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Farrell Proud He Can Take Care Of His Family

3rd December 2004

Movie star COLIN FARRELL insists he can retire tomorrow because he has made enough cash to support his family and ensure his son JAMES will never have to work. The Irishman has been careful...

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Farrell And Hilton's Intimate Encounter

29th November 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL reportedly enjoyed a romantic liaison with American socialite PARIS HILTON last week (ends26NOV04). The PHONE BOOTH hunk was promoting his new film ALEXANDER when he bumped into the blonde heiress,...

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Farrell Mocks Audience For Fatherhood Applause

25th November 2004

COLIN FARRELL mocked the audience of an American TV show this morning (24NOV04) - because they applauded him for having "an orgasm". The PHONE BOOTH star appeared on talk show THE VIEW alongside ANGELINA...

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Stars' Memorabilia Goes Up For Auction

23rd November 2004

Memorabilia from MADONNA, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and CHRISTINA AGUILERA will go up for auction on Sunday (28NOV04) to benefit a non-profit advocacy organisation. Madonna's gold and platinum awards for her RAY OF LIGHT album will...

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Farrell To Take Movie Hiatus

23rd November 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL will take a hiatus from his hectic movie career to spend more time with his baby boy JAMES. The PHONE BOOTH hunk fears he is spending too much time shooting...

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Farrell's Premonition At Son's Conception

22nd November 2004

Hollywood hunk COLIN FARRELL had a spooky premonition he would father his first son "seconds before he was conceived". The PHONE BOOTH star believes his great-grandfather JAMES' death last year (03) was a sign...

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Farrell: 'I Will Never Find Love'

22nd November 2004

Irish lothario COLIN FARRELL fears he will never find love because his conflicting desires have destroyed his previous romances. The PHONE BOOTH star believes his obsessive behaviour and yearning for new experiences led him...

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Moore Returns As Bond

19th November 2004

English actor SIR ROGER MOORE is reprising his most famous role as JAMES BOND to help London bid to host the 2012 OLYMPICS. The suave star, 77, has broken his 19-year hiatus as superspy...

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Farrell: 'I Love My Son More Than My Mother'

18th November 2004

Actor COLIN FARRELL has developed such a strong emotional bond with his baby son JAMES, he now loves the tot more than his own mother. Farrell has always boasted of his strong relationship with...

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Hamilton Opens Up About First Marriage Hell

18th November 2004

Actress LINDA HAMILTON has made a public apology to her first husband BRUCE ABBOTT for making his life a misery with her undiagnosed bipolar problems. THE TERMINATOR star was diagnosed a manic...

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'Young Is A Wonderful Actor', Says Dench

10th November 2004

British singer WILL YOUNG has had praise lavished on him by veteran actress DAME JUDI DENCH, who's branded him a "wonderful" actor. LEAVE RIGHT NOW star Young makes his movie debut in forthcoming musical...

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Simon Cowell Gives Blue The Boot

1st November 2004

Acid tongued AMERICAN IDOL judge SIMON COWELL has slammed British boy band BLUE for their latest chart attempt - saying it should be their last. The outspoken music mogul is appalled at Blue's new...

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Ben Fought For Christmas Role

19th October 2004

BEN AFFLECK had to fight for his role in new festive comedy SURVIVING CHRISTMAS because producers didn't think he was funny enough. The movie star admits he wasn't at the top of anyone's list...

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Weaver's Hula Dance For Husband

14th October 2004

ALIEN star SIGOURNEY WEAVER gave a special treat to her husband JAMES SIMPSON for their 20th wedding anniversary - by performing a sexy hula dance for him. The couple celebrated their anniversary on 1...

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Pfeiffer Won't Work With Husband

12th October 2004

Hollywood beauty MICHELLE PFEIFFER refuses to work with her husband after making a rule not to mix their professional and personal lives. Television show creator DAVID E KELLEY - the mastermind behind TV hits...

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Brando Tops Gangster Poll

10th October 2004

Late actor MARLON BRANDO has been voted the best movie gangster of all time, for his role in 1972 classic THE GODFATHER. In a poll for British cinema chain UCI, Brando's portrayal of DON...

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Loretta Lynn And Van Morrison To Be Honoured

1st October 2004

LORETTA LYNN and VAN MORRISON have been chosen to receive Icon Honor awards at the upcoming BMI COUNTRY AWARDS in Nashville, Tennessee, in November (04). The performing rights organisation's honour is a tonic for...

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Church's Heart Set On Luxury Yacht

20th September 2004

Teenage star CHARLOTTE CHURCH is ready to spend $1.44 million (GBP800,000) on a luxury motor yacht complete with sun deck, luxury cabins and leather sofas. The VOICE OF AN ANGEL singer, who recently gained...

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Broderick Ruffled By Raffi Shut-out

13th September 2004

Actor MATTHEW BRODERICK has been forced to reassess his celebrity status, after failing to get his hands on tickets to a concert by children's entertainer RAFFI. JAMES, Broderick's 22-month-old son with wife SARAH JESSICA...

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Church's Pub Bid

8th September 2004

Welsh opera star CHARLOTTE CHURCH is trying to buy her local pub. The 18-year-old singer has offered $144,000 (GBP80,000) for the ROBIN HOOD pub in Cardiff - where she used to sing karaoke as...

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Beyonce And Jay-z Spend Big On Art

3rd September 2004

DESTINY'S CHILD frontwoman BEYONCE KNOWLES and her rapper boyfriend JAY-Z have snapped up a treasure trove of art - for close to $1 million (GBP550,000). The CRAZY IN LOVE beauty and her beau have...

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Farrell Will Continue To Party Hard

19th August 2004

COLIN FARRELL plans to continue partying - despite becoming a father last year (03). The PHONE BOOTH star, 28, is adamant he will still indulge in his hedonistic lifestyle even though he became...

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Grant's Lover Gets Dad's Approval

16th August 2004

British actor HUGH GRANT has raised suspicions about a future wedding by taking his socialite lover JEMIMA KHAN home to meet his father. The LOVE ACTUALLY star, 44, drove Khan, 30, to Cornwall, England,...

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Parker Secures Free Clothes For Son

2nd August 2004

SEX AND THE CITY star SARAH JESSICA PARKER is benefiting from her new role advertising leading clothing store GAP - because she gets free clothes for her baby son. The American actress, 39, who...

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Carlisle Prefers France's Attitude To Older Women

30th July 2004

American singer BELINDA CARLISLE loves living in France because they celebrate older women and young men still try to "pick" her up. The HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH, 45, who lives with her...

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Farrell Plans Movie Break

25th July 2004

PHONE BOOTH star COLIN FARRELL is planning to take a break from his Hollywood career, because he's determined to spend time with his son JAMES as he grows up. The Irish heart-throb and his...

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Princess Diana's Ex-lover Arrested After Photographer Called Police

23rd July 2004

LATEST: The ex-lover of late British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, JAMES HEWITT, was arrested for allegedly possessing cocaine after a photographer informed police. DENNIS GILL spotted former army captain Hewitt and his TV...

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Farrell Planning Break With Baby Son

12th July 2004

Hollywood wildman COLIN FARRELL is planning an extended break after he finishes shooting his next movie, so he can spend time with his baby son The Irish star has made a staggering 12 movies...

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Monroe's Messy Mandolin War

8th July 2004

A mandolin owned by country legend BILL MONROE is at the centre of a messy dispute in Nashville, Tennessee, as the plucker's son and the foundation Monroe founded argue over who should own the instrument....

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Clive Owen's Cheap Bond Offer

7th July 2004

British movie star CLIVE OWEN has been offered $5 (GBP2.80) to play JAMES BOND. The CROUPIER star, who is a favourite to take over the 007 role from PIERCE BROSNAN, was offered the cash...

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