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Jessica Parker: I Do Everything For Broderick

20th May 2004

SARAH JESSICA PARKER has finally identified the secret of her and fellow actor MATTHEW BRODERICK's marriage - she does everything for him. The former SEX AND THE CITY star, who gave birth to their...

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Christian Singer Slams Sexy Spears

17th May 2004

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS's raunchy image has come under fire once again - this time from GRAMMY-winning Christian singer REBECCA ST. JAMES. The Australian-born singer - who fronts the TRUE LOVE WAITS organization in...

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Nemo Star's Special Road Trip

14th May 2004

FINDING NEMO star JOHN RATZENBERGER is treating his teenage son to a trip around America after falling in love with a brand new Airstream trailer. The actor, who also played barfly CLIFF CALVIN in...

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Hollywood Hunts For A New Ali

11th May 2004

Hollywood studio chiefs are looking for a new MUHAMMAD ALI to appear in an upcoming biopic of SONNY LISTON. PULP FICTION star VING RHAMES has signed on to play the lead and JAMES WOODS...

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Arness Rejects Grammer

28th April 2004

FRASIER star KELSEY GRAMMER has been rejected by veteran actor JAMES ARNESS, after offering to do a TV interview with him. Grammer wanted to promote his show's final season by teaming up with former...

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Anthony Accompanies J.lo Inside Actors Studio

22nd April 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ gave New York film students an extra thrill when she shared her craft secrets on TV show INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO - because her latest beau MARC ANTHONY accompanied her. The MAID...

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Sandra Gets Serious

21st April 2004

Movie beauty SANDRA BULLOCK's unconventional romance with TV actor JESSE JAMES is getting serious - the wildman has had her name tattooed on his wrist. The SPEED actress, 39, has been dating 34-year-old MONSTER...

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Farrell Gives Up Girls

16th April 2004

Movie hunk COLIN FARRELL is dispensing with his lothario reputation - in a bid to put all his energies into caring for baby son JAMES. The PHONE BOOTH star has spent the last few...

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Wayans' Passion For Freebies

9th April 2004

Comedian MARLON WAYANS' favourite aspect of being a celebrity is the constant opportunity to load up on free goods. The SCARY MOVIE star attended DETAILS magazine's NEXT BIG THING party along with brother DAMON...

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J.lo To Go Inside The Actor's Studio

6th April 2004

Hollywood superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is poised to thrill film students when she shares her craft secrets with them on TV show INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO. The sexy MAID IN MANHATTAN star - whose latest...

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Minogue To Woo Bond?

5th April 2004

Pop star KYLIE MINOGUE has emerged as the favourite to star opposite JAMES BOND in the new 007 movie. The sexy singer is reportedly eager to launch a career on the big screen and...

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Nicholson Prefers Working With Past Directors

26th March 2004

Movie legend JACK NICHOLSON is more than content with the actors and directors he's already worked with - and he'd happily work with them again instead of with up-and-coming Hollywood talent. The AS...

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Church's Mother To Reveal All In Memoirs

24th March 2004

CHARLOTTE CHURCH's mother MARIA is planning to reveal all in her memoirs - including her own breakdown and details about the singer's transition from child to adult. The 38-year-old is keen to set...

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Brosnan Touts Salmon As Bond Replacement

23rd March 2004

Irish movie heart-throb PIERCE BROSNAN has chosen his replacement as JAMES BOND - black British actor COLIN SALMON. Brosnan's contract with 007 producers finished after 2002's DIE ANOTHER DAY and he is unsure whether...

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Farrell Dotes On Baby Son

22nd March 2004

Hollywood wildman COLIN FARRELL has been spending some quality time with his baby son - in his most demanding role yet. ALEXANDER star Farrell, 27, enjoys an amicable relationship with six-month-old JAMES' model mother...

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Falco Pokes Fun At Heavyweight Gandolfini

18th March 2004

EDIE FALCO has fuelled speculation that THE SOPRANOS co-star JAMES GANDOLFINI is struggling with his weight again after revealing he rarely stops eating on the set of the hit drama. The actress, who plays...

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Orlando To Bloom Into 007?

18th March 2004

LORD OF THE RINGS heart-throb ORLANDO BLOOM is set to be the next JAMES BOND - after Irish actor PIERCE BROSNAN retires as 007. The British actor, who played elf LEGOLAS in the JRR...

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Weepy Winslet Breaks Down On American Tv

16th March 2004

Newlywed actress KATE WINSLET has stunned American television host JAMES LIPTON by breaking down in tears while talking about life with husband SAM MENDES and their new son JOE. The TITANIC beauty, 28, only...

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Farrell Implements No Smoking Zone Around Son

11th March 2004

Doting dad COLIN FARRELL is determined not to allow his own bad habits to impact on baby son JAMES's life - so he has set up a no smoking zone around the youngster. The...

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More Financial Headaches For Jackson

4th March 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's finances have come into question again - the man behind two of the pop superstar's defunct websites claims he always delayed making payments. Following up on a NEW YORK TIMES article, which...

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Church's Mother Ko's Boyfriend Introduction

27th February 2004

CHARLOTTE CHURCH's over-protective mother MARIA prevented new flame KYLE JOHNSON from being invited to her family birthday celebration on Saturday night (21FEB04). The VOICE OF AN ANGEL singer, 18, is desperate for her hunky...

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Farrell Goes To Court Over Child Support

25th February 2004

COLIN FARRELL is heading to court to work out how much he must pay for child support. The PHONE BOOTH star, 27, will go before a judge over a paternity case filed by...

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Parker Hits Back At Speech Criticism

22nd February 2004

Actress SARAH JESSICA PARKER has hit back at the criticism she received for failing to mention her husband MATTHEW BRODERICK and son JAMES during her GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD acceptance speech. The actress picked up...

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Church Eyes Property Present

18th February 2004

Singing sensation CHARLOTTE CHURCH plans to give herself an extra-special birthday present next week (17FEB04) - a plush new house in north London's fashionable Primrose Hill district. The VOICE OF AN ANGEL singer, who...

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Westlife Byrne Blasts Blue

6th February 2004

WESTLIFE hunk NICKY BYRNE has slammed rival boyband BLUE for not having a "hope in hell" in matching his group's record of 12 number one British singles. The MANDY singer decided to lay into...

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Master P In Court Over Tax Violation

5th February 2004

Rap mogul PERCY 'MASTER P' MILLER is scheduled to appear in court today (05FEB04), after admitting he failed to file a corporate tax return seven years ago. Miller, father of teen rapper LIL' ROMEO,...

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Thompson's Daughter In Turtle Drama

3rd February 2004

English actress EMMA THOMPSON's young daughter GAIA got a shock while holidaying in the Seychelles last week (ends30JAN04) - when she was bitten by a turtle. The four-year-old girl was feeding a 150-year-old chelonian...

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Andre 3000 And Keitel Join Get Shorty Sequel Cast

3rd February 2004

OUTKAST rapper ANDRE 3000 and veteran actor HARVEY KEITEL are the latest additions to the all-star cast of movie sequel BE COOL. The HEY YA! singer will play the frontman of a rap group...

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Eastwood: Stop Blaming Movies For Violence

26th January 2004

CLINT EASTWOOD insists people should stop blaming movies for the world's growing violence - because the BIBLE could bear as much responsibility for violent crimes. The DIRTY HARRY star, 73, believes those who commit...

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Mcgregor's Dad Proud Of Manhood

23rd January 2004

Hollywood actor EWAN McGREGOR's love of stripping off in the name of art has impressed his father, who's proud of the size of his son's manhood. The BIG FISH star proudly states his dad...

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