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Lil Wayne Releasing 'Tha Carter Iv' After Vmas

22nd August 2011

Lil Wayne is set to release his 'Tha Carter IV' album after his appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday (28.08.11).The 'Lollipop' rapper - whose record was previously due to drop on...

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Jadakiss Concert Goes Ahead Despite Boycott

25th April 2011

Rapper Jadakiss went ahead with a concert in Swaziland, Southern Africa on Saturday night (23Apr11) despite protests from members of a youth group who urged fans to boycott the gig.The hip-hop star took to the...

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Jadakiss Removes Himself From Drugs Scandal

27th August 2009

Rapper JADAKISS has distanced himself from a recent drugs scandal at his New York home - insisting he had no involvement in the huge stash of narcotics and cash found during a police raid at...

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Police Raid Jadakiss' Apartment

25th August 2009

Rapper JADAKISS has been caught up in a drugs scandal after his New York home was raided by police.The star's apartment in Yonkers was targeted by cops on Friday (21Aug09) who obtained a search warrant...

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Jadakiss Shares Lil' Kim's Grievances Over Notorious Portrayal

22nd April 2009

Rapper JADAKISS sympathises with LIL' KIM over her portrayal in the recent NOTORIOUS B.I.G. biopic, insisting filmmakers got her character "a little wrong". The Knock Yourself Out star, real name Jason Phillips, was a good friend...

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The Things They Say 11841

8th April 2009

"I like real dudes so when I get a call from Jada, it's an honour." Rap icon NAS explains his decision to make a rare guest appearance on pal JADAKISS' new album THE LAST KISS....

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Fascinating Fact 7088

31st March 2009

Rapper BUSTA RHYMES called in an all-star cast for his new video RESPECT MY CONGLOMERATE - the promo features appearances by hip-hop stars LIL WAYNE, RAEKWON and JADAKISS, and actors IDRIS ELBA, TYRESE GIBSON and...

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Jadakiss' New Lp Delayed Until 2009

28th November 2008

Rapper JADAKISS has had the release of his forthcoming album THE LAST KISS pushed back until 2009. The Lox star was originally slated to drop his new LP in December (08), but bosses at his...

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Jadakiss Bows To Pressure To Change Album Name

30th October 2008

Rapper JADAKISS has been forced to change the name of his upcoming album KISS MY ASS after the title received negative feedback from retailers. The Lox star has now bowed to industry pressure and the...

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50 Cent And Jadakiss Kiss And Make Up

18th September 2008

50 CENT has ended his long rift with rival rapper JADAKISS, and the pair are now planning a collaboration. The pair has been at war ever since Jadakiss appeared on Murder Inc. rapper Ja Rule's...

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Jadakiss Weapons Charges Dropped

4th October 2007

Prosecutors in Westchester County, New York have dropped a year old weapons charges against JADAKISS due to a lack of DNA matches on a handgun found in the rapper's car. Jadakiss - real name Jason...

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50 Cent: 'Young Buck Not Fired From G-unit'

10th April 2007

Rapper 50 CENT has denied reports he has fired YOUNG BUCK from his G-UNIT group, calling his comments on New York radio station last week (04APR07) a "late April fools joke". The IN DA CLUB...

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Jadakiss Pleads Not Guilty Of Gun Charge

9th February 2007

Rapper JADAKISS has pleaded not guilty to gun possession charges. The rapper, real name JASON PHILLIPS, appeared in court in White Plains, New York yesterday (08FEB07) to face the charges following his arrest in October...

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Jadakiss Released On Bail

11th October 2006

LATEST: Rapper JADAKISS has been released from jail following his arrest on suspicion of drug and weapon possession after posting $5,000 (GBP2,800) bail. Police allegedly found a loaded handgun and marijuana inside the hip-hop star's...

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Jadakiss Arrested Over Gun Possession

8th October 2006

Rapper JADAKISS was arrested yesterday (07OCT06) on suspicion of weapon possession. Police found a loaded handgun inside the hip-hop star's car after a routine stop-and-search. It is the second firearms arrest for rapper, real name...

