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Schwarzenegger And Chan To Tackle Chinese Dvd Pirates

3rd October 2005

TERMINATOR legend ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and martial arts action pal JACKIE CHAN are joining forces to kick out Chinese DVD pirating. The Hollywood hard man - now Governor of California - is set to front...

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Chan Gives Up Action

18th September 2005

JACKIE CHAN is so desperate to be taken seriously as an actor he is refusing star in anymore action movies. The 51-year-old THE TUXEDO star hates being known for his martial arts skills over his...

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China Honours Screen Stars With Stamps

1st September 2005

Screen stars BRUCE LEE, JACKIE CHAN and CHOW YUN-FAT have been celebrated in a special stamp collection in honour of Chinese cinema's 100th anniversary. The collectable treasures, which boast mini biographies of the stars...

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Chan Slams Hollywood For Typecasting Him

17th July 2005

Martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN has slammed Hollywood bosses for typecasting him in a string of predictable action comedies which are guaranteed to succeed at the box office. The RUSH HOUR star prefers making...

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Chan Slams Demanding Tucker For Delaying Rush Hour

11th July 2005

LATEST: Martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN has accused his RUSH HOUR co-star CHRIS TUCKER of delaying the third sequel of the hit movie by demanding too much power over the project. Tucker pulled out...

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Chan Still On Course For Rush Hour 3

8th July 2005

LATEST: Martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN is refusing to give up on a third RUSH HOUR movie even if his sidekick, CHRIS TUCKER, isn't interested. Tucker pulled out of Rush Hour 3 last month...

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Chow: Bruce Is The Master

4th July 2005

KUNG FU HUSTLE star STEPHEN CHOW owes his success to childhood hero BRUCE LEE - but he admits he will never be as good at martial arts as the ENTER THE DRAGON legend. The...

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Chan Awarded French Honour

29th June 2005

Kung Fu master JACKIE CHAN has received an honourary medal from the City of Paris in recognition of his illustrious film career - and his sense of humour. The RUSH HOUR actor, 51, was...

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Chan Urges Foreigners To Marry Chinese Women

15th June 2005

Martial arts actor JACKIE CHAN is urging western men to marry Shanghai women, to help spread Chinese culture and language around the world. The RUSH HOUR star is disgusted by the global ignorance surrounding...

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Chan Hits Out At Taiwanese Press

12th June 2005

Martial arts actor JACKIE CHAN has attacked the Taiwanese press for twisting his words when he criticised last year's (04) controversial elections, although he apologies for any unintentional hurt caused. The RUSH HOUR star...

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No Rush For Rush Hour

30th May 2005

LATEST: The second RUSH HOUR sequel is on the go-slow again following reports funnyman CHRIS TUCKER has quit the project. Tucker signed up for RUSH HOUR 3 with co-star JACKIE CHAN earlier this month...

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Chan's Stunts Stunted By Hollywood

19th May 2005

Kung Fu superstar JACKIE CHAN is sick of making movies in America - because insurance restrictions there stop him doing daring stunts. The actor has grown nostalgic about his past, making films in his...

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Chan To Be China's Answer To Spielberg

19th May 2005

Martial arts star JACKIE CHAN is determined to help the Chinese film industry by becoming the Hong Kong equivalent of legendary directors STEVEN SPIELBERG and GEORGE LUCAS. The 51-year-old actor is working his way...

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Tucker Expected To Finally Sign Up For Rush Hour 3

6th May 2005

The third installment of hit comedy franchise RUSH HOUR is set to go into production, after comedian CHRIS TUCKER finally decided to sign up to make a return. Tucker, who has made only Rush...

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Chan's Movie Inspiration At World Firefighters Games

4th May 2005

Action man JACKIE CHAN thanked firefighters yesterday (03MAY05) at the launch of the ninth WORLD FIREFIGHTERS GAMES in his native Hong Kong, for inspiring him to make a movie about their heroic deeds. The...

