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Caviezel In Motorcycle Accident

17th July 2009

Actor JAMES CAVIEZEL was rushed to hospital on Thursday (16Jul09) after he was involved in a freak motorcycle accident.The Passion of the Christ star was thrown from his Harley Davidson motorbike when an unidentified man...

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Stars Battle One Another Over Embryonic Stem Cell Research

25th October 2006

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research have quickly enlisted the aid of James Caviezel, who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, and Patricia Heaton, who co-starred in Everybody Loves Raymond, to counter ads...

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Passion Of Christ Star Defends Violence

26th March 2004

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JAMES CAVIEZEL has defended the graphic violence in the controversial movie about the final hours of JESUS CHRIST's life. The actor - who plays Jesus in the...

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Caviezel Under Protection

8th March 2004

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JAMES CAVIEZEL is being protected by a security team from attack by religious fanatics following his performance as JESUS CHRIST in the MEL GIBSON movie. Studio bosses...

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Gibson 'To Launch Legal Action' Against New York Post

25th November 2003

MEL GIBSON is reportedly in talks with his legal team after discovering THE NEW YORK POST newspaper screened a bootleg copy of his controversial movie THE PASSION OF CHRIST to a panel of religious leaders....

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Gibson: Holy Ghost Helped Shoot Film

1st July 2003

Hollywood action man MEL GIBSON had some special help on his upcoming pet project THE PASSION - from the HOLY GHOST. The devout Catholic has created controversy with his retelling of the crucifixion of...

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