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J-lo, Kid Rock Afghan Gigs Land Uso In Trouble

22nd January 2004

JENNIFER LOPEZ, KID ROCK and JA RULE are caught up in an alleged scam in which $430,000 (GBP250,000) of expenses have been fiddled from the American government. The three superstars were all flown out...

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50 Cent's G Unit: Ja Rule Is A 'Gimmick'

6th January 2004

50 CENT's hip-hop group G UNIT have slammed rival rapper JA RULE as a "big funny joke" for collecting three awards on behalf of the IN DA CLUB star at October's (03) SOURCE AWARDS....

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Gotti Slams 'Racist' Eminem

4th December 2003

Hip hop mogul IRV GOTTI has attacked EMINEM's racist misogynist rap lyrics - and called on strong black women to denounce him too. American music magazine THE SOURCE recently uncovered a tape of a...

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Gotti's Move For More 'Wholesome' Label

4th December 2003

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI axed MURDER from the name of his record company INC to give the label a new "wholesome" image. Gotti, whose artists include JA RULE and ASHANTI, said his move last...

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50 Cent: I'm Sick Of Dissing Ja Rule

20th November 2003

Rap superstar 50 CENT has vowed never to badmouth rival star JA RULE again, unless he's quizzed about their feud by reporters. The IN DA CLUB hitmaker has been at loggerheads with the THUG...

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50 Cent: Farrakhan Peace Talks A 'Stunt'

20th November 2003

Rapper 50 CENT has hit back rival JA RULE's 'peace talks' with LOUIS FARRAKHAN - calling them a "promotional stunt". Farrakhan - the NATION OF ISLAM leader who wants to take the violence out...

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Gotti Drops Murder

18th November 2003

Music mogul IRV GOTTI has softened his hardcore label by ditching the 'MURDER' from his MURDER INC company. The label, which houses the likes of JA RULE and ASHANTI, has been renamed THE...

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Missy Pulls Out Of Ruben Project

18th November 2003

MISSY ELLIOTT has pulled out of a planned duet with AMERICAN IDOL winner RUBEN STUDDARD. But larger-than-life R+B star Studdard is far from concerned by Missy's withdrawal - his upcoming debut album SOULFUL will...

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Ja Rule Offers To End 50 Cent Feud

4th November 2003

JA RULE has vowed to end his bitter feud with fellow rapper 50 CENT, following his meeting with NATION OF ISLAM leader LOUIS FARRAKHAN. The religious minister had arranged to meet both Rule and...

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Video Cashes In On Rap Wars

30th October 2003

Hip-hop's biggest wars of words are being exploited on a new video/DVD package. BEEF features background, insight and comments on rap wars between 50 CENT and JA RULE and NOTORIOUS B.I.G. and TUPAC SHAKUR,...

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50 Cent Refuses To Meet With Minister Farrakhan

29th October 2003

LATEST: 50 CENT is refusing to meet with Nation Of Islam's MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN - despite the spiritual leader's offer to end his long running feud with fellow rapper JA RULE. Ja Rule, real...

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Farrakhan Bids To End Ja Rule And 50 Cent Feud

27th October 2003

Rappers JA RULE and 50 CENT have made moves to patch up their longrunning feud, by agreeing to meet separately with Nation of Islam leader MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN. New York natives Ja Rule and...

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Simmons Plans Hip-hop Institute In New York

17th October 2003

Rap mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS is teaming up with community leaders in New York to build a hip-hop institute, cultural centre and museum in Jamaica, Queens. DEF JAM co-founder Simmons, along with CHARLES FISHER, founder...

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Queen Latifah To Play Security Guard

15th September 2003

QUEEN LATIFAH is set to join the cast of a new comedy called THE COOKOUT, playing a security guard. The buxom OSCAR nominee joins fellow rappers JA RULE and EVE in the movie about...

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Dj Wants Ja Rule Apology

2nd September 2003

A South African DJ is demanding JA RULE returns to his show and apologises for smashing a 50 CENT record on air. SAKHILE XULU (corr), aka DJ STAXX, claims one of Ja Rule's entourage...

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Jay-z And Lil' Kim Lead Source Award Nominations

29th August 2003

JAY-Z and LIL' KIM are the leading nominees for the SOURCE HIP-HOP MUSIC AWARDS 2003, with five nods apiece. The nominees were announced at New York's MILLENNIUM HOTEL on Wednesday afternoon (27AUG03), and the...

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Ja Rule Becomes A Gangster

28th August 2003

Rapper JA RULE has launched his bid to make it big in Hollywood - he's joined the cast of gangland drama BACK IN THE DAY. The hip-hop star joins VING RHAMES in the movie...

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Ja Rule Lands Movie Role

25th August 2003

Rapper JA RULE has bagged a role in a movie about robbers posing as police. The LIVIN' IT UP hip hop star will star in ONE TIME as a drug baron who wants revenge...

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Affleck Brings On Kelly

20th August 2003

Actor BEN AFFLECK showed his support for R+B star R KELLY by having the troubled singer serenade guests at his 31st birthday bash. The GIGLI star hired Kelly, who's facing child pornography charges, to...

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Murder Inc Associate Cuts Plea Deal

12th August 2003

A MURDER INC associate has quietly cut a plea deal with authorities investigating alleged ties between the music label and New York's drug trade. Court papers show that JON RAGIN - a convicted drug...

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Nas Prays For Peace

12th August 2003

Rap star NAS is praying for peace in the hip-hop world because he fears another tragedy is about to happen. The gruff New Yorker has used an interview in urban magazine XXL to ask...

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Ashanti Speaks Out On Ja Feud

7th August 2003

R+B star ASHANTI has slammed friend and labelmate JA RULE's feud with rival rapper 50 CENT, likening it to a malicious playground spat. The ROCK WIT U singer is furious at being dragged into...

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Ja Rule: 50 Cent Feud Is For Real

30th July 2003

Rapper JA RULE has poured scorn on suggestions his feud with musical rival 50 CENT is a cynical attempt to sell more records. The THUG LOVIN' star has been embroiled in a furious row...

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Eminem Fears Gangland Hit

25th July 2003

Rap superstar EMINEM is so scared of being killed by gangland enemies, he's hired six former CIA bodyguards to protect him and wears a bullet-proof vest wherever he goes. The star stepped up his...

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Ja Rule Cancels Canadian Shows

15th July 2003

Badboy rapper JA RULE has cancelled five Canadian concert dates - and his record company has no idea why. It's not the first time the ALWAYS ON TIME singer has axed a concert -...

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Ja Rule Takes 50 Cent Battle To South Africa

14th July 2003

A member of JA RULE's entourage has been accused of smashing up a DJ's record - because it was by his mortal rap rival 50 CENT. DJ STAXX, real name SAKHILE XULU, was playing...

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50 Cent Blasts Ja Rule - Again

7th July 2003

50 CENT has fired back at rap rival JA RULE in the same urban magazine where the HOLLA, HOLLA star took aim at EMINEM's protege. Ja Rule, real name JEFFREY ATKINS, accused 50 of...

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Dre Breaks His Silence About Ja Rule On Obie Trice Track

3rd July 2003

DR DRE has waded into the rap war between EMINEM and JA RULE by dissing the latter on a new OBIE TRICE track. Dre has broken his silence on S**T HITS THE FAN, which...

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Ashanti Wants To Take Up Acting

2nd July 2003

Singer ASHANTI has plans to follow in the footsteps of many musicians before her - by taking up acting. The regular JA RULE collaborator has dreams of putting her talents in front of a...

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