Soul great RON ISLEY has reunited with his ex-wife Angela Winbush after suffering a heart attack in London.

The couple split after 16 years of marriage but became friends again when Isley rushed to his ex-wife's side when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year (03).

And now singer Winbush is returning the favour by helping Isley as he recovers from his cardiac arrest at his home in St Louis, Missouri - even though Isley has a new girlfriend, JS star KANDI.

Winbush says, "People think I'm very foolish for being that way, but when it comes to somebody's health I just don't feel like I should be your enemy."

Winbush arranged for Isley to be admitted to a rehab facility upon his return home from London.

Meanwhile, the singer is cancer free and fighting to convince other women to have regular check-ups to beat the killer disease.

Winbush adds, "I took six months of chemotherapy. I'm doing really good for it to have gone the way it went."

15/09/2004 02:43