick, but still, Spring Breakers isn’t...

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James Franco 'Can Take Anything'

20th March 2013

James Franco feels he ''can take anything'' after enduring a lot of criticism in recent years.The 'Oz The Great and Powerful' star - who is rumoured to be dating actress Ashley Benson - insists he...

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Justin Bieber, Cry Baby? Selena Gomez Reveals All On Letterman Show

By Michael West | 19th March 2013

Selena Gomez had the Beliebers foaming at the mouths this week after bringing up an anecdote about having made ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber cry. Gomez was visiting David Letterman on the Late Show to promote Harmony...

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James Franco Filmed Rap Video For Movie Inspiration

19th March 2013

James Franco used time he spent with the rapper who influenced his gangster thug character in new film Spring Breakers shooting a video for the hitmaker.The 127 Hours actor was introduced to Florida-based Russ 'Dangeruss'...

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Ashley Benson Scared Of Relationships

18th March 2013

Ashley Benson thinks relationships are ''scary''.The 'Spring Breakers' actress - who is rumoured to be dating her co-star James Franco - has finally confirmed she split from her boyfriend of one year Ryan Good late...

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