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Brown: 'No Regrets About Brothel Upbringing'

5th July 2006

Soul star JAMES BROWN credits his childhood in a whore house with instilling common sense. The PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE singer grew up under the care of his aunt HONEY, who ran a brothel in Augusta,...

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Brown: 'Women Should Know Their Place'

4th July 2006

Soul star JAMES BROWN confesses he has treated women abominably, but he insists the ladies in his life needed to learn "their limitations". The IT'S A MAN'S MAN'S MAN'S WORLD singer has been slammed with...

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Fascinating Fact 1711

2nd July 2006

Soul legend JAMES BROWN insists people entering his Georgia house must be wearing smart trousers, and anyone wearing jeans will not be admitted.

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Willis' Not So Blunt Taste In Music

27th June 2006

Actor BRUCE WILLIS is blunt about what type of music he enjoys - but it doesn't include songs by JAMES BLUNT. Though DIE HARD star Willis and the YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL singer have both dated stunning...

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Healy's Burnt Toast Concert Trauma

26th June 2006

TRAVIS frontman FRAN HEALY nearly brought the world's biggest rock concert to an end after burning his toast backstage. The Scottish DRIFTWOOD singer fused the lights at last year's (JUL05) Live 8 gig in Edinburgh,...

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The Things They Say 2313

21st June 2006

"I'm the most sampled and stolen. What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too. I got a song about that... (but I) don't want a war with the rappers." Soul superstar JAMES BROWN...

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The Things They Say 2169

6th June 2006

"I'd rather smoke a joint than take a sedative. I'd rather come down than be knocked out." JAMES BROWN is determined to grow old gracefully.

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Beckham Bash Bidder's 'Auction Farce'

21st May 2006

The bidder who won tickets to DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM's glitzy World Cup party tonight (21MAY06) fears he will be barred from the bash because of "adverse publicity". DAVE WEST, who made his fortune from...

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Bidder Bags Beckham Bash Tickets

20th May 2006

DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM have raised $185,500 (GBP103,100) for UK charity the National Society For The Protection Of Cruelty To Children (NSPCC) by auctioning off two tickets to their glitzy World Cup party on eBay....

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Black Eyed Peas Bring In Top Talent For Concert

2nd May 2006

LATEST: THE BLACK EYED PEAS are hoping to recruit NELSON MANDELA, OPRAH WINFREY and JAMES BROWN to join them at a benefit concert in South Africa. The hip-hopper have organised The Peapod Benefit Concert in...

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Brown To 'Sing With Williams' At Beckham Bash

22nd April 2006

Soul legend JAMES BROWN is scheduled to duet with ROBBIE WILLIAMS at soccer star DAVID BECKHAM's lavish pre-World Cup party in May (06). The SEX MACHINE star plans to give Williams a run for his...

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Fascinating Fact 1274

25th March 2006

British pop act THE PET SHOP BOYS are headlining a summer festival at the Tower Of London. Other artists booked for the extravaganza, which kicks off in June (06), include JAMES BROWN, JAMIE CULLUM and...

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James Brown Stars In Shanghai

23rd February 2006

Funk legend JAMES BROWN performed in mainland China for the first time yesterday night (22FEB06) when his Asian tour touched down in Shanghai. The (I FEEL LIKE BEING A) SEX MACHINE legend wowed the...

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Boone Adds Atkins' Last Waltz On New Album

17th October 2005

Crooner PAT BOONE plans to release what he believes to be guitar great CHET ATKINS's last recorded performance on his upcoming 60th anniversary album. Boone co-wrote and recorded WALTZ FOR THE LONELY just before...

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Jackson's Charity Single Causes Confusion

17th October 2005

The future of MICHAEL JACKSON's Hurricane Katrina charity single has been thrown into doubt, following claims many of the stars billed to appear on the track have no intention of contributing. MARIAH CAREY, JAY-Z,...

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Faith's Early Christmas Gift

12th October 2005

Rap queen FAITH EVANS is getting festive early - she has recorded a Christmas album. The widow of rap superstar NOTORIOUS BIG will release holiday album A FAITHFUL CHRISTMAS at the end of this...

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Brown Reunites With Wife For Documentary

6th October 2005

JAMES BROWN's wife TOMI RAE appears to have put the couple's marital woes behind her, after signing up to produce a documentary about the Godfather of Soul. The funk star and his spouse are...

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Jackson To 'Record Comeback In London'

30th September 2005

Superstar MICHAEL JACKSON will reportedly step out of hiding in the Middle East next week (begs03OCT05) to record his charity single THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART in Britain. The THRILLER singer has been residing...

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Jackson Breaks His Silence

19th September 2005

Superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has broken his silence over his child molestation court battle, describing the trial as "the hardest thing I've ever done in my life". The THRILLER hitmaker spoke to news agency Associated...

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Brown's Wife Runs Away From Drugs And Violence

15th September 2005

JAMES BROWN's fifth wife TOMI RAE has gone into hiding in Los Angeles after running away from the soul legend, insisting she's tired of her husband's abusive ways. The backing singer, who, at 36,...

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Jackson Recruits Stars For Katrina Song

13th September 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON has recruited a galaxy of stars to appear on his Hurricane Katrina relief single - and he's delighted the cream of America's music industry has flocked to his side following his acquittal on...

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Dando: 'Drugs Good For Music'

26th August 2005

American rocker EVAN DANDO became a drug addict because his childhood heroes were drug users and he wanted to emulate them. The LEMONHEADS frontman, who became addicted to crack and heroin during the band's...

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Iron Maiden Inducted Into Hollywood Rock Walk

11th August 2005

IRON MAIDEN has been honoured with the ultimate rock accolade - they are to be inducted into Hollywood's Rock Walk Of Fame. The British metal legends, who have enjoyed a resurgence of interest since...

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James Brown 'Rape' Case Thrown Out

30th June 2005

A civil rape claim against singing legend JAMES BROWN has been thrown out, because the two year time limit to bring an allegation before a US court has expired. Brown's former PR assistant JACQUE...

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James Brown To Close Edinburgh Live 8 Gig

28th June 2005

Soul legend JAMES BROWN will headline the Edinburgh leg of Live 8 next week (06JUL05) - as world leaders meet at the G8 summit in nearby Gleneagles, Scotland. The SEX MACHINE star is keen...

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Brown Slams Modern Music

22nd June 2005

Soul legend JAMES BROWN has attacked on modern hip hop and R+B, claiming new artists have none of the "vitality, vigour or dynamics" from his day. The 72-year-old claims technology has replaced talent and...

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Wives 'Didn't Understand' James Brown

22nd June 2005

JAMES BROWN's string of marriages failed because his ex-wives didn't understand him, the singer claims. The 72-year-old singer has been married to current wife TOMMIE RAE HYNIE, successfully for three years - but he...

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God Helped Brown Beat Cancer

22nd June 2005

Godfather Of Soul JAMES BROWN called on God to help him through his battle with cancer last year (04). The 72-year-old SEX MACHINE legend believes he only survived his gruelling prostate cancer treatment through...

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Will I Am: 'James Brown Is The Coolest'

3rd June 2005

BLACK EYED PEAS star WILL.I.AM decided soul legend JAMES BROWN was the world's "coolest musician" - after he witnessed helpers attending to the singer's every whim at the mere clap of his hands. The...

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Usher Looks Set For Dreamgirls

19th May 2005

LATEST: R+B star USHER has confirmed he is in negotiations to star in a new movie version of the musical DREAMGIRLS - just days after his mother denied any association with the project. If...

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