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Parisian Influence On Diddy's New Album

17th August 2006

SEAN COMBS was stunned when he realised a new song featuring JADAKISS and FAT JOE is sung by socialite PARIS HILTON. The rap mogul admits he wouldn't normally listen to a Hilton track, but was...

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West + Wall Team Up For Shocking Diamond Trade Documentary

20th July 2006

Rappers KANYE WEST and PAUL WALL have teamed up to help educate their peers about 'bling' they shouldn't be buying. The pair joins the likes of JADAKISS and RAEKWON in a hard-hitting new documentary about...

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Hilton Plans August Album Release

20th July 2006

Socialite PARIS HILTON will release her much-anticipated debut album on 22 August (06). The project, recorded in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, will feature collaborations with producers SCOTT STORCH and DR LUKE, in-demand songwriter KARA...

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Hip-hop Stars Head To Sierra Leone

26th April 2006

Hip-hop stars KANYE WEST, JADAKISS, PAUL WALL and TEGO CALDERON will head to Sierra Leone, Africa, for the documentary BLING: A PLANET ROCK. The film chronicles the diamond wars of Sierra Leone and how hip-hop's...

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Hilton Hires Oscar-winning Rappers For Album

30th March 2006

Socialite PARIS HILTON has enrolled Oscar-winning rap group THREE 6 MAFIA to produce and record tracks for her long-awaited debut album. THE SIMPLE LIFE reality TV star has been promising to launch a pop career...

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The Things They Say 1221

9th February 2006

"I always wanted to make raps that could be respected in the barbershop but that an old white lady could also understand. So I'm JADAKISS meets WILL SMITH." Rapper KANYE WEST on his ideal appeal....

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Lox To Stop Recording Albums After Record Label Feud

11th November 2005

Rappers LOX are threatening to never record an album again after falling out with their label Interscope - and band members JADAKISS and STYLES P are also refusing to make any more solo albums....

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Mariah To Release Expanded Mimi

15th October 2005

MARIAH CAREY has announced plans to re-release her phenomenally successful album THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI with four new tracks. The new 'Platinum Edition' boasts fourth single DON'T FORGET ABOUT US; SO LONELY (ONE AND...

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Fat Joe: '50 Cent Feud Is Entertainment'

8th June 2005

FAT JOE has lifted the lid on his public war of words with fellow rapper 50 CENT - he insists their feud is nothing more than "entertainment". 50 Cent recently launched a verbal assault...

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Jadakiss Admires 50 Cent's Art Of War

3rd June 2005

Rapper JADAKISS is refusing to rise to 50 CENT's album taunts, instead hailing his new rival "a marketing genius". The laid back rap star, real name JAYSON PHILLIPS, upset 50 when he teamed up...

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Eminem's Dj Quits Over 50 Cent Comments

8th May 2005

EMINEM's ANGER MANAGEMENT 3 tour DJ has quit to avoid making the SLIM SHADY star choose between him and protege 50 CENT. DJ GREEN LANTERN resigned last month (APR05) to prevent placing his...

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50 Cent Launches Another Lyrical Attack On Jadakiss

9th April 2005

50 CENT has declared himself the boss of New York City in a new rap track, in which he also brands JADAKISS little more than a "disgruntled employee". In an ongoing war of words...

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Jadakiss Still In Possession Of Borrowed Jewellery

7th April 2005

Rapper JADAKISS has been accused of failing to return some expensive jewellery to its owner. The hip-hop star's record label RUFF RYDERS hired the glittering baubles from New York jeweller-to-the-stars SOL RAFAEL, who counts...

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Nas: '50 Cent Isn't Worthy Of A Response'

28th March 2005

Rapper NAS has refused to respond to jibes by rival 50 CENT, slamming the star as a "new artist" who needs to record more albums before he is worthy of the effort. Since storming...

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Jadakiss Takes Plea Agreement In Guns + Drugs Case

25th March 2005

Rapper JADAKISS has reached a plea agreement in his ongoing marijuana and gun possession case, allowing him to walk free if he abides by the law for the next three months. The hip-hop star,...

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