It’s A Wonderful Life, the film that’s made generations of people bawl their eyes out every Christmas for almost seven decades now, is about to get a sequel. Cue collective groan at the news. According to Variety, Hummingbird Productions and Star Partners are teaming up to produce a somewhat questionable sequel.

The new film, so creatively titled It’s A Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story will be financed and produced by Allen J. Schwalb of Star Partners with Bob Farnsworth of Hummingbird producing. While casting is yet to begin, the production team have managed to enlist some of the original cast (now in their 70s) to reprise their role in the sequel.

The list of returning actors includes Jimmy Hawkins, who portrayed Tommy Bailey, and Carol Coombs, who played Janie Bailey, as well as Karolyn Grimes, who played George Bailey’s daughter “Zuzu” in the original, although her role has been altered slightly. Grimes will now play an angel, who shows George Bailey’s unlikable grandson how much better the world would be if he had never been born, in order to get him to change his ways. Sounds like an inspiring holiday tale. Almost.

As wary as readers might be about the reboot, Grimes herself is excited about the film and about this particular script, written by Farnsworth. In a statement, she said: “The new film will retain the feeling of the original, and it simply must be shared. I’ve probably read close to 20 scripts over the years suggesting a sequel to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ but none of them were any good. The script by Bob Farnsworth and Martha Bolton was wonderful, and I wanted to be involved with his version of the film immediately.”

Maybe there’s hope for this victim of Hollywood’s sequel fever yet. And if not, then It’s A Wonderful Life DVD will always be there for you.