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Abc Hand Extended Contracts To 'The Goldbergs,' 'Super Fun Night' & 'Trophy Wife'

By Joe Wilde | 2nd November 2013

ABC have extended their Tuesday night sitcoms The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife to full seasons, adding nine episodes to the thirteen already being produced. Their fate has been shared by the comedy Super Fun Night,...

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Mark Wahlberg To Replace Leonardo Dicaprio In The Gambler

12th September 2013

Actor Mark Wahlberg is set to replace LEONARDO DiCaprio in a remake of the 1974 James Caan movie The Gambler, according to U.S. reports.The Titanic star was first attached to the lead role in 2011,...

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Mark Wahlberg For The Gambler Remake?

12th September 2013

Mark Wahlberg is eyeing up a remake of 'The Gambler'.The 42-year-old actor and director Rupert Wyatt are in early talks to make a new version of the 1974 drama about a man whose life spirals...

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'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2' Trailer Hints At Deliciousness [Trailer]

By Michael West | 4th July 2013

The new Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 trailer has rolled out online, promising more of the same from Sony's surprise animated hit that appears to be on the verge of forming a franchise....

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14th June 2013 has turned down charity work in the UK because he won't get paid.The Black Eyed Peas musician snubbed the chance to become the ambassador of a £100 million low-interest loan scheme - launched by...

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Jonathan Lipnicki Bled For Shirtless Scene That Never Was

4th June 2013

Jerry Maguire star Jonathan Lipnicki literally bled for a role in James Caan's 2012 movie For The Love Of Money after movie bosses decided he needed to be buff and hairless for a topless scene.The...

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James Caan Denounces Modern Movies

21st May 2013

Veteran actor James Caan has bemoaned the state of the modern film industry, insisting Hollywood is overrun with big-budget franchises.The 73-year-old star of The Godfather feels "very fortunate" to have worked with "the best actors,...

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Small Apartments: Meet 2013'S Most Random Cast! (Trailer And Pictures)

By Michael West | 26th March 2013

Who wouldn't pay to see a comedy movie starring Matt Lucas, Juno Temple, Billy Crystal, Peter Stormare, Amanda Plummer, Rebel Wilson, James Caan, Johnny Knoxville and...wait for it...Dolph Lundgren? Well, that's exactly what you're getting...

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First Look: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2! (Photo)

By Michael West | 23rd January 2013

Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs 2 - or Cloudy 2: Revenge Of The Leftovers - is set to be released on September 27, 2013, and we have the first still to be released by...

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Caan Stars Opposite Son In Hawaii Five-o

29th February 2012

Actor James Caan signed up for a guest appearance on his son Scott's hit U.S. TV drama Hawaii Five-O so the two could spend more time together.The Godfather icon played a retired New York Police...

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Mario Puzo Estate On Godfather Lawsuit: Absolute Baloney

22nd February 2012

Paramount Pictures are trying to put the kibosh on the release of a new Godfather-related novel from Mario Puzo estate. The New York Post have reported that the film company have claimed that the novel...

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Jonathan Lipnicki Wows With Muscly Physique And Tattoo

11th November 2011

Jonathan Lipnicki, the former child star best known for his performance opposite Tom Cruise in 'Jerry Maguire', appears to be all grown up. After a lengthy workout plan, the actor showed off his new-look toned...

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Tom Hardy: 'Nick Nolte Is A Big Bear'

9th September 2011

Tom Hardy compares Nick Nolte to a "big bear".The British actor worked with the Hollywood veteran on his latest film 'Warrior', and feels his "old school" attitude place him in the same league as Marlon...

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Jonathan Lipnicki Threatened By Ex-girlfriend In Apartment

26th May 2011

Jonathan Lipnicki, the American actor best known for playing Renne Zellweger's spectacle-wearing son in the hit movie 'Jerry Maguire', has been granted a restraining order against an ex-girlfriend who broke into his apartment and threatened...

