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Lara Back On Tv As Casino Boss

7th July 2005

Actress LARA FLYNN BOYLE is heading back to TV two years after being axed from drama series THE PRACTICE to join the cast of hit US show LAS VEGAS. The MEN IN BLACK II...

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Caan Tears Up The Divorce Papers

4th May 2005

THE GODFATHER star JAMES CAAN is planning on giving his marriage another chance after filing for divorce from his fourth wife LINDA last month (APR05). The actor has reportedly rescinded divorce proceedings and now...

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Caan Upset About Divorce News

29th April 2005

Movie tough guy JAMES CAAN is furious with press reports announcing his divorce earlier this month (APR05), because they broke before he had spoken to his children about the break-up. Caan cited "irresponsible differences"...

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James Caan Files For Divorce

20th April 2005

Movie tough guy JAMES CAAN has filed for divorce from his fourth wife LINDA STOKES. The couple were married for almost 10 years and had two children. In court papers filed on Monday...

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Coppola Upset About Godfather Videogame

14th April 2005

Director FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is furious with the makers of a new THE GODFATHER videogame because they didn't consult him for permission to tamper with his epic film. KOCH, the makers of videogame THE...

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Marcil's Men Get A Warning For Caan

1st March 2005

Former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star VANESSA MARCIL is constantly worried about JAMES CAAN meeting the men she dates - because he threatens to kill them if they hurt her. The sexy actress, who co-stars...

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Eastwood Steps Up For Dirty Harry Computer Game

24th February 2005

Legendary film-maker CLINT EASTWOOD has agreed to lend his image and voice to a new computer game based on classic 1971 movie DIRTY HARRY. Eastwood, who played vigilante cop HARRY CALLAHAN in Dirty Harry...

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Stallone Launches Mag After Mortality Fears

10th February 2005

SYLVESTER STALLONE has launched his new mature style magazine SLY with the realisation he only has 884 weekends left in his life. The actor-turned-editorial director has penned the foreword to the first issue of...

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Simmons' Sex Doctor Pens Oral Sex Book

19th January 2005

Carnal expert-to-the-stars DR AVA CADELL is sharing the oral sex tips she's picked up from years chatting with the wildest celebrities in a new book. The celebrated sexologist, who counts JAMES CAAN and JASON...

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Caan Mocks Duhamel After Faux Pas

7th January 2005

Screen hunk JOSH DUHAMEL is constantly teased by JAMES CAAN, after asking the veteran actor if he'd ever worked with MARLON BRANDO. Duhamel was thrilled when he landed a role on TV show LAS...

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Snoop Charms Angel

5th November 2004

Rapper SNOOP DOGG has won himself a new admirer - original CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD. The veteran actress met the hip-hop star when he made a guest appearance as himself on her American...

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Caan Hospitalised After Ignoring Hernia

28th October 2004

Movie veteran JAMES CAAN has been hospitalised after collapsing on the set of his new TV drama LAS VEGAS. THE GODFATHER star reportedly ignored a hernia from roping cattle on his ranch and then...

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Cox Arquette's Night Off With The Pitts

1st September 2004

New mother COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE had a much-needed night off parenting last month (AUG04) to party with celebrity pals JENNIFER ANISTON and BRAD PITT. The actress and husband DAVID ARQUETTE left three-month-old daughter COCO...

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Stars Sign Confidentiality Agreements For Stallone's Show

26th August 2004

MEL GIBSON, WILLIAM SHATNER and JAMES CAAN are among a host of stars who have had to sign confidentiality agreements after viewing tapings of SYLVESTER STALLONE's new boxing reality show. THE CONTENDER, in which...

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Lavigne Offers Up A Lunch

18th June 2004

A fan of AVRIL LAVIGNE has paid over $16,000 (GBP8,800) to dine with her. The Canadian singer offered up the chance to spend a magical luncheon with her as part of a charity eBay...

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Caan Can't Afford To Stop Working

21st April 2004

Hollywood star JAMES CAAN is still working at 65 because his four marriages and five children mean he can't afford to retire. The GODFATHER actor is currently working 12 hour days appearing in a...

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Paris Hilton Heads For Sitcom

15th February 2004

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON has signed up for a guest-staring role in a hit American TV sitcom executive-produced by SANDRA BULLOCK. The blonde beauty, who recently scored a reality TV hit with THE SIMPLE...

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Astin Heads For Vegas

12th February 2004

LORD OF THE RINGS star SEAN ASTIN is making a movie into TV, after signing to star in an upcoming episode of JAMES CAAN's new series LAS VEGAS. Astin's character LLOYD will win $1...

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Duhamel's Achilles Problems Solved By Storyline

27th January 2004

Hollywood hunk JOSH DUHAMEL has had his basketball injury written into the plot of his hit TV show LAS VEGAS - because producers didn't want to leave him out of the series. The actor...

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Molly Sims Buys New Home

22nd December 2003

Sexy model MOLLY SIMS has purchased herself a Los Angeles home for just under $1.6 million (GBP941,176). The three-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom house boasts a pool among its features. Sims, 27, is currently playing JAMES...

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Caan Slams Opinionated Actors

15th December 2003

Veteran star JAMES CAAN thinks his fellow actors should stop offering their "self-important opinions." The ELF actor believes that thespians serve no real purpose to the community, and as such, shouldn't act as if...

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Caan 'Tortures Himself' Over Tv Work

30th September 2003

JAMES CAAN is "torturing himself" over his new debut TV series LAS VEGAS despite its warm reception - because of the stigma of small screen work. The veteran star, 64, who has won plaudits...

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Caan's Affection For Las Vegas

25th September 2003

THE GODFATHER star JAMES CAAN has a huge affection for Las Vegas - even though he's lost hordes of cash in the American gambling capital over the years. The 64-year-old HONEYMOON IN VEGAS star,...

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James Caan Takes On New Role As Family Man

25th September 2003

Screen veteran JAMES CAAN has opted to step away from movies to star in new TV series LAS VEGAS, because he's desperate to spend more time with the his family. The 64-year-old GODFATHER star...

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James Caan's Rodeo Past

17th September 2003

Movie star JAMES CAAN hides a secret past as a rodeo king. THE GODFATHER star had a nine-year career as a rough rider in the 1970s, and became very good. He says,...

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Caan Left Playboy Mansion To Get Real

16th September 2003

JAMES CAAN moved out of the PLAYBOY mansion because he feared he'd never be able to live in the real world again if he outstayed his welcome there. Pal and Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER...

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Caan Goes Back To Vegas

19th August 2003

Movie star JAMES CAAN has taken his young kids back to Las Vegas, Nevada, years after he vowed he'd never return to Sin City. The 63-year-old actor spent his single years in Vegas hanging...

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Godfather Star Furious To Be Cut Out Of Son's Film

7th August 2003

GODFATHER legend JAMES CAAN is furious with his filmmaker son SCOTT - because he's been cut out of his offspring's first movie. Caan, 64, agreed to spend a day playing a director called WALTER...

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Dillon's Love Of Sarongs Annoys Caan

29th April 2003

Actor MATT DILLON picked up a new fashion habit which upset his co-stars when he was filming his new movie CITY OF GHOSTS in Cambodia - wearing sarongs. The Hollywood screen hunk says he...

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