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Chan Does His Own Laundry

11th April 2008

Martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN refuses to let professionals clean his underwear when he's staying in hotels - because it's too expensive. The thrifty Rush Hour star insists on washing his T-shirts, underpants and socks...

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Chan And Li Plan Second Collaboration

18th March 2008

Martial arts giants JACKIE CHAN and JET LI formed such a close bond on new film THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, they're already planning a second movie collaboration. Chan admits he was reluctant to sign up to...

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Chan Opens Science Education Centre In Australia

13th March 2008

Action star JACKIE CHAN has paid tribute to his late parents by opening a science education centre at an Australian cancer research clinic. The Rush Hour star's father Charlie, who lived Down Under for more...

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Chan Mourns Father's Death

8th March 2008

Action hero JACKIE CHAN flew to Australia on Saturday (07Mar08) to attend his father's funeral - six years after the death of his mother. The Rush Hour star's father Charlie died in a Hong Kong...

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Chan Joins Derek To Save The Sharks

17th December 2007

Actress BO DEREK has recruited action man JACKIE CHAN to her campaign to stop wildlife traffickers around the world. The 10 star has become a keen conservation activist after learning the sharks of the Galapagos...

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Chan Buys Historic Singaporean Building

12th December 2007

Action movie star JACKIE CHAN has purchased a historical building in Singapore for $7.6 million (GBP3.8 million). The three-storey Jinriksha Station in Tanjong Pagar, which was built in 1903, was once the central depot for...

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Chan Planning To Produce U.s. Films In China

20th November 2007

Jackie Chan disclosed Monday that he and his Rush Hour director Brett Ratner are setting up a Chinese-based film company that will make films for release to the American market. Writing in his blog, Chan...

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Chan Opens Coffee Shop In China

1st November 2007

Martial arts star JACKIE CHAN has opened his first coffee shop in mainland China - and pledged to donate some of the profits to local children's charities. The Rush Hour actor launched the latest store...

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Chan Got No Rush From Rush Hour Films

1st October 2007

Jackie Chan has admitted that he "felt very disappointed" with the three Rush Hour movies he made with Chris Tucker. Writing on his blog, Chan sid, "I felt the style of action was too Americanized,...

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Chan Slams 'Too Americanised' Rush Hour Trilogy

1st October 2007

Martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN has hit out at the RUSH HOUR movie trilogy that has made him a household name in the West - insisting the action comedies are "too Americanised". Chan admits that...

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La Police Confirm Wilson Suicide Bid

29th August 2007

The Santa Monica police visited Owen Wilson's house over an attempted suicide bid, according to the department's police log.The law-enforcement agency's Call for Service report, available online, shows that officers had attended to an attempted...

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Owen Wilson Hospitalised

28th August 2007

Hollywood actor Owen Wilson has asked the public to respect his privacy after being admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles for undisclosed reasons.A spokeswoman for the Cedars-Sinai medical centre, Cynthia Harding, said that the...

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Jet And Jackie Too Old For Action

23rd August 2007

Action stars JET LI and JACKIE CHAN are worried they are too old to pull off fight scenes, and are warning audiences not to get their hopes up about their new film. Li, 44, and...

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Traffic Slows For Rush Hour 3

14th August 2007

Ordinarily a film that grosses $49.1 million in its opening weekend is considered a probable moneymsker, but some box-office analysts are suggesting that the results for Rush Hour 3 are not only disappointing but probably...

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Rush Hour 3 Finishes Top At Us Box Office

13th August 2007

Action-comedy Rush Hour 3 has raked in $50.2 million (24.8 million) over the weekend to top the grid as the US box office.The third sequel about the antics of two crime-busting policemen displaced Matt Damon's...

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Chan's Needle Scare

9th August 2007

Fearless martial arts star JACKIE CHAN has confessed a secret phobia - he hates needles. The Rush Hour star is known for performing most of his own dangerous stunts and he's even the proud holder...

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Chan Too Busy For Family Commitments

9th August 2007

Actor JACKIE CHAN is so busy with his movie career, his family have to contact him through his assistant. The Rush Hour star, 53, has no plans for retirement just yet - his work schedule...

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Chan Movie Banned In China

9th August 2007

LATEST: JACKIE CHAN's new action comedy sequel RUSH HOUR 3 has been sensationally banned in China, despite his status as a national hero. The Hong Kong-born actor's film has prompted controversy in recent weeks over...

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Sleeping Chan Missed Jackson Phone Call

8th August 2007

Action star JACKIE CHAN was devastated to miss a telephone call from pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON - because his assistant decided not to wake him up. Chan has never spoken to Jackson, who is a...

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Weinsteins Making Big Investment In Asian-based Movies

8th August 2007

The Weinstein Co. announced plans Wednesday to invest $285 million InAsian-themed projects, including a remake of the 1954 Kurosawa film TheSeven Samurai. In a statement, company said that it had also invested anundisclosed amount in...

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Chan Sells Oatcakes

6th August 2007

Action man JACKIE CHAN is teaming up with Scottish food manufacturers Walkers to launch a range of oatcakes in his native Hong Kong and China. The Rush Hour star, 53, will appear in TV and...

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Chan To Continue Stunt Work Into Old Age

3rd August 2007

Martial arts star JACKIE CHAN has refused the help of stunt doubles on set, insisting, "I'll do it myself until my body will tell me stop". The fearless 53-year-old stunned the crew on the set...

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Jackie Chan Unwanted In China

2nd August 2007

China has confirmed a report that first appeared in the Asian edition of Variety this week that Hong Kong star Jackie Chan's Rush Hour 3 won't be shown in China. Although Variety had noted that...

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Chan Movie Angers China

31st July 2007

JACKIE CHAN's new action comedy sequel RUSH HOUR 3 is facing release difficulties in his native country because it's been branded "fundamentally anti-Chinese". The Hong Kong-born actor's film has prompted controversy over a scene where...

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The Things They Say 5068

4th July 2007

"Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon are first. Second are Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in 48 Hrs. Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in Stir Crazy are third. We rank below them." Actor...

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Chan And Li Film Has A Name + Start Date

11th April 2007

The long-awaited movie teaming of martial arts superstars JACKIE CHAN and JET LI will start shooting in China on 2 May (07). Months after the project was announced, the film now also has a name,...

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Chan Launches Reality Tv Show

9th April 2007

Martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN has launched a new Chinese TV show project in a bid to find his movie successor. More than 100,000 fans have reportedly signed up to try out for the reality...

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Stuntman Claims To Have Doubled For Action Man Chan

5th April 2007

JACKIE CHAN's reputation for doing all his own movie action sequences has been thrown into doubt after a stuntman's claims to have doubled for the martial arts star. BRUCE LAW made his revelation on his...

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Timberlake Slimes Up A Storm At The Kids Choice Awards

2nd April 2007

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE made sure last night's (31MAR07) Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards were a messy affair when he became one of many celebrities to get 'slimed' at the Los Angeles prizegiving. The pop superstar hosted the...

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Chan Launches Police Recruitment Initiative In Los Angeles

11th March 2007

RUSH HOUR star JACKIE CHAN has given Los Angeles police a boost after agreeing to star in a new recruitment campaign. The martial arts hero donned police attire to join Los Angeles County Sheriff LEE...

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