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Chan Trained Maggie Q

25th January 2011

Actress MAGGIE Q has JACKIE CHAN to thank for her acting career - because the movie superstar chose to mentor her as the next action film femme fatale when even she had doubts about her...

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Streisand & Chan Help Obama Welcome Chinese President

20th January 2011

Singing legend BARBRA STREISAND and action star JACKIE CHAN added a touch of Hollywood glamour to a U.S. state dinner at the White House on Wednesday (19Jan11) in honour of China's President HU JINTAO.U.S. President...

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Eclipse Eclipses All Others At People's Choice Awards

6th January 2011

It's not likely to win the Oscar for best film -- or even to garner a nomination -- but The Twilight Saga Eclipse was the People's Choice winner for best overall movie Monday night. It...

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Kristen Stewart And Twilight Lead People's Choice Award Winners

6th January 2011

Kristen Stewart and the 'Twilight Saga' were the big winners at last night's (05.01.11) People's Choice Awards.The 20-year-old actress beat the likes of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie to win Favourite Movie Actress,...

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Mia Wasikowska Ties With Johnny Depp In Forbes' List Of Highest Grossing Stars

23rd December 2010

Mia Wasikowska has tied with Johnny Depp in Forbes' list of highest grossing stars. The relative newcomer - who took the leading role of Alice in Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland', which earnt over $1...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Highest-grossing Actor Of 2010

21st December 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio is 2010's highest-grossing actor. The 36-year-old actor - who had movies 'Shutter Island' and 'Inception' out in cinemas this year - saw his two projects gross over $1 billion at cinemas worldwide, with...

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Chan Quit Bouncer Ambitions After Tooth Discovery

10th November 2010

JACKIE CHAN abandoned his dream of becoming a nightclub bouncer after a man's tooth was left embedded in his hand after a nasty scuffle.The Chinese legend trained in martial arts to help land him a...

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The Things They Say 18867

9th November 2010

"The nude scenes! I've been kicked, punched and slapped a thousand times in my movies and only got naked once - and it's going to take another 10,000 kicks and punches before I do that...

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Jackie Chan's Film Museum?

8th November 2010

Jackie Chan wants to open a museum filled with things he has collected.The 'Karate Kid' actor plans to create Jackie Chan World, a place where he can put everything he has purchased over the years...

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Maggie Q Stars In 'Nikita'

9th September 2010

MAGGIE Q stars in the new action-drama 'Nikita', which premieres tonight on The CW (9th September 2010). The 31-year-old actress plays a female assassin, echoing the themes of the 1990 hit film 'La Femme Nikita'...

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Chan Stung By Alleged Shampoo Problem

23rd August 2010

Martial arts star JACKIE CHAN has come under fire for endorsing a shampoo which allegedly contained carcinogens.The Rush Hour star has used his movie fame to pitch all manner of products in China, but the...

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Chan Wants Kung Fu Introduced To Olympics

23rd August 2010

Action star JACKIE CHAN is campaigning to bring more martial arts to the Olympics - he wants kung fu to be recognised as an official sport at the Games.The Karate Kid star began learning kung...

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Serious Actor Jackie Chan

19th July 2010

Jackie Chan gets bored with being asked to be an action star.The 56-year-old actor confesses he has little appetite to recreate roles such as Inspector Lee in 'Rush Hour' and would prefer to work on...

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The Karate Kid Comes To London

16th July 2010

The stars of 'The Karate Kid' were in London last night for the movie's UK premiere (15.07.10).Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith -accompanied by his parents, 'The Karate Kid' producers Will and Jada and sister Willow...

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Will Smith's Tears Of Pride

15th July 2010

Will Smith cries whenever he sees his son Jaden on the big screen. The 41-year-old actor - who produced the 12-year-old actor's latest work 'The Karate Kid' alongside his wife Jada Pinkett Smith - takes...

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Smiths And Chan Defy Hurricane To Continue Karate Kid Tour

2nd July 2010

JACKIE CHAN and WILL SMITH and his family have refused to let a hurricane stop them from promoting the KARATE KID movie in Mexico - the stars have flown into the eye of a storm...

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Chan: 'Jaden Smith Could Be The New Jackie Chan'

18th June 2010

JACKIE CHAN is convinced his THE KARATE KID co-star JADEN SMITH has what it takes to be the next great martial artist superstar - because the youngster is so dedicated to his new fighting skills.Chan...

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The Things They Say 17000

18th June 2010

"He said, 'We have to make a movie together...' then one year later he called my office and said, 'Jackie, I want you to do The Karate Kid.' I said, 'OK, who's the teacher...?' I...

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Karate Kid Takes Down A-team

15th June 2010

Thanks to a surprisingly robust performance by Sony/Columbia's The Karate Kid , the box office returned to plus territory over the weekend with the gross for the top 12 films up 9.69 percent over the...

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Jaden Smith For Kid Return

15th June 2010

Jaden Smith is likely to play the Karate Kid again.The 11-year-old actor and his co-star Jackie Chan have formed such a strong partnership when working on the martial arts movie remake - which is currently...

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The Things They Say 16886

13th June 2010

"If I can find him! Where's Chris? Call me please!" Action star JACKIE CHAN is keen to reteam with CHRIS TUCKER to make a new sequel in the RUSH HOUR franchise.

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The Things They Say 16876

12th June 2010

"I wanna be a singer. Singing's easy, you don't have to fight." JACKIE CHAN jokes about quitting acting to focus on a music career.

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Movie Reviews The Karate Kid

11th June 2010

If you've never seen the original Karate Kid -- and if you're among the under-30s who make up the primary movie audience, you probably haven't -- then you'll probably enjoy the remake, which stars Jackie...

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Chan Was A Bully

9th June 2010

JACKIE CHAN was a childhood bully - and he only quit tormenting other kids after learning martial arts.The Rush Hour star picked on his classmates until his dad, Charles, found out about his bad behaviour...

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Chan Delivers Water To Drought Sufferers

21st May 2010

JACKIE CHAN has pitched in to help those affected by a drought in China - by personally delivering much-needed water to the area.The martial arts master travelled to TongRen in China's Guizhou province, where there...

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Chan Leads Charity Concert For China's Earthquake Victims

27th April 2010

JACKIE CHAN was the star of a charity concert on Monday (26Apr10) which raised $4.8 million (£3.1 million) for victims of the recent earthquake in China.More than 100 celebrities from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan...

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The Things They Say 16062

9th April 2010

"Jackie has mad swagger. He, like, runs China." Actress TARAJI. P. HENSON on working with martial arts superstar JACKIE CHAN in the new KARATE KID remake.

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Chan's Charitable Birthday Celebration

8th April 2010

Action hero JACKIE CHAN celebrated his 56th birthday on Wednesday (07Apr10) by raising money for those affected by a drought in China.The martial arts star gathered friends and family to mark his special day with...

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