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Dickinson: 'I Might Have Killed My Dad'

26th September 2006

Model-turned-reality TV star JANICE DICKINSON has confessed she may have accidentally killed her abusive father, by destroying his medication for a heart condition. The former girlfriend of Hollywood stars JACK NICHOLSON and SYLVESTER STALLONE endured...

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Janice Dickinson Claims Liam Neeson Has "The Biggest Penis Of Any Man Alive"

By Steven Williams | 26th September 2006

The self-proclaimed 'first Supermodel', Janice Dickinson, has related stories of her sexual encounters with various celebrities; her favourite being Liam Neeson. Dickinson praised her former Irish actor lover, stating that the 'Batman Begins' actor has...

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9/11 Forced Nicholson Into Comedies

25th September 2006

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 left movie star JACK NICHOLSON so scarred he couldn't bring himself to play a villain on the big screen. The actor, responsible for some of cinema's most dastardly characters, told...

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The Things They Say 2980

25th September 2006

"It's always a problem. You can't feel your w**ker... I've never bought one." Ageing lothario JACK NICHOLSON is not a fan of condoms.

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Nicholson Pulled Gun On Dicaprio In Name Of Realism

22nd September 2006

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO was terrified of JACK NICHOLSON on the set of new movie THE DEPARTED, especially when the veteran actor pulled a gun on him unexpectedly. The pair were shooting a scene in the MARTIN...

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The Things They Say 2970

22nd September 2006

"When Jack came on the set he would do things that were just nuts. If you look at Leo and I in all our scenes with Jack, we are like deer caught in the headlights."...

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The Things They Say 2954

20th September 2006

"In terms of age, you could say that, over the last year, I've probably covered the territory from 21 to 61." Ageing lothario JACK NICHOLSON loves to date all age ranges.

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Nicholson Dons Dildo For Sex Cinema Scene

19th September 2006

Quirky movie great JACK NICHOLSON is set to shock fans in his new thriller THE DEPARTED by wearing a sex toy in a sleazy scene. The CHINATOWN star, who threatened to set fire to co-star...

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Nicholson Terrified Dicaprio With Fire Threat

18th September 2006

JACK NICHOLSON tormented his co-star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO with a fire extinguisher and a threat to set him on fire during one intimidation scene in new movie THE DEPARTED. The movie veteran was disappointed with his...

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Nicholson Refuses To Wear Red Sox Cap

14th September 2006

Lifelong New York Yankees fan JACK NICHOLSON refused to wear a baseball cap sporting the badge of his team's rivals for his role as a Boston, Massachusetts, gangster in new movie THE DEPARTED. Director MARTIN...

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Nicholson In Hospital?

12th September 2006

Movie veteran JACK NICHOLSON is reportedly being treated in a Los Angeles hospital for a mystery illness. The ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST star yesterday (11SEP06) "checked into an LA-area hospital for an infection",...

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Freeman And Nicholson Team Up For Film

8th September 2006

JACK NICHOLSON and MORGAN FREEMAN are teaming up for road trip film THE BUCKET LIST. The Oscar winners will play two men who break out of a ward for terminal cancer patients and embark on...

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Brando Son Sold Celebrity Contacts

5th September 2006

MARLON BRANDO's son CHRISTIAN allegedly sold his late father's address book of celebrity contact details to a mystery buyer. reports the buyer then tried to sell the Rolodex on online auction eBay before Christian's...

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Nicholson Threesome Leaves Actress Wanting More

4th September 2006

JACK NICHOLSON gave such a raunchy performance during a saucy sex scene for new movie THE DEPARTED, his co-star is desperate to romance him in real life. The 69-year-old lothario's vigour thrilled beauty queen SALLIE...

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Dicaprio And Nicholson Bolt From Bobcat

30th August 2006

Hollywood superstars LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and JACK NICHOLSON had a nasty shock during a recent round of golf - when a wild bobcat appeared from out of nowhere. The actors, soon to be seen together in...