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Chan Charity Concert Cancelled Over Protest Fears

28th April 2005

Chinese politicians have postponed a charity concert organised by martial arts movie star JACKIE CHAN because they fear the event could turn into an anti-Japan demonstration. Chan's Hong Kong concert, which was to raise...

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Jackie Chan To Make Aids Movie

26th April 2005

Martial arts movie superstar JACKIE CHAN is going one step further to highlight Cambodia's AIDS crisis - he's making a film about the epidemic. The 51-year-old Hong Kong-based actor/singer has taken it upon himself...

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Jackie Chan Promotes Aids Awareness In Vietnam

25th April 2005

RUSH HOUR star JACKIE CHAN took time out of his busy schedule to promote HIV and AIDS awareness in Vietnam on Saturday (23APR05). Chan, 51, was in the communist country for the first time...

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Chan's Plea For Landmine Ban

21st April 2005

Martial arts star JACKIE CHAN has urged world leaders to enforce a global ban on landmines. UN goodwill ambassador Chan is currently touring Cambodia in search of locations to make a film on the...

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Chan Leads Tsunami Goodwill Mission

18th April 2005

Action man JACKIE CHAN will raise awareness of the plight victims of December's (04) Indian Ocean tsunami are facing, by leading a four-day goodwill visit to struggling Indonesian communities. The RUSH HOUR star will...

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Cheung: 'I Hate Martial Arts Stunts'

5th April 2005

Hong Kong actress MAGGIE CHEUNG has shattered her image as a martial arts superstar - by complaining she hates doing her own stunts and relies on special effects to make her look convincing. Cheung...

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Jackie Chan Gets Hong Kong Honour

28th March 2005

CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON director ANG LEE presented a professional spirit award to JACKIE CHAN at the 24th HONG KONG FILM AWARDS ceremony yesterday (27MAR05). During an evening featuring the stars of the Chinese...

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Fugees Stars Reunite

20th March 2005

Former FUGEES LAURYN HILL and WYCLEF JEAN reunited onstage on Friday (18MAR05), at a concert in Malaysia to raise money for tsunami-devastated communities. The pair joined performers including actor JACKIE CHAN, BACKSTREET BOYS, BLACK...

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Chan Spearheads New Campaign To Save Japan's Fighting Bears

25th February 2005

Martial arts action hero JACKIE CHAN is spearheading a new campaign to close all of Japan's barbaric bear-fighting pits. The RUSH HOUR star jumped to help animal rights activists in the Far East when...

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Chan Quits Beverly Hills For China

21st February 2005

RUSH HOUR star JACKIE CHAN has decided to quit California for good to make China his home base. The Hong Kong native, 50, is selling his five-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion for $6.7 million (GBP3.5...

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Wilson Defends Stiller Against Scathing Film Critic

6th February 2005

OWEN WILSON has lashed out at a New York film critic, for lambasting his movie pal BEN STILLER "tiresome" screen presence and for being the "crudest, version of the urban Jewish male on the make"....

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Cube Unimpressed With Movie Stunts

21st January 2005

Rap star ICE CUBE deems the trend of actors who execute their own stunts "overrated", after a tough time on the set of his new comedy ARE WE THERE YET?. Cube, real name O'SHEA...

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Chan Joins Chinese We Are The World Effort

5th January 2005

JACKIE CHAN is at the forefront of a new celebrity charity aid push in Hong Kong, which will see Chinese stars revamp hit anthem WE ARE THE WORLD to raise cash for the victims of...

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Hong Kong Stars Dig Deep

30th December 2004

Hong Kong superstars JACKIE CHAN and CHOW YUN-FAT have pledged money to charities helping victims of the tsunami that struck south-east Asia on Sunday (26DEC04) - and are encouraging others to do the same....

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Chan Wants To Keep Fighting

3rd November 2004

Hong Kong movie star JACKIE CHAN will star in kung-fu films until he can no longer manage the moves. The actor turns 50 this year (04), but he insists he has no plans to...

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