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Gotti Proclaims His Innocence And Posts Bail

27th January 2005

LATEST: Rap boss IRV GOTTI and his brother CHRISTOPHER LORENZO have pleaded not guilty and posted $2 million (GBP1.05 million) bail to remain free men after being hit with money laundering, racketeering and weapons charges...

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Irv Gotti Surrenders To Police

26th January 2005

LATEST: MURDER INC boss IRV GOTTI and his brother CHRISTOPHER LORENZO have surrendered to police in New York after being hit with federal charges of money laundering and racketeering. The charges follow a...

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Gotti To Be Arrested?

26th January 2005

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI is preparing to fight federal money laundering and racketeering charges as reports circulate about his upcoming arrest. MTV NEWS reports a federal investigation into Gotti and his THE INC record...

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Jackson Confirms Nelly And Ashanti Rumours

6th December 2004

SAMUEL L JACKSON has added fuel to reports urban music stars NELLY and ASHANTI are dating, by confirming the rapper regularly visited her on the set of her new movie. Ashanti has recently rubbished...

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Nelly Angers Gotti By Meeting Ashanti's Parents

17th September 2004

Soul sensation ASHANTI has reportedly infuriated her music mogul ex-boyfriend IRV GOTTI by taking hip-hop star NELLY home to meet her parents. Gotti, the president of Ashanti's record label MURDER INC, was desperate to...

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J.lo Misses Her Own Launch

25th May 2004

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is such a busy woman she didn't even bother to attend the launch party for her new lingerie line this week (begs24MAY04). The GIGLI beauty, 33, was scheduled to make an...

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Gotti Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Possession Charge

12th May 2004

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI has pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from his arrest for possessing ecstasy and Viagra. Gotti, whose label THE INC is home to ASHANTI and JA RULE, was given a...

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Irv Gotti To Be Indicted

29th April 2004

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI is set to be indicted by federal prosecutors in New York for charges involving million dollar tax schemes. The charges, which will be made public this week (ends30APR04), are expected...

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Gotti Slams 'Racist' Eminem

4th December 2003

Hip hop mogul IRV GOTTI has attacked EMINEM's racist misogynist rap lyrics - and called on strong black women to denounce him too. American music magazine THE SOURCE recently uncovered a tape of a...

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Gotti's Move For More 'Wholesome' Label

4th December 2003

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI axed MURDER from the name of his record company INC to give the label a new "wholesome" image. Gotti, whose artists include JA RULE and ASHANTI, said his move last...

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Gotti Drops Murder

18th November 2003

Music mogul IRV GOTTI has softened his hardcore label by ditching the 'MURDER' from his MURDER INC company. The label, which houses the likes of JA RULE and ASHANTI, has been renamed THE...

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Ashanti Hopes To Sparkle In Movie Remake

4th November 2003

R+B stunner ASHANTI is set to make her movie debut in a project which brings JOEL SCHUMACHER and rap boss IRV GOTTI together for the first time. Ashanti is in talks for the lead...

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Farrakhan Bids To End Ja Rule And 50 Cent Feud

27th October 2003

Rappers JA RULE and 50 CENT have made moves to patch up their longrunning feud, by agreeing to meet separately with Nation of Islam leader MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN. New York natives Ja Rule and...

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Simmons Plans Hip-hop Institute In New York

17th October 2003

Rap mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS is teaming up with community leaders in New York to build a hip-hop institute, cultural centre and museum in Jamaica, Queens. DEF JAM co-founder Simmons, along with CHARLES FISHER, founder...

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Gotti Arrested On Drug Possession

20th August 2003

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI is in trouble with the law again after he was arrested backstage at an R KELLY concert for possessing ecstasy. Gotti, real name IRVING LORENZO, was booked on Friday night...

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Murder Inc Associate Cuts Plea Deal

12th August 2003

A MURDER INC associate has quietly cut a plea deal with authorities investigating alleged ties between the music label and New York's drug trade. Court papers show that JON RAGIN - a convicted drug...

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Gotti Nabs Songwriting Honour

6th August 2003

MURDER INC boss IRV GOTTI won his second Songwriter of the Year award at the 2003 URBAN AWARDS last night (05AUG03). Performing rights organisation BMI announced the recipients of the awards, which reflect the...

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Dre Breaks His Silence About Ja Rule On Obie Trice Track

3rd July 2003

DR DRE has waded into the rap war between EMINEM and JA RULE by dissing the latter on a new OBIE TRICE track. Dre has broken his silence on S**T HITS THE FAN, which...

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Gotti Reiterates His Stance Against Crime

1st July 2003

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI insists he stands against criminal activity - despite his Mafia-inspired moniker and his decision to name his record label MURDER INC. Gotti, real name IRVING LORENZO, is currently at the...

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Drug Lord Linked To 50 Cent Shooting Sentenced To Prison

4th June 2003

The man linked to the shooting of rapper 50 CENT was sentenced on Monday (02JUN03) to 37 months in prison on a federal gun charge. KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF pleaded guilty at the Maryland, America...

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Gotti 'Heading For Jail' For Refusing To Help Cops

27th May 2003

MURDER INC boss IRV GOTTI is convinced he's heading for jail because he refuses to help police investigating criminals involved in his organisation. FBI officials have already raided his offices twice in a bid...

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Gotti Blasts Eminem Movie

27th May 2003

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI has accused EMINEM's 8 MILE movie of ripping-off of a much better 'rags to riches' hip-hop film that failed to find a large commercial audience. MURDER INC. head Gotti refused...

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Gotti Shoots Ja Rule In A Bid To End Rap Violence

26th May 2003

Rap mogul IRV GOTTI has shot his MURDER INC superstar JA RULE dead in the hitmaker's new video - because he wants fans to see what could really happen if ongoing wars of words get...

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Ashanti's "Thugs" Are Ruining Her Romance Chances

21st May 2003

The MURDER INC bodyguards minding R'n'B sensation ASHANTI are wrecking any chance of romance for her - because they're so protective. The singer, dubbed PRINCESS by Murder Inc Records boss IRV GOTTI and his...

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Steel Nerve Gotti

15th May 2003

MURDER INC boss IRV GOTTI remains defiant about the accusations he faces for laundering drug money - insisting he's being investigated for no reason. The record label executive's connection with childhood friend and drug...

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Susan Sarandon Joins Rap Stars In Drug Fight

14th May 2003

OSCAR-winning actress SUSAN SARANDON is adding her support to a new protest - she wants to repeal New York's tough drug laws. The screen star - who faced a backlash for her anti-war stance...

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More Murder Inc. Charges

25th April 2003

Controversial record label MURDER INC is in further trouble following the arrest of an executive on firearm charges. Los Angeles police have charged DEXTER OTTLEY after a search of the label's Manhattan offices...

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Eminem And 50 Cent Blast Ja Rule

14th April 2003

EMINEM and 50 CENT have continued rap's war of the words in an attack against JA RULE and his record label MURDER INC. The New York DJ KAY SLAY premiered the freestyle attack on...

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Microsoft Inc Clear Out Murder Inc

3rd April 2003

Workers at rap label MURDER INC were ousted from their New York offices - following complaints from MICROSOFT INC employees. Last week (ends28MAR03), label boss IRV GOTTI and his employees packed up and moved...

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