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Penn Was Joker Favourite

26th August 2006

SEAN PENN was the first choice to play BATMAN's biggest foe, THE JOKER, in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel, according to internet reports. Top Batman fansite reports Penn was offered the role ahead of HEATH...

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Mccartney Pays Millions To Charity For No-show

24th August 2006

Former BEATLE SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has paid $2.8 million (GBP1.6 million) to a landmine charity after pulling out of its fundraising concert causing the event's subsequent cancellation. MCCartney was supposed to attend October's (06) Los...

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Jackson Is Hollywood's Coolest

19th August 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON has topped a poll as Hollywood's coolest actor for his portrayal of JULES WINNFIELD in cult 1994 movie PULP FICTION. Jackson beat off competition from screen legend STEVE MCQUEEN and BRAD PITT,...

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Nicholson's Ex Caught Up In Restaurant Brawl

18th August 2006

JACK NICHOLSON's ex has reportedly been caught up in a public brawl scandal after her boyfriend beat up two men in a Santa Monica, California, restaurant. Police were called to trendy Benihana's after REBECCA BROUSSARD's...

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Bennett To Celebrate 80th Birthday With Hollywood Stars

15th August 2006

Veteran crooner TONY BENNETT will belatedly celebrate his 80th birthday with a star-studded show in Los Angeles in November (06). The IF I RULED THE WORLD singer, who became an octogenarian on 3 August (06),...

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Nicholson To Demolish Brando Home

8th August 2006

JACK NICHOLSON is planning to knock down MARLON BRANDO's former Los Angeles estate and plant flower beds on the property which neighbours his home. THE SHINING actor bought the property for $6.1 million (GBP2.4 million)...

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Ledger Confirmed For Batman

1st August 2006

LATEST: Australian actor HEATH LEDGER has been confirmed as sardonic villain the JOKER in BATMAN sequel THE DARK KNIGHT. CHRISTIAN BALE will reprise his role as BRUCE WAYNE/Batman and director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN is returning to...

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Fascinating Fact 1861

28th July 2006

JACK NICHOLSON loves his movie wardrobes - the actor has recently been spotted wearing the same green and yellow polo shirt his character wore in 2003 movie SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE while he holidays with on-off...

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Apocalypse Now Voted Top Film

23rd July 2006

Vietnam epic APOCALYPSE NOW has topped a list of the top 50 films to see before you die. The war drama, starring ROBERT DUVALL, was selected ahead of JACK NICHOLSON classic CHINATOWN, which came in...

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Jeweller To The Stars Sues Dickinson

20th July 2006

Former model-turned-reality TV star JANICE DICKINSON is being sued by celebrity jeweller NEIL LANE after allegedly borrowing gems for a photo shoot and never returning them. In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, Lane claims...

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Nicholson And Boyle Back Together?

19th July 2006

Legendary actor JACK NICHOLSON and LARA FLYNN BOYLE have been photographed enjoying a holiday together in Saint Tropez, fuelling rumours the former couple have rekindled their romance. Nicholson, 69 and Boyle, 36, were spotted lounging...

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Rourke: 'I Couldn't Stand Nepotistic Hollywood'

18th July 2006

Veteran actor MICKEY ROURKE quit acting to return to boxing in the early 90s because he was fed up with the "nepotism" that surrounded Hollywood. The ANGEL HEART star admits his decision was also influenced...

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Mccartney Shuns Mills Charity Event

16th July 2006

Former BEATLE SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY is refusing to perform at a charity gala because of its links to his estranged wife HEATHER MILLS. MCCartney was due to reprise his role at the Adopt-A-Minefield annual gala...

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Nicholson Pole Danced In London

13th July 2006

Hollywood legend JACK NICHOLSON is still a party animal at the age of 69 - he pole danced during a recent trip to London. British strip club impresario PETER STRINGFELLOW had to drag the Oscar...

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Fascinating Fact 1720

4th July 2006

JACK NICHOLSON's teenage daughter LORRAINE plays comedian ADAM SANDLER's daughter in the hit movie CLICK.

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