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"Loyalty comes first" Let's see how that fits with these two scenarios:1) 2003 - Justin Timberlake backs out of a (remixed) single release with Mariah Carey because he doesn't want his name linked with her then career troubles. His girlfriend (widely reported to have had 'issues' with Carey in the past after she snubbed overtures made by Diaz' [then] boyfriend Matt Dillon) praised his decision to hang Mariah Out To Dry.2) 2004 - Timberlake goes to extreme lengths to distance himself from Janet Jackson after their Superbowl performance and the nasty backlash that shortly ensued; immediately hanging Janet Out. To. Dry.2005 - After Mariah Carey's return to prominence, Justin tells anyone who would listen how much he would love to work with her again for his upcoming album and also how keenly receptive he would be to the release of their previously recorded duet.2005/6 - In keeping with the traditional promotional buzz, Justin aims for a more 'bad boy' image, and repeatedly refers to his part in the 2004 Superbowl incident he was previously so determined NOT to be considered a part of."Loyalty comes first" JDJ? I think it's clearly evident that a 'loyal' theme runs through Justin's career and life all right; his 'loyalty' to HIMSELF.
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