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Stars Get Generous For Aids Charity Super-auction

30th November 2007

A-list stars including MADONNA, BEYONCE KNOWLES, BRITNEY SPEARS, JAY-Z and JACK NICHOLSON have made generous donations for a charity auction to raise money for AIDS. The super-sale dubbed Bid 2 Beat Aids will kick off...

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Nicholson Upset At Losing Joker Role To Ledger

10th November 2007

Legendary actor JACK NICHOLSON is "furious" he wasn't asked to reprise his role as THE JOKER in upcoming BATMAN sequel THE DARK KNIGHT. Nicholson, who played the villainous role in 1989's Batman, is upset he...

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Jack Angry At Joker Snub

8th November 2007

Jack Nicholson has expressed his dismay at not being approached to reprise his iconic role as The Joker in the upcoming Batman film.Nicholson, who defined the character with his unforgettable performance in Tim Burton's 1989...

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Nicholson Revamps Chinatown Sequel

7th November 2007

JACK NICHOLSON hit the editing room to give his critically-slammed CHINATOWN sequel a much-needed makeover for the film's DVD special edition re-release. The movie icon directed and starred in 1990 film The Two Jakes and...

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Cruise + Penn Stalked Stars In The Hollywood Hills

2nd November 2007

TOM CRUISE and SEAN PENN enjoyed a magical night in the Hollywood Hills at the beginning of their acting careers - cruising past legends DUSTIN HOFFMAN, JACK NICHOLSON and MARLON BRANDO's homes. Cruise recalls his...

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Coppola Gets Mixed Greeting On Return To Films After 10 Years

22nd October 2007

Youth Without Youth, which marks Francis Ford Coppola's return to filmmaking after 10 years, received mixed critical reaction at the Rome Film Festival following its screening on Saturday. To those critics who urged Coppola to...

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Coppola Attacks De Niro, Nicholson And Pacino

19th October 2007

Filmmaker FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA has launched a scathing attack on ROBERT DE NIRO, JACK NICHOLSON and AL PACINO - branding the trio "lazy". The iconic director - who worked with both De Niro and Pacino...

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Coppola Vs. Pacino, De Niro And Nicholson

18th October 2007

Director Francis Ford Coppola has unaccountably castigated three of Hollywood's top stars, whom he has directed in the past, accusing Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Jack Nicholson of "living off the fat of the...

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Coppola Rounds On Trio

18th October 2007

Renowned director Francis Ford Coppola has accused three of Hollywood's leading lights of losing their touch.The Godfather director rounded on Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson in an interview with GQ magazine.He attacks...

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Coppola: 'Nicholson Is A Waste Of Talent'

17th October 2007

Filmmaker FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA has accused JACK NICHOLSON of putting his love of money before his career. The Godfather director is disappointed Nicholson has halted his acting career in favour of enjoying a luxury lifestyle...

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Fascinating Fact 4097

15th October 2007

JACK NICHOLSON made a rare TV appearance on Saturday night (13Oct07) in America when he closed comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE by introducing a performance by show host JON BON JOVI and his band....

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Nicholson's Nude Past Revealed In New Book

31st August 2007

JACK NICHOLSON was once so committed to nudity he refused to wear clothes when welcoming guests into his home, according to a revealing new biography. In his new book Five Easy Decades, author Dennis MCDougal...

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Broussard Arrested On Suspicion Of Dui

28th August 2007

REBECCA BROUSSARD, the mother of JACK NICHOLSON's two youngest children, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence on Sunday (26Aug07) afternoon, according to reports. The 44-year-old, who has a daughter, 17-year-old Lorraine, and...

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Nicholson's Saliva-less Glands

20th August 2007

Legendary hellraising actor JACK NICHOLSON has a mysterious ailment - his saliva glands have reportedly stopped working. The One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest star has to constantly drink water in order to swallow food,...

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Slater To Swim With Sharks

9th August 2007

US actor Christian Slater is set to star in a new West End adaptation of the Kevin Spacey movie Swimming With Sharks.Slater, who made a name for himself in the West End during an extended...

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Nicholson Denies Illegitimate Child Claim

6th August 2007

Veteran actor JACK NICHOLSON has dismissed claims made in a new book that he has an illegitimate handicapped son and that he's done everything in his power to keep the news a secret. Author Dennis...

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Quaid Agrees To Last Detail Sequel, If Nicholson Appears

30th July 2007

Veteran actor RANDY QUAID has agreed to reprise his role as a sailor in a belated sequel to THE LAST DETAIL - but only if co-star JACK NICHOLSON returns as well. Quaid was nominated for...

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Borat And Depp Plunder Mtv Awards

4th June 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean stole the show at the MTV Movie Awards last night, taking home the two top gongs.The third installment of the swashbuckling franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, scooped the...

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The Things They Say 4635

10th May 2007

"I saw this documentary with a scene of me with The Beatles in Malibu, and I just couldn't remember it. Of course, I could tell from the film I was a bit loaded - no...

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Nicholson Gets 70 Babes For 70th Birthday

23rd April 2007

Hollywood veteran JACK NICHOLSON hired 70 scantily-clad waitresses to help celebrate his 70th birthday at a GBP100,000 ($950,000) party yesterday (22Apr07). The Departed star hired the young women - one for each year of his...

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Psycho Honoured For Iconic Shower Scene

17th April 2007

Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 movie Psycho has been named as the film with the most memorable bathroom scene in cinema history.Janet Leigh's character Marion Crane is stabbed to death in the shower after checking in to...

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Ledger Ecstatic To Be Playing Joker

4th April 2007

Australian actor HEATH LEDGER is so excited he's playing THE JOKER in upcoming BATMAN film THE DARK KNIGHT, he's been preparing the role "like a lunatic for months". Ledger is determined his portrayal will not...

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Sir Paul Has A Guinness And A Stella Now

23rd March 2007

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has been spotted out on a 'date' with socialite and drinks empire heiress SABRINA GUINNESS, fuelling speculation that he is unconcerned over his courtroom problems with his current wife.Reports in the Daily...

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Mccartney's New Woman

23rd March 2007

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY is reportedly romancing heiress SABRINA GUINNESS, a former girlfriend of British royal PRINCE CHARLES and fellow rocker SIR MICK JAGGER. MCCartney - single since his split from HEATHER MILLS last year -...

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Sheen's Dad Suffers Heart Attack

22nd March 2007

British actor MICHAEL SHEEN's father has suffered a heart attack after discovering his car had been clamped. MEYRICK SHEEN - a leading JACK NICHOLSON lookalike - was fined after moving his untaxed car from his...

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Nicholson Comforts Cancer Patients

19th March 2007

Hollywood veteran JACK NICHOLSON has a new hobby inspired by his latest film - comforting cancer victims on their deathbeds. The SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE star began visiting the cancer wing at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in...

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Lansbury Blasts Young Film Stars

15th March 2007

Veteran actress ANGELA LANSBURY has hit out at the "fast food films" of Hollywood, insisting today's young screen stars won't be remembered in years to come. The MURDER, SHE WROTE star, 81, is appalled at...

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Badly Drawn Boy Desperate To Work With Madonna

5th March 2007

BADLY DRAWN BOY star DAMON GOUGH is so keen to work with MADONNA he has already written a song for her. Gough referred to the HUNG UP singer on his 2002 hit YOU WERE RIGHT,...

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Nicholson Goes Bald To Play Cancer Patient

26th February 2007

LATEST: The bald look JACK NICHOLSON sported at the Oscars last night (25FEB07) is for a new movie role, in which he plays a cancer patient on the run. In director ROB REINER's new comedy,...

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The Things They Say 4166

26th February 2007

"Sixty eight-year-old Irish Catholics, in my experience, are not so much for sexual prosthesis and cocaine, but JACK wanted to sexualise his character and he did a great, great job." Oscar-winning screenwriter WILLIAM MONAHAN on...

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