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The Latest Als Ice Bucket Challengers: Chris Martin, Stella Mccartney And Kate Moss

By Charlotte Court | 24th August 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been surfing the celebrity world for some time now with famous faces all over the world taking the plunge in order to draw attention to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)...

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"You Talkin' To Me?": Our Ten Favorite Unscripted Movie Moments

By Stephanie Chase | 6th May 2014

Sometimes the best moments in life are those which are unplanned or unexpected and it seems this is also true in the movies. As it happens some of favorite movie scenes didn't exactly turn out...

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Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out After Reporter Spoils 'Homeland': "I Feel Like My Heart Just Fell Out" [Video]

By Lauren James | 21st January 2014

Jennifer Lawrence may be one of the nicest actresses in Hollywood but just watch what happens when you ruin the shocking ending of her favourite television programme. Whilst being interviewed on the SAG Awards red...

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Anjelica Huston Slashed Wrists With Razor Blades In Chelsea Hotel

By Michael West | 20th November 2013

The revered actress Anjelica Huston has detailed how she slashed her wrists in desperation after spending days arguing with her then lover, the photographer Bob Richardson.In the first instalment of her two-part memoirs, The Addams...

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'Doctor Sleep' Released: 5 Of The Weirdest 'The Shining' Conspiracies

By Lauren James | 24th September 2013

Fans of Stephen King will be excited to learn that he has finally penned a follow-up to his 1977 horror novel, The Shining. Entitled Doctor Sleep, the new book will return to the characters of...

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Stephen King Will Follow-up 'The Shining' Story In New Book, 'Doctor Sleep'

By Joe Wilde | 20th September 2013

Stephen King has a new book coming out, but with his latest release the literary champion has promised something a little extra as he revisits one of his most famous works: The Shining. His new...

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Relentless Billy Connolly Won't Let Recent Medical Setbacks Stop Him

By Jack de Aguilar | 18th September 2013

Despite the seemingly crippling twin concerns of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and undergoing surgery for prostate cancer, Scottish comedian and national treasure Billy Connolly has vowed to keep on working, in what can only...

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Jack Nicholson Will Continue 'Shining' On The Big Screen!

By Holly Williams | 5th September 2013

Jack Nicholson is thankfully not considering plans to retire from acting just yet, despite previous reports that he is struggling to remember lines due to increasing memory loss.The One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest star...

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Jack Nicholson Retires? Remembering The Biggest Shock In Oscars History

By Michael West | 5th September 2013

It was fun, when Adrien Brody somehow won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2003. He jumped up and down, he danced around, he kissed Halle Berry. But somewhere in that auditorium, Jack Nicholson was...

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Jack Nicholson To Retire From Acting Due To Memory Loss

By Joe Wilde | 5th September 2013

Jack Nicholson will no longer be appearing on the big screen as the movie legend is set to retire from acting for good, a report from Radar Online has revealed. With more that half a...

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A Career Well Spent: Jack Nicholson Retires After Five Decades Of Cinema

By Victoria Pavlova | 4th September 2013

It seems that Jack Nicholson is retiring from acting. The reports stating that the actor has filmed his last movie, although yet to be confirmed by a rep or Nicholson himself, have been numerous and...

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How 'Easy Rider' Karen Black Turned To The Public For Healthcare

By Michael West | 9th August 2013

Karen Black, the Illinois-born actress who appeared in more than 100 movies including the classic 1969 road movie Easy Rider, has died at a Los Angeles clinic aged 74 following a battle with cancer, reports...

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Award Winning Actress, Karen Black, Dies After Losing Cancer Battle Aged 74

By Elinor Cosgrave | 9th August 2013

Karen Black, the actress famous for her roles in films such as Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces and Nashville, died yesterday (Thursday 8th August). Her husband, Stephen Eckelberry, made the announcement on his Facebook page....

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Suprisingly, Jack Nicholson Isn't Always Warm And Cuddly With His Fans

By Victoria Pavlova | 12th June 2013

Several celebrities have been coming in with reports that Jack Nicholson, the man we all know and love from his numerous screen roles, might not be so lovable after all. One woman to feel the...

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How Harry Reems Went From Lighting Guy To Lead Actor On 'Deep Throat'

By Michael West | 22nd March 2013

Harry Reems, the porn actor turned realtor who died aged 65 this week, lived a turbulent life after landing the lead role in the 1972 adult movie Deep Throat, with Linda Lovelace. His wife Jeanne...

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How Secrets And Lies Got Michelle Obama To The Oscars

By Michael West | 26th February 2013

Michelle Obama was the surprise turn at an otherwise predictable Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (February 24, 2013), presenting the prize of Best Picture to Iranian hostage drama Argo via video-link up....

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And The Best Flirt Oscar Goes To: Jennifer Lawrence, Superb Introduction To Jack Nicholson

By Hayley Avron | 26th February 2013

Just when you thought the whole ‘Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars’ thing couldn’t get any better, along comes Jack Nicholson to make the whole thing a lot more entertaining. Lawrence was being interviewed by Good...

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Forget Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence Can Have Jack Nicholson As Her New Boyfriend!

By Lorna Greville  | 26th February 2013

Winning an Oscar is one thing, but the highlight of Jennifer Lawrence's night will undoubtedly be Jack Nicholson gate crashing her interview with George Stephanopolous (recognise that name? Rachel, Monica and Phoebe fawned over him...

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Surprise Michelle Obama Oscars Appearance For Best Picture Awards

By Contributor | 25th February 2013

The Obamas have always mixed well with the entertainment world, with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle listing the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce among their pals. So although Michelle Obama was the...

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Oscars 2013: Five People Robbed Of An Academy Award

By Michael West | 20th February 2013

We here at really hope there's a massive upset at the Oscars on Sunday (February 24, 2013), for no other reason than it's fun to watch the actor who should have won sink into...

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What Do The Lakers Have To Do To Impress Denzel Washington, Jay Z And Jack Nicholson!? (Pictures)

By Contributor | 29th January 2013

Jay Z seems bored despite the Lakers racking up an 105-96 win over ThunderWe had to go back and double check the score of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers match; as we...

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Awkward? Katy Perry And Russell Brand Attend Same Lakers Game

By Michael West | 31st October 2012

Katy Perry and Russell Brand's PR people are clearly no longer communicating, with the pair only just avoiding a potentially disastrous reunion this week. Both stars - who divorced earlier this year - attended the...

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