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Nicholson Goes Nude

18th November 2003

JACK NICHOLSON once experimented with a life of nudity in a bid to liberate himself. The three times OSCAR-winner decided to discard his clothes permanently to help him shed his inhibitions. Writing in...

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Nicholson's Age Woes

17th November 2003

Actor JACK NICHOLSON is terrified of growing old. The Hollywood star is a youthful 66-year-old - but is still bitter about the faculties his advancing years have robbed him of. Nicholson says, "You...

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Nicholson Blasts Aids Hype

17th November 2003

Movie lothario JACK NICHOLSON has hit out at the AIDS 'hysteria' of the 1980s, claiming the threat of the killer disease was vastly exaggerated. The famed womaniser insists the reports surrounding the first known...

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Jack's Pre-oscars War Summit

11th November 2003

JACK NICHOLSON called a summit meeting before the 2003 OSCARS to discuss the war in Iraq and decide whether it was proper to attend. The movie heavyweight called his fellow Best Actor nominees DANIEL...

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Hopper And Nicholson's Drug Days

29th October 2003

DENNIS HOPPER and JACK NICHOLSON have stayed great friends through decades of movie stardom - because they bonded over drugs. The two first met when they were making seminal 1969 counter-culture movie EASY RIDER,...

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Nicholson Bags Scariest Moment

27th October 2003

JACK NICHOLSON's chilling cry of "Here's JOHNNY" as he axes his way through a door in 1980 film THE SHINING has been crowned the most terrifying moment in movie history. The scary scene in...

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Marlon Brando Prepares For Death

26th October 2003

Hollywood legend MARLON BRANDO has told family and friends he is ready to die, and has written the script for his own funeral. The 79-year-old has reportedly been preparing for death since being told...

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Lara Flynn Boyle: Too Thin For Work

24th October 2003

Movie actress LARA FLYNN BOYLE is finding it difficult to get work because of her dramatic recent weight loss. The MEN IN BLACK II star has startled friends with her emaciated figure since she...

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Streep Awarded Afi Lifetime Honour

20th October 2003

OSCAR-winning actress MERYL STREEP is to be presented with the AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE's highest honour next year (04) - the lifetime achievement award. THE HOURS star - who has won two ACADEMY AWARDS for...

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Daddy Die Hard Is Crowned Superdad

17th October 2003

BRUCE WILLIS has beaten PIERCE BROSNAN and DAVID BECKHAM in a Hollywood poll to find the best celebrity dad. The DIE HARD star, who has just signed on for a fourth installment of the...

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Mobiles Banned At Jack's Gym

16th October 2003

Mobile phones have been banned at the gym where JACK NICHOLSON and SHARON STONE work out - because the stars are worried about images of them working out being taken on the latest cellphones....

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Douglas And Zeta-jones' Early Celebration

5th October 2003

OSCAR-winning couple CATHERINE ZETA-JONES and MICHAEL DOUGLAS celebrated their birthdays a day early with a star-studded party in Santa Monica, California. On 24 September (03) - the day before Zeta-Jones turned 34 and Douglas...

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Are Jack And Diane Dating?

3rd October 2003

Veteran star JACK NICHOLSON has fallen for someone his own age - actress DIANE KEATON. After years of dating younger women like LARA FLYNN BOYLE, 66-year-old Nicholson has now reportedly found love with WOODY...

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Flynn Boyle Considers Modelling

29th September 2003

Movie actress LARA FLYNN BOYLE is turning to a career in modelling - in a bid to distract her from her worries. The MEN IN BLACK II star has frightened friends with her rapid...

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Kelsey Supports New Governor Favourite Arnie

29th September 2003

KELSEY GRAMMER is helping ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER boost his Hollywood following as he runs for California Governor by staging a star-studded fundraiser for the action man. The TERMINATOR star is currently ahead of fellow candidates...

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Exorcist Is Top Terror

9th September 2003

Controversial 1973 horror film THE EXORCIST has been voted the top scary movie of all time in a poll of British video renters. The WILLIAM FRIEDKIN chiller, which stars LINDA BLAIR as possessed 12-year-old...

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Lara Flynn Boyle's Weight Worries Pals

26th August 2003

Friends of movie beauty LARA FLYNN BOYLE are increasingly worried about her rapid weight loss since she split with lover JACK NICHOLSON earlier this year (03). The MEN IN BLACK II star shocked onlookers...

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Cheryl Plans Golf Tell-all

24th August 2003

JACK NICHOLSON and JAMES GARNER had better watch out - former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD is planning a tell-all book about her golfing triumphs. The actress is so good on Los Angeles' courses,...

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Boyle Shares A Kiss With Female Pal

22nd August 2003

Svelte actress LARA FLYNN BOYLE has raised eyebrows after she was photographed sharing a passionate kiss with a female pal. Former THE PRACTICE star Boyle, ex-girlfriend of JACK NICHOLSON, was seen planting a huge...

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Hoffman Dismisses 'Difficult' Tag

21st August 2003

Hollywood legend DUSTIN HOFFMAN has shrugged off suggestions he is a 'difficult' actor to work with. THE GRADUATE star was lambasted by TOOTSIE director SYDNEY POLLACK, who famously offered to return the OSCAR he...

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Prince William Has 'Sexiest Male Eyes'

14th August 2003

British royal PRINCE WILLIAM has been crowned the celebrity with the sexiest eyes in a new survey. The poll, conducted by BLINK CONTACTS eyedrops, found that the majority of the 1,000 Britons quizzed found...

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What The Presidents Watched

4th August 2003

The secrets of America's Presidents and their movie loves are to be revealed in a new documentary after filmmakers tracked down the reclusive projectionist who spent intimate moments with world leaders. It was feared...

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Jack Nicholson's New Girl

22nd July 2003

Hollywood lothario JACK NICHOLSON has found himself a new leading lady - who is less than half his age. ALMOST SCHMIDT star Jack, 66, has previously enjoyed an age-gap relationship with LARA FLYNN BOYLE,...

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Strikers Halt Hogan's Film

18th July 2003

CROCODILE DUNDEE star PAUL HOGAN's new movie STRANGE BEDFELLOWS has become the latest casualty of the world's actors strikes. After filming of an untitled JACK NICHOLSON movie came to a halt in Paris, France,...

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Boyle's Identity Stolen In Burglary

14th July 2003

Actress LARA FLYNN BOYLE's identity was stolen when her plush Beverly Hills home was robbed - and the cunning thief opened accounts in her name. The sexy thespian's house in glamorous Benedict...

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Curtain Falls On Avignon

13th July 2003

Paris' AVIGNON THEATRE FESTIVAL has been forced to close down for the first time in its 57-year history because of France's strike by showbusiness workers. Activists have already shut down JACK NICHOLSON's untitled new...

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Anjelica Huston + Her Cleaning Ritual

13th July 2003

Veteran movie actress ANGELICA HUSTON has a secret passion for cleaning. The ROYAL TENENBAUMS star - who was JACK NICHOLSON's longterm girlfriend - admits to being obsessive in her quest for cleanliness. Angelica...

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Chris Martin: What's The Fascination With Celebrities?

13th July 2003

COLDPLAY singer CHRIS MARTIN hates the tabloid obsession with celebrities - because stars just normal people. And YELLOW crooner CHRIS - who is engaged to SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE beauty GWYNETH PALTROW - fails to...

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Angelica Huston: I Did Want To Marry Jack Nicholson

13th July 2003

Actress ANGELICA HUSTON was desperate to marry ex-lover JACK NICHOLSON at the beginning of their 17 year relationship. But THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS star says the couple never wanted to get married at the same...

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Nicholson Backs French Actors

10th July 2003

Legendary actor JACK NICHOLSON pledged his support to striking French actors when they interrupted his film shoot in Paris. ONE FLEW OVER A CUCKOO'S NEST star Nicholson was filming recently on a bridge over...

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