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Brody Plans A Creepy Joker

10th January 2006

ADRIEN BRODY has put his name forward to play THE JOKER in the next BATMAN film - making him the latest in a long list of actors linked to the coveted role. The Oscar-winning...

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Latifah's New Film Is A Love Story To Czech Hotel

9th January 2006

The owners of the Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, are hoping QUEEN LATIFAH's new movie will bring tourists flocking after the historic hotel features heavily in the film. Latifah's character lives it...

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Nicholson's Reported Lovechild Speaks Out

6th January 2006

Movie star JACK NICHOLSON has a secret Danish lovechild who is speaking out about her Hollywood lineage after keeping the movie star's reported secret for 24 years. Pretty HONEY HOLLMAN claims she's the product...

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Scorsese To Quit Hollywood

15th November 2005

Director MARTIN SCORSESE has quit making Hollywood blockbusters so he can concentrate on documentaries and short films. After big budget hits GANGS OF NEW YORK and THE AVIATOR, the 63-year-old wants to slow down...

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Nicholson Tries To Lighten Children's Loads

29th October 2005

JACK NICHOLSON is in the process of trying to figure out how to lighten his youngest children's backpacks, because he's disgusted with the weight of the books they carry to school. The veteran actor...

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Batman To Return As The Joker?

13th October 2005

Original movie BATMAN MICHAEL KEATON is being considered for a return to the franchise - as THE JOKER. The movie star is in negotiations for the role, which JACK NICHOLSON played opposite him in...

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Fascinating Fact 343

11th October 2005

JACK NICHOLSON hosted the inaugural JACK NICHOLSON/RUDY DURAN Celebrity Golf Classic in California at the weekend (09OCT05). The movie legend's star pals like DENNIS HOPPER and DON CHEADLE joined him on the links and helped...

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Fascinating Fact 293

3rd October 2005

SHIRLEY MacLAINE and JACK NICHOLSON's "big, sappy movie" TERMS OF ENDEARMENT makes GEORGE CLOONEY cry whenever he watches it....

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Nicholson Rejected By Friel

30th September 2005

Hollywood lothario JACK NICHOLSON was left red-faced after trying to woo British actress ANNA FRIEL - the fiesty redhead told him he was old enough to be her grandfather. Nicholson, 68, first saw the...

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Boyle Finds Love In Las Vegas

28th September 2005

Actress LARA FLYNN BOYLE has found love on the set of her new TV show LAS VEGAS. The former girlfriend of JACK NICHOLSON has fallen for co-star JAMES LESURE (corr). A set insider...

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Death Scene Kept Pacino In The Godfather

24th September 2005

AL PACINO is convinced that were it not for one pivotal scene in THE GODFATHER, he would have been fired. The movie great admits he was at his most insecure making the 1972 classic...

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Hulme And Bettany Lead Joker Race

20th September 2005

LATEST: THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS star LACHY HULME and PAUL BETTANY have beaten off competition to head the list of actors in the running to play BATMAN's arch enemy THE JOKER in the sequel to prequel...

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Dickinson: 'I Had A Hand In My Father's Death'

20th September 2005

Former supermodel JANICE DICKINSON has shocked her fans and contemporaries by claiming she was partly responsible for the death of her father, who she claims was a paedophile. Dickinson initially made the accusation in...

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Scorsese And Dicaprio To Team For Fourth Time

12th September 2005

Acclaimed director MARTIN SCORSESE and actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO will team up for the fourth time to shoot a movie based on former US President THEODORE ROOSEVELT's life. Reports indicate the film will use EDMUND...

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Hurt Fought To Play Crisp

11th September 2005

JOHN HURT had to fight to play gay artist QUENTIN CRISP in 1975 film THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT because his agent feared the controversial drama would ruin his career. The veteran actor, who won...

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Ellen Fights Back Tears As She Relates Cousin's Concerns

10th September 2005

New Orleans, Louisiana native ELLEN DEGENERES fought back tears as she introduced last night's (09SEP05) SHELTER FROM THE STORM US telethon by recalling an emotional chat she had with her cousin, who was caught up...

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Katrina Benefit Broadcast 'Will Not Have Politics Edited Out'

9th September 2005

The television broadcast of tonight's (09SEP05) Hurricane Katrina benefit show Shelter From The Storm will not edit out any political statements the artists choose to make. Producer JOEL GALLEN has assured concerned US TV...

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Stars Line Up For Weekend Telethons

7th September 2005

SHERYL CROW, the DIXIE CHICKS, PAUL SIMON and ROD STEWART are adding their voices to a multi-TV network Hurricane Katrina benefit concert to air on Friday night (09SEP05). Regular programming on America's leading TV...

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Little Shop Of Horrors Star Dies

27th August 2005

Movie star and director MEL WELLES has died at a hospital in Virginia after suffering heart failure. He was 81. The character actor appeared in many movies and directed B-movies in Europe, but he's...

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Wood's Uncomfortable Meeting With Nicholson

21st August 2005

ELIJAH WOOD was shocked when Hollywood hellraiser JACK NICHOLSON told him he walked out of the final THE LORD OF THE RINGS movie. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING opened...

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Dicaprio's Stripper Greeting

9th August 2005

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO got an unexpected greeting while shooting his upcoming movie THE DEPARTED recently, when an excited group of strippers hunted him down. The TITANIC star, currently dating Brazilian supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN, is in...

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Caine's Debt To Nicholson

2nd August 2005

SIR MICHAEL CAINE thanks JACK NICHOLSON for saving his acting career. The British star was on the verge of retiring when Nicholson convinced him to appear in 1997 film BLOOD AND WINE - and...

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Polanski Abuse Victim Describes How Huston Nearly Stopped Her Ordeal

31st July 2005

LATEST: The woman ROMAN POLANSKI abused as a 13-year-old girl has described how actress ANJELICA HUSTON almost interrupted the moment the director had unlawful sex with her. Polanski has admitted having sex with SAMANTHA...

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Lowe Brings Fresh Take To Cruise's Kaffee

28th July 2005

Former Brat Packer ROB LOWE is gearing up to take over pal TOM CRUISE's role in the stage play of A FEW GOOD MEN, but has promised audiences a completely fresh portrayal of rookie Navy...

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Dance: 'My Age Is Against Me'

13th July 2005

Veteran actor CHARLES DANCE's is slowing down, because the parts once reserved for him are being snapped up by younger men. The 58-year-old WHITE MISCHIEF star was always first choice for romantic leads -...

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Stallone's Ex Threatens To Quit Surreal Life After Groping

12th July 2005

Former model JANICE DICKINSON almost quit US reality TV show THE SURREAL LIFE just hours after walking through the door of the Los Angeles celebrity mansion after taking offence to actor and housemate BRONSON PINCHOT's...

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Dickinson Dubbed 'Crazy' After Knife Attack

8th July 2005

Supermodel JANICE DICKINSON had her SURREAL LIFE castmates running for their lives when a butcher's knife stunt went horribly wrong. The catty former catwalk star was persuaded to hold the knife up over housemate...

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Nicholson Spices Up Scorsese Movie

21st June 2005

JACK NICHOLSON helped re-write the script for his new movie with legendary director MARTIN SCORSESE, because he felt the sex scenes needed spicing up. Nicholson stars alongside MATT DAMON and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in...

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Nicholson Upsets UK's National Film Theatre

10th June 2005

JACK NICHOLSON has upset bosses at London's NATIONAL FILM THEATRE (NFT) by pricing them out of the chance to screen THE PASSENGER for their current MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI season. The former Hollywood hellraiser bought the...

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Lachy Laughing As The New Joker?

7th June 2005

THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS star LACHY HULME has become the secret frontrunner in the chase for the role of THE JOKER in the BATMAN BEGINS follow-up. The Australian actor seems to have beaten fan's favourite...

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