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Brando's Ashes Scattered

22nd September 2004

Movie legend MARLON BRANDO's ashes have been scattered in Death Valley and his home in Tahiti, according to reports. According to newspaper the LOS ANGELES TIMES, a memorial service for the GODFATHER OSCAR...

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Moss Romancing Dash?

21st September 2004

Sexy model KATE MOSS has reportedly put her blossoming relationship with legendary actor JACK NICHOLSON on hold - to date hip-hop mogul DAMON DASH. The catwalk beauty was spotted canoodling with the ROC-A-FELLA label...

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Jack Nicholson Steps Out With Kate Moss

15th September 2004

Hollywood legend JACK NICHOLSON is back to his womanising ways - he's been spotted enjoying nights out with British supermodel KATE MOSS. The 67-year-old ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST STAR, who has previously...

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Nicholson Rescues Crash Victim

10th September 2004

Hollywood legend JACK NICHOLSON has been hailed a hero after courageously rescuing a woman trapped in a car wreck. The ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST star leapt into action after witnessing the woman's...

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Slater: 'Nicholson's Just Like Cuckoo Character'

8th September 2004

CHRISTIAN SLATER used JACK NICHOLSON as inspiration for his role in a new stage ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST - because the acting legend has lived his life like RANDLE PATRICK MCMURPHY. Nicholson...

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Jack Nicholson Sends Pensioners On The Road

22nd August 2004

Hollywood legend JACK NICHOLSON has helped thousands of American pensioners make the most of their twilight years - in mobile homes. The actor embarked on a mobile home road trip across America in the...

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Nicholson Remains A Lakers Fan

18th August 2004

Hollywood actor JACK NICHOLSON is remaining a staunch fan of the LOS ANGELES LAKERS - despite the basketball team's recent big changes. The Lakers, defeated by the DETROIT PISTONS in this year's (04) NATIONAL...

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Bjork To Open Olympics

11th August 2004

Icelandic singer BJORK will open the OLYMPIC GAMES in Athens on Friday (13AUG04). The eccentric star will perform before 70,000 spectators at the Greek capital's new Olympic Stadium and a worldwide TV audience of...

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Hollywood Stars Hit The Olympics

11th August 2004

A string of A-list celebrities including TOM CRUISE, MADONNA and BRAD PITT are flying to the Greek capital Athens ahead of the opening ceremony of the OLYMPIC GAMES this Friday (13AUG04). The list includes...

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Rodman Dates 'P Diddy Fling' Douvall

5th August 2004

Cross-dressing basketball star DENNIS RODMAN is dating notorious British partygirl ALICIA DOUVALL - who once claimed to have been pregnant with SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' baby. The 43-year-old sportsman has been on a series...

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Brando Tricked Nicholson With April Fool's Day Pranks

29th July 2004

Late movie great MARLON BRANDO loved April Fool's Day (01APR), because it gave him the chance to pull elaborate pranks on his friends and neighbours. JACK NICHOLSON, who shared a Hollywood compound with his...

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Nicholson Floored By Brando's Brilliance

29th July 2004

JACK NICHOLSON almost quit acting after starring with friend and neighbour MARLON BRANDO in THE MISSOURI BREAKS - because the movie heavyweight was so good. Nicholson made a big mistake watching the dailies at...

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Nicholson's Final Tribute To Dead Pal Brando

28th July 2004

Veteran actor JACK NICHOLSON has written an emotional obituary for his pal, mentor and neighbour MARLON BRANDO in the new ROLLING STONE magazine. The actor, who shared a Mulholland Drive compound with the late...

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Nicholson To Buy Brando's Old Home?

23rd July 2004

Hollywood actor JACK NICHOLSON is expected to buy the home of his late screen legend pal MARLON BRANDO - to ensure his own privacy. Brando, who died earlier this month (JUL04), lived high above...

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Slater Eager To Rebuild Frame

16th July 2004

Actor CHRISTIAN SLATER has shocked organisers of a London boxing gym by signing up for six months of intensive training - in a bid to regain the figure he had as a young Hollywood hunk....

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Nicholson Wants To Talk To La Lakers

12th July 2004

JACK NICHOLSON wants the chance to speak to his beloved LOS ANGELES LAKERS team before the start of the new season later this year (04) - because he thinks he can steer the sportsmen towards...

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Nicholson Calls In To Mcenroe Show

12th July 2004

JACK NICHOLSON broke his chat show silence on Friday night (09JUL04) when he called in to pal JOHN McENROE's new programme on America's CNBC network. The reclusive movie legend, who rarely grants interviews to...

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Batman Tops Comic Movies Poll

9th July 2004

JACK NICHOLSON movie BATMAN has been crowned the best ever movie adaptation of a comic book in a new poll. The 1989 blockbuster - starring MICHAEL KEATON in the title role - beat...

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Brando Cremated In Secret Ceremony

7th July 2004

LATEST: Late movie legend MARLON BRANDO was cremated in a private family ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday (3JUL04), according to one of his closest friends. The STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE star, who died aged...

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Huston Has No Regrets About Split From Nicholson

28th June 2004

ANJELICA HUSTON walked away from actor JACK NICHOLSON when the pair split and has no regrets about the end of their relationship. The pair enjoyed a tumultuous relationship, living together for 16 years,...

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Nicholson In Feud With Kilmer

25th June 2004

Actor VAL KILMER's appearance at a tribute event for JACK NICHOLSON failed to impress the Hollywood legend, who spent the night ignoring the hunk. Kilmer flew to the LAS VEGAS FILM FESTIVAL last weekend...

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Hawke: I'm Fake In Interviews

23rd June 2004

Hollywood star ETHAN HAWKE admits he is "fake" in interviews and is desperate to follow his movie idols' examples by boycotting the promotion of films. The TAKING LIVES actor, 33, admires veteran actors like...

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Slater Set To Reprise Nicholson Role

18th June 2004

CHRISTIAN SLATER is set to reprise his idol JACK NICHOLSON's most famous role - when he plays McMURPHY in the stage version of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST at this year's (04) EDINBURGH FRINGE...

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Street Collects Lifetime Achievement Award

14th June 2004

Movie actress MERYL STREEP has been honoured by the prestigious AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE (AFI) in Los Angeles for her services to cinema. The ADAPTATION star followed in the footsteps of other film greats including...

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Nicholson Put In His Place By Basketball Coach

2nd June 2004

Basketball coach FLIP SAUNDERS had to restrain a shouting JACK NICHOLSON during Monday night's (31MAY04) Western Conference Final in Los Angeles. Passionate LOS ANGELES LAKERS fan Nicholson jumped from his courtside seat to hurl...

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Sly's Ex Dates Funnyman Lovitz

27th May 2004

The supermodel ex-girlfriend of JACK NICHOLSON, SIR MICK JAGGER and SYLVESTER STALLONE has found a new man - funnyman JON LOVITZ. JANICE DICKINSON insists the balding and chubby RAT RACE star is one of...

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Arquette Scalped By Lakers Conman

13th May 2004

DAVID ARQUETTE missed out on joining celebrity pals JACK NICHOLSON and DENZEL WASHINGTON at LOS ANGELES LAKERS' dramatic basketball play-off game on Tuesday night (11MAY04) when he was conned before the match. The star...

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007 Star Dumped For Gooding

4th May 2004

JAMES BOND star COLIN SALMON was horrified when he was dumped from the 1997 OSCAR winning film AS GOOD AS ITS GETS in favour of CUBA GOODING JR. The British actor was set to...

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Farrell Is The Sexiest Bad Boy

29th April 2004

Hollywood hellraiser COLIN FARRELL is the most dateable celebrity bad boy - according to a new poll. The Irish actor, who has romanced a string of Hollywood beauties and had a child with Canadian...

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Nicholson Celebrates 67th Birthday In Star-studded Style

23rd April 2004

Actor JACK NICHOLSON celebrated his 67th birthday with the help of a few Hollywood friends this week (ends23APR04) - including bad boys SEAN PENN and NICK NOLTE. The OSCAR-winning legend showed he still...

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