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"B" Movie Titan Roger Corman To Receive An Oscar

12th November 2009

Eighty-three-year-old Roger Corman, who has produced nearly 400 "B" movies -- none of them regarded as a candidate for an Oscar nomination -- over a career that began 55 years ago, will himself receive an...

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The Things They Say 14113

11th November 2009

"I have been married five times. I'm a perfectionist, so I kept trying until I got it right, which I have... Suzy Amis is a keeper." Moviemaker JAMES CAMERON has found his soulmate after five...

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Cameron: 'Titanic Was Made To Fund Shipwreck Dive'

11th November 2009

Moviemaker JAMES CAMERON has revealed the biggest film of all time was only made to fund a deep-sea mission to the real Titanic.The director admits he had no intention of making an epic when he...

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The Things They Say 14108

11th November 2009

"I could not pull a rant like that if I had to. I mean, I can get on a roll but not like that. I just had to bow down." Fiery moviemaker JAMES CAMERON on...

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Cameron Insists Winslet's Titantic Troubles Weren't That Bad

11th November 2009

Moviemaker JAMES CAMERON hopes to work with TITANIC star KATE WINSLET again even though the actress once revealed the intense director tried to drown her.Stars of Cameron's films have often criticised the filmmaker for his...

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Cameron Created Perfect Alien In Saldana

10th November 2009

TITANIC director JAMES CAMERON is convinced lusty male film fans will fall in love with ZOE SALDANA as a 10-foot tall blue alien in his new movie AVATAR - because he has created the perfect...

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Cameron Led Jungle Expedition For Avatar Stars

8th November 2009

Moviemaker JAMES CAMERON sent the cast of his new movie AVATAR off to the jungle for bonding bootcamp exercises before he started shooting the upcoming epic.The Titanic director called on stars including Sigourney Weaver and...

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The Things The Say:

7th November 2009

"When I'd point my camera at Zoe's (Saldana) character, I saw a 10-foot-tall blue alien hot chick with a tail raging through the forest. But when I'd look up from the camera, I'd see petite...

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Fascinating Fact 8257

30th October 2009

JAMES CAMERON's much-anticipated new movie AVATAR is set to break records when the trailer airs before the Dallas Cowboys' home game with Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (01Nov09). Not only will the teaser land the largest...

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Cameron Gets Ready For Fire Threat

26th October 2009

Moviemaker JAMES CAMERON has turned his Malibu, California home into a fire-free zone, so he can brave the next wildfire scare without having to evacuate.The Titanic director has spent a small fortune on a series...

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Technicolor To Convert 3d Digital Movies To Film

22nd October 2009

Technicolor hopes to address the shortage of theaters capable of showing 3D digital movies by converting the movies to film. Film projectors can be converted to 3D quickly and cheaply, and some studios see the...

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Avatar Hit By Viral Video

31st August 2009

James Cameron's risky move to show preview footage of Avatar to fans months before the movie's release in December might well backfire -- thanks to a spoof video posted last week on YouTube, titled "Hitler...

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Avatar Tickets Already On Sale

27th August 2009

It's only August but tickets for James Cameron's much-hyped 3D sci-fi movie Avatar , which is scheduled to open on December 18, have already cone on sale. The Hollywood Reporter said that tickets for the...

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Demand For Free Tickets Crashes Avatar 'S Website

18th August 2009

The official Avatar website was brought down Monday by a rush of moviegoers seeking free tickets to see a 16-minute preview of the movie at 104 IMAX theaters Friday. After several hours, the site was...

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Fascinating Fact 7736

28th July 2009

Director JAMES CAMERON plans to convert his hit 1997 movie TITANIC into 3D. He will use new technology to remaster the Oscar-winning hit after using three-dimensional systems in his new movie AVATAR.

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Comic-con "Goes Hollywood"

22nd July 2009

Comic-con, once the annual meeting in San Diego of comic-book fans, particularly those interested in science fiction and superheroes, is scheduled to open in San Diego today (Wednesday), with movies and TV shows being spotlighted....

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Cameron Closes Door To Press

8th June 2009

A conference of top producers held at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, CA over the weekend produced little hard news -- except that a session in which director James Cameron ( Titanic )...

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Cameron Sued Over Power Cut

1st June 2009

Moviemaker JAMES CAMERON is facing a lawsuit after one of his employees crashed a car into an electricity pole - leading to a three-day power outage.The director has been named in a suit from bosses...

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Fascinating Fact 6941

2nd March 2009

Eight-time Academy Award-winning film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE has earned the biggest post-Oscar boost at the U.S. box office since TITANIC, taking in an additional $12.2 million (£8.7 million) at the weekend (27Feb09/01Mar09). The DANNY BOYLE film...

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Cameron Refuses To Endorse New Terminator Movie

5th February 2009

THE TERMINATOR creator JAMES CAMERON has refused to "endorse" the latest movie in the sci-fi franchise - reserving the right to "hate" the film if it fails to meet his high standards. Cameron launched the movie...

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The Dark Knight Reaches $400m Mark In Record Time

6th August 2008

The Dark Knight has broken yet another box office record after becoming the fastest-ever film to make more than $400 million (£204 million).The Batman Begins sequel took only 18 days to reach the landmark, less...

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Terminator Fans Impressed By New Sequel Footage

27th July 2008

Exclusive footage from the new Terminator film has been revealed to thousands of attendees of a comics convention.Terminator: Salvation is set to be released in 2009 and sees Christian Bale - star of The Dark...

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Bryce Dallas Howard In Terminator 4 Talks

2nd June 2008

Bryce Dallas Howard is in discussions to replace Charlotte Gainsbourg in McG's Terminator sequel, reports claim.Gainsbourg, who starred alongside Heath Ledger in I'm Not There, had been set to play the wife of John Connor...

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Christian Bale 'To Film Three Terminator Movies'

21st May 2008

Christian Bale will work on three Terminator sequels, according to the franchise's production company.The Dark Knight star is attached to play John Connor in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins and is likely to star in...

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Fourth Terminator Movie Given May 2009 Release Date

26th February 2008

The fourth film in the Terminator franchise is to take its US bow on May 22nd 2009, it has been confirmed.Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins will go head to head with the Ben Stiller sequel...

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Romeo + Juliet Tops Hmv's Poll Of Most Romantic Films

13th February 2008

A modern take on a classic Shakespearean love story has topped a poll to find the most romantic film of all time.Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet topped the HMV survey, held to coincide with Valentine's...

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Fox Delays Cameron's Avatar

12th December 2007

Twentieth Century Fox announced Tuesday that it will delay the release of James Cameron's 3-D Avatar to Dec. 18, 2009 in order to give the director additional time to devote to the titanic post-production work...

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Avatar's Release Date Delayed

12th December 2007

Fox have moved JAMES CAMERON's new movie AVATAR's release date back to December 18th 2009.That is the same pre-Christmas weekend on which TITANIC was released in 1997.So far Avatar is the only film scheduled for...

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Lost Star Jailed

11th October 2007

Former Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez has been sentenced to six months in jail after violating probation arising from a series of traffic offences.The 29-year-old - who has also appeared in Resident Evil and The Fast...

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Fascinating Fact 3990

24th September 2007

Former FRIENDS star GIOVANNI RIBISI has joined the cast of director JAMES CAMERON's sci-fi epic AVATAR....

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