PAPA ROACH singer Jacoby Shaddix is on the road to recovery following his throat surgery last month (Aug12).

The group cancelled a string of shows after the frontman was diagnosed with a nodule on his left vocal cord and he underwent a corrective procedure to prevent further damage.

Shaddix reveals in a new interview that his recovery is going well - but admits he has struggled to stay silent as he rested his throat.

He tells music website, "Recovery is going really good. It was a little tough in the beginning; I couldn't talk at all so that sucked. It was the longest silence of my life since I was born; I just wanted to talk so bad.

"(I) went to the first doctor's appointment, all good. Went to another one yesterday and the doctor said I could start warming up. It was funny because they put a camera down my nose and down my throat to look down there and they couldn't see which side they operated on because it had healed so well. They had to go back and look at the 'before' pictures, so that's a good sign. It's healing really well.

"I'll find out exactly how my voice sounds in the next few weeks. Anything is better than what it was, though, because it was f**king terrible. I'm good."