Titanic director James Cameron is teaming up with a team of reality TV boffins in a bid to prove the film's hero, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, did not die in vain in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic.
In the smash-hit movie, DiCaprio's character Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet's Rose DeWitt Bukater are left clinging to a plank of floating debris after the cruise ship sinks following a collision with an iceberg en route to America.
Experts insist the lovers would have been able to stay afloat on the plank of wood until help arrived, but the moviemaker is keen to prove them wrong - and he has joined forces with the stars of TV's Mythbusters to make his case.
He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It’s interesting 'cause I think MythBusters is gonna tackle this problem, and I’m gonna help them do it, actually. We’re gonna put it to rest.
"Actually, it's not a question of room, it's a question of buoyancy. When Jack puts Rose on the raft, then he tries to get on the raft. He's not an idiot, he doesn't want to die. And the raft sinks and kind of flips. So it's clear that there's only enough buoyancy available for one person. So he makes a decision to let her be that person instead of taking them both down."
Hypothermia eventually claims DiCaprio's Dawson, but Winslet's character survives.
Cameron adds, "If they he had gotten on (the plank) with her they both would have been half in and half out of the water, even if they could balance on it - and they would have both died (from hypothermia)."