Angus T Jones - Is Angus T. Jones a Hypocrite?

The testimony of Angus T. Jones, who plays Jake in the popular American comedy show Two and a Half Men, has become more than common knowledge, in fact becoming viral across the web. The second part of the testimony has over one million views. In it he criticises the show derisively, urging viewers to stop watching it. "Please stop watching it," he says "Please stop filling your head with filth." According to the 19 year old actor, his change of heart has come about because of his new found faith in Jesus and alignment with Christianity. 

However, despite laying it all down for Christ and admonishing the show, Jones hasn't chosen to quit the show. We're not entirely sure of the reason, but certainly the $350k that he earns per episode might have something to do with it. That or his contract. Aside from the show and his online testimony, what else is Angus doing in aid of his new found faith? Well... as far as we can tell, absolutely nothing. There is nothing in his testimony about offering any of his vast wealth to charities, the less fortunate or to his church. He doesn't speak about getting involved with any charities, he's not flown out to the areas most affected by Sandy, he hasn't pledged time to anyone or anything besides this brief youtube video, apparently. Instead, Jones has preached about a God to be feared, rather than loved and has opted to criticize someone else's creation. He doesn't exactly offer the most positive image of Christianity, unfortunately. 

Though we may question why Jones seems to be clinging onto Two and a Half Men, the same could be said for the show's makers- why have they not just sacked him? The young actor's character is no longer pivotal to the role, having reduced his appearance anyway by heading into the army. Unless, perhaps they think that tying Jones to his contract is punishment enough... 


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