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Moss Battles With Jagger For Prince Williams' Friend

17th August 2004

KATE MOSS is locked in a battle with JADE JAGGER over the affections of a pal of British Royal PRINCE WILLIAM, just days after repairing their friendship after a two-year war. Wealthy JACOBI ANSTRUTHER-GOUGH-CALTHORPE,...

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Moss And Jagger: Friends Reunited

11th August 2004

Supermodel KATE MOSS and jewellery designer JADE JAGGER have kissed and made-up after SIR MICK JAGGER's daughter finally forgave the beauty for stealing her boyfriend. The pair have been sworn enemies for almost two...

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Jagger's Dog Fight Settled

9th June 2004

Rock daughter JADE JAGGER's battle with the owner of a sheep savaged to death by her dog has been settled out of court. The offspring of SIR MICK JAGGER's Ibizan hunting dog - reportedly...

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Gallagher Makes Shock Live Appearance

8th April 2004

OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER shocked concert-goers watching a little-known band last night (07APR04) - by joining them onstage. The WONDERWALL songwriter - who is currently working on Oasis' upcoming record in Cornwall, south England...

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Williams Talks About Jagger

22nd March 2004

Musician PHARRELL WILLIAMS has blasted the media for misinterpreting his admiration for rock daughter JADE JAGGER and turning their friendship into a romance. Part of producing duo THE NEPTUNES, Williams was romantically linked...

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Jade Jagger Reunited With Pharrell Williams

13th February 2004

The daughter of rocker SIR MICK JAGGER is following her father's example by dating two lovers at the same time, after reuniting with ex-love PHARRELL WILLIAMS. Fashion designer JADE JAGGER has enjoyed a romantic...

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Jade Jagger Slams Mick's Ex-girlfriends

3rd February 2004

The daughter of SIR MICK JAGGER has slammed her dad's former girlfriends - for behaving like "b**ches" around the ROLLING STONES singer. Fashion designer JADE JAGGER claims she'd never date a rocker because she...

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Williamson Enchanted By 'New Muse' Sienna

28th January 2004

Fashion designer MATTHEW WILLIAMSON has reportedly asked JUDE LAW's new love SIENNA MILLER to be the unofficial face of his new collection, replacing former favourite JADE JAGGER. The ALFIE actress - who has been...

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Jade Jagger's Jewellery Rant

14th October 2003

JADE JAGGER released a foul mouthed rant at JANE MARCH at last weekend's (11/12OCT03) WORLD MUSIC AWARDS, because the actress failed to wear the designer's jewellery as promised. Jade - who's a designer for...

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Blu Cantrell Calls In The Girls

5th October 2003

R+B babe BLU CANTRELL has called in a host of glamorous pals to star in her next pop video - but her dream would be to have VICTORIA BECKHAM put in an appearance. The...

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Jagger Avoids Moss

29th August 2003

The feud between KATE MOSS and MICK JAGGER's daughter has become so intense, JADE JAGGER refused to watch her father play an intimate gig because she didn't want to bump into the model. The...

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Jagger Ladies Reunite

2nd July 2003

Former model JERRY HALL is fronting an advertising campaign with her former step-daughter JADE JAGGER and their respective children. ROLLING STONES singer SIR MICK JAGGER's ex-wife and his daughter from his first marriage to...

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Jagger's Skimpy Jewellery Stunt

3rd June 2003

Party girl JADE JAGGER has stripped down to her knickers to model for jewellery house GARRAD. The 31-year-old daughter of ROLLING STONE frontman MICK is the creative director for the posh jewellers, and earns...

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Olivier Answers Kylie's Prayers

1st June 2003

Loved-up pop minx KYLIE MINOGUE has introduced her sexy new boyfriend OLIVIER MARTINEZ to her parents. The diminutive diva took her UNFAITHFUL actor lover to wildlife park EL QUESTRO in the Australian outback...

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Pharrell's Wife Ambition

15th May 2003

N*E*R*D star PHARRELL WILLIAMS is one of the world's most popular hip-hop producers - but his life won't be fulfilled until he settles down with a wife and children. The enigmatic musician - who's...

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Jade And Christina. A New Feud.

10th April 2003

JADE JAGGER is the latest to start a battle of words with CHRISTINA AGUILERA. SIR MICK's daughter had a run in with Christina after Christian caught the eye of her boyfriend PHARREL WILLIAMS from...

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Kylie Desperate For Baby

28th March 2003

Pop princess KYLIE MINOGUE is settling down with her French actor beau OLIVIER MARTINEZ - and was overheard telling friends she'd like to have a baby. The CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD...

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Pharrell.s Penchant For Brazilian Babes

24th March 2003

Newly single N*E*R*D frontman PHARRELL WILLIAMS loved working with Brazilian beauties on his latest video - because it gave him a new appreciation for the country. The rap sensation filmed his latest video PROVIDER...

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Jade Jagger Too Hot To Handle

23rd March 2003

Rapper PHARRELL WILLIAMS ended his fling with rock heiress JADE JAGGER because she was too demanding in the bedroom. Williams, one of the prolific record producers THE NEPTUNES and rapper with N*E*R*D, said Jagger,...

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Jade Jagger Travels Across The World To Get Her Hands On N.e.r.d Rapper

23rd March 2003

JADE JAGGER was so desperate to snare rapper PHARRELL WILLIAMS she flew to New York for a night of passion with him. The couple met at last November's (02) MTV Awards in Barcelona....

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Nightclub Fight Leads To Split

23rd March 2003

N*E*R*D star PHARRELL WILLIAMS has revealed all about the public bust-up that led to his split with JADE JAGGER. Jagger, daughter of ROLLING STONES front-man MICK JAGGER, dragged N*E*R*D rapper Williams out of a...

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