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Rosie Perez Sues Law And Order After Being Wheelchair Bound

20th May 2011

Rosie Perez, the American actress best known for her role in 'Do the Right Thing', is suing the production companies behind crime-drama 'Law and Order: Svu', after she suffered 'severe injuries' while shooting a scene...

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The Things They Say 21203

12th April 2011

"I joke but when I'm not making movies, my wife literally goes 'Go get a job.' And I say, 'Doing what? Making f**king shoes? Start bakin' cakes? I'm a moron! That's why I'm an actor!'"...

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The Things They Say 21195

12th April 2011

"I remember at 16 years old, growing up in Queens (New York), we were punks, but hey, when we went to the theatre, we wore a shirt and tie." Actor James Caan insists he's always...

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James Caan Fears Technology Will Ruin Movie Business

11th April 2011

James Caan fears the movie business is under threat from new technology because film fans will soon be downloading movies straight into their home rather than visiting cinemas.The veteran actor isn't a fan of modern...

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Keanu Reeves Wants You To 'Go See My Movie, Then Have A Romantic Time'

10th April 2011

Keanu Reeves hopes to 'inspire' the audience of his new film 'Henry's Crime'.Keanu Reeves, star of The Matrix and the Bill & Ted movies, hopes that he will inspire cinema goers to his latest project,...

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The Things They Say 21118

6th April 2011

"I cracked my leg somehow. It has screws in it so now the boot's off, and I walk with a cane. Not fun. But I always put my foot in my mouth, so that's probably...

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Reeves In Awe Of Co-star Caan

16th January 2011

KEANU REEVES was delighted to land JAMES CAAN as his co-star in new movie HENRY'S CRIME - because he's always idolised the veteran actor.The Speed star produces and leads the thriller, alongside Caan and actress...

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The Things They Say 19819

14th January 2011

"Here's what I've learned over the years. I'd tell him some dark secrets about something, a girl or something I did. We'd be alone at night, having a beer or coffee... and I'd say, 'Listen,...

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Fascinating Fact 10596

6th January 2011

JAMES CAAN, BILLY BOB THORNTON and ANDY GARCIA all turned out to honour movie legend ROBERT DUVALL as he celebrated his 80th birthday on Wednesday (05Jan11) by cementing his place on the Hollywood Walk of...

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Jonathan Lipnicki To Star As Israeli In For The Love Of Money

19th November 2010

JONATHAN LIPNICKI, the American actor and former child star who appeared in the hit movie 'Jerry Maguire', is set to make his Hollywood return after being cast in the forthcoming film 'For The Love of...

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The Things They Say 19017

17th November 2010

"He was hoping I'd end up Derek Jeter. He wanted me to play short stop for the (New York) Yankees." Acting legend JAMES CAAN had high sporting hopes for his son SCOTT, who ended up...

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The Things They Say 19002

16th November 2010

"With baseball, he was nuts. He chased umpires too, I remember one umpire hid behind a fence because he made a bad call, and I think my dad had a bat in the trunk! I...

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The Things They Say 16454

11th May 2010

"Once I did something for him and he cut me out of the movie... I flew out from Miami, didn’t get paid, worked in 104 degrees and then he cut me out." JAMES CAAN on...

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Duvall & Caans' $1 Million Giveaway

15th April 2010

ROBERT DUVALL, JAMES CAAN and his son SCOTT CAAN are giving away $1 million (£666,000) to help aspiring moviemakers achieve their dreams.The trio serve as Advisory Board Members and shareholders of, a company which...

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Caan's Tequila Soaked Birthday Bash

3rd April 2010

Hollywood playboy JAMES CAAN showed no signs of slowing down while celebrating his 70th birthday last week (26Mar10) - he downed tequila shots and partied until the early hours in Las Vegas.The Godfather star celebrated...

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Caan's Ex Wants Custody Of Kids

10th December 2009

Veteran actor JAMES CAAN will have to fight for his two children with estranged wife LINDA STOKES - his ex has filed for physical custody of the kids following their split last month (Nov09).The star,